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Beautiful composition! As always <3

Christinaa888's avatar

I love this! His eyes and mouth... breathtaking!

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This is really well done. I mean so is everything, but this feels like a step forward. The architectural details are something new that add nice framing to the subject, even the very hard to see ones in the background that are more of a hint. He is very reminiscent of his father, and the attention to excellent blending and details is wonderful. How many people remember the wedding band? Not many. The attitude his face projects too...perfect. I am very impressed with this; I hope you have been doing well! <3

Neranella's avatar

He just look awesome !! :clap: Well done ! He's so pretty. :heart:

Kaprriss's avatar
Thank you! Pretty but not like a girl 🤍
Wyzzel's avatar

He looks so casual, terrific! And as always I´m in love with all the wonderful details!

Kaprriss's avatar
Thank you so much darling! I really love his expression! He looks so... like his dad ♥️
JericaWinters's avatar

Great job painting the motif on his shoulders. Nice work overall :la:

Kaprriss's avatar

Aww I'm glad you mentioned the motif, it was just an impulse to draw it but it fits the character a lot! <3

SemperViridis's avatar

Thank you so much, Asha! He’s absolutely perfect! As always, I just love all the little details that you add to your incomparable works of art - the embroidery on his clothing; the jewelry; the tooling on the dagger’s scabbard - simply marvelous! Thanks again. 😃❤️❤️❤️😙

Kaprriss's avatar
Thank you too dear ♥️ I won’t get tired to repeat that our drawings of Feanor‘s family have especial vibes and energy! It’s always a challenge but in a good meaning. And I always love how the guys turn out 😍
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