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Hello, dA. Been awhile since I've been here... How's everyone?

The Mysterium Committee is thrilled to announce that Robyn Miller will be Skyping in to Mysterium on August 3rd to answer some questions. We're accepting question submissions from the community. Keep in mind that there are time constraints, so not every question will be asked, and questions that are very similar may be combined.

Please submit up to 5 questions to . We know that people like to brainstorm questions with each other on the forum threads and blog post comments, but it's easier for us to create the final list and not overlook anything if you send them directly to the committee. Please submit your questions by midnight Eastern time Sunday, July 28th so that we can give Robyn an early look at them.

the 2013 Mysterium Committee

As you can see, I was uploading all my Mysterium photos. There are a fair bit of them. Most of them are of things and not people, so you'll have to look elsewhere to see the faces of con attendees. I took a lot of shots of things like the prizes, the fanclub book, and those kinds of thing, because they affect people who watch me.

I will upload a trip log at some point too. It was a great time, except for the part where I had airport delays both ways. In the case of coming home, for 6 hours. x.x