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Hmmm... maybe I should just get rid of Aya now... NAH. lol!

I just got sent this picture from our photoshoot this morning by my photographer and friend, Morataya. I am SO excited to see the rest, because everything I saw on his camera yesterday looked awesome. All of the backgrounds we used were so perfect and just like the game!

Photographer: :iconmorataya:
Cosplayer: myself

If you would like to know how this costume was made, please check out the description here.
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Your Eve Cosplay Is So So Amazing ^^
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Don't be surprised I love "Parasite Eve", too! :D (Yes, I have the first two PS consoles...still!) You look great as Eve! :love:
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Thank you very much! ^_^
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I'm flipping obsessed with this series and this costume of yours! XD
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Thank youuuuu!!! :D <3 Parasite Eve is such a great series. So much joy when they offered it on PSN. *_*

You are one of the cosplayers I've always drawn inspiration from since I first started cosplay. LOVE YOUR RYDIA!!
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Parasite Eve cosplay? AWESOME!
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OHMY GOSH! Girl! I dont even know if you remember me! But i was the girl who wanted to cosplay taiga with you! ;O;
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Your Eve's cosplay is awesome.... is the best Eve's cosplay I ever seen
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Thank you so much! :D I'm glad you like it!
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Wow, Parasite Eve... Thanks for turning it that good!! Thats awesome!!
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Thank you so much! It is definitely my favorite cosplay of all time. :D
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I totally understand that!!^^
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OMG! this is awesome!!! :)
Kapalaka's avatar
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NO...THANK YOU!!..for sharing this...brings back many cool memories.. :)
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amazing prawns^^
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Whooo! Thank you! ^_^
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awesome work! Your hands are fascinating
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Thanks a lot! =D
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This awesome.
I'm wondering how did you do the hands...they look so hard O_O
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