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Bending Bad.

Another stupid crossover idea that ran in my head for too long. I actually envisioned a whole episode, but it would take too much time to make.

...and PLEASE SHUT YOUR DAMN HOLES, I just started watching the first episodes of the last season.

© AMC / Sony Pictures. Created by Vince Gilligan.
© Nickelodeon / Ginormous Madman. Created by Bryan Konietzko & Michael Dante DiMartino.
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OrlatheGander's avatar
Someone else besides me thought Tenzin looked like Walter White? YES!!
Oz-suka's avatar
I might try Tenzin White in my own too but I'll make sure to credit you for coming up with it first c:
fecto's avatar
laughing so hard... it's brilliant
ZachValkyrie's avatar
My name is Zaheer, and you can go fuck yourself.
Scholarly-Cimmerian's avatar
I just died of laughter at this. Thank you so very much :D (Big Grin) 
Kapalsky's avatar
You're welcome, dude!
SuperR-Illustrations's avatar
This is just absolute Pure. Genius. Party Hard! 
MichaelSchenker2nd's avatar
I love your crossovers, so crazy and hilarious.
BrettSmith1106's avatar
Korra is Jesse OMG! That is good
Conormcal's avatar
Jesse Korra is the greatest thing that will ever happen to Earth.
Ours-Bleu's avatar
Même dans mes rêves les plus fous... O_O
621Chopsuey's avatar
spencermalley's avatar
you deserve a medal.
Artemsis's avatar
YEAH! Harmonic convergence bitch!
RedEyedOne's avatar
OMG! c'est juste excellent! J'adore!! Je suis tellement une fan d'avatar en plus!! GG bro.
Master-of-the-Boot's avatar
Oh my god, Tenzinberg and Korra Pinkman :) my life is no complete. 

Damn, I love how you've drawn Tenzin. The way he gets stressed out and holds his hands that way really plays well into the whole Walter White/Heisenberg thing. 

And Korra as Jesse, Don't get me started. Korra and Jesse are a like in many ways, excellent. If you ever decide to do more Breaking bad and Avatar crossovers, by all means. DO IT!!!!!
Kapalsky's avatar
Thanks a lot dude :D I'm actually thinking about writing a comic
Master-of-the-Boot's avatar
Oh if you did a comic of this that would be the best thing ever! I would love you for eternity. "Meelo, that is not candy"!
Hergman's avatar
so its a mythbuster crossover?
Kapalsky's avatar
Actually a Breaking Bad crossover :)
Hergman's avatar
i dunno what that is.

still, tenzin reminds me of jamie hyneman
Vanimic's avatar
I LIKE IT =DDD Korra's a delinquent !
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