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Shadows in the Air by kapera Shadows in the Air by kapera
My first ever wallpaper! Made from a screenshot of K'veer in Uru, then edited with Paint.NET using several filters (sketch-izing, then glow and blur and some color tweaks). My goal was for the piece to be very dreamlike, like the memories of a place were superimposing on the actual place, thus the sepia coloring and lack of clear focus. The lyric is part of the Eagles song "The Last Resort" I was listening to at the time, because the phrase "where the old world shadows hang heavy in the air" always reminds me of D'ni.
kapera Featured By Owner May 24, 2012
-Yep! The sketch stuff turned it into looking like a comic book page, and was the first effect I applied.

-I will look into tone. I should actually read the manual. I was mostly just poking around with random things.

-I went with dark text on purpose. I knew white would stand out and draw attention to it, and I actually didn't want that. I wanted a balance between "you can see the text" and "it's fading into the shadowed floor portion". I realize now I should have maybe also saved a text-free version, oops.

Thanks for the comments!
gehnloa Featured By Owner May 24, 2012   General Artist
I think it's very nice.

Various comments:
- I'm assuming the sketch stuff is what made the black outline-esque stuff? It's interesting the differences between whatever algorithm it uses and Arcsoft's similar contour effect. It looks really nice on the columns in the back.

- Can you adjust Tone at all? I think that the dark parts could be darkened some more (increasing contrast and then fiddling with brightness and saturation can also be used, but Tone Adjustment works a lot easier for just adjusting tone contrast). This would also help the text show up better.

- When in doubt, use white text. White text goes with everything. Colored text very rarely goes with anything - although it has its uses, especially with certain color combinations on light or dark backgrounds. I wish I had learned that earlier on with my experiments, so I'll just tell you that now.

- I like the font. I know I don't use enough script type fonts and it's good to see other people using them.
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May 24, 2012
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