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The lost soul

"The lost soul"
for Halloween 2021
Nightmares and fantastic visions ... (c)

I really feel sorry about this withered witch.
I'm thinking with sadness that The Witch Hunt is one of the most brutal events in our history. Unfortunately, not alien to humanity in general, at all times. Only the entourage changes.

Do not haunt witches. Better, don't even look for them. Especially when there aren't any.

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I come from a country where hundreds of women have been killed on suspicion of witchcraft.

Unbelievable that it's not actually that long ago today.

I recommend a book by Finnish writer Waltari - Mikael Karvajalka.

It gives you chills when you read it.

And in conclusion, Asha, your talent is incredible.Your dark paintings are the light of my days. Thank you.

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outstanding everything's spot on outstanding job i love this

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This is so amazing. I cant even describe the feeling I am having right now. Just wow. The witch hunts were a tragedy because literally anyone could become a victim of the mobs mania. Even people of the cloth were not safe, there are records of priests who were not well liked by their communities who were killed for being witches but of course it was women that suffered the most. So terrifying.

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Thank you! Terrible and unfair.. And remembering that nothing's changed in general (people always like to find someone different from them and to bully\hurt him) makes this topic not only historical. And much more awful because of this.

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This is a striking image. Certainly a little more depressing when you examine the details.

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Thank you! Yeah that's true. For me more philosophical than depressive but anyway thoughts are not easy.

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