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Bunny Suit Pattern Tutorial

I have been messaged occasionally regarding how I made my bunny suit, so I decided to make a patterning tutorial! Always a fan of hot babes in bunny suits! I hope this makes it a bit easier... if something is unclear let me know so I can make revisions.

Photo on the top left was taken by ~Morataya, and the original can be seen here. [link]
Sketches, graphics, layout, and instructions were made by myself.

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Hello! First of all, thanks a lot for this tutorial. I have a few questions: is it possible to make a bunny suit using this pattern without the boning? I've made a bodysuit before but it was just made of a front panel and a back panel, which looked pretty plain and boring, so I was hoping that sewing it out of multiple panels just like a corset would look nicer. But will it still hold up without boning? Also would this work with stretch fabric? Thank you!
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Hi there! :D You are very welcome! Oh nice, I could see your point about it looking plain. Have you considered sewing a "fake" seam down the princess areas for your two-part bunny suits?

Yes, it is possible to make a bunny suit without boning. It will not look very polished without boning, though. The boning is necessary to keep fabric from buckling/rolling down.

It is also possible to use this with stretch fabric, for sure! :D Depending on how stretchy your fabric is will help you determine how much to take it in. You will want to remove the majority of excess fabric from the center-back, and all princess seams, and the waist area on the side-seams.

Good luck to you!
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This is going to be so helpful, thank you for making this :D
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you're welcome!
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I love this been wanting to make one of these thank you. also how did you make the ears
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Hi there! I made them using 5 gauge floral wire, then just covering it all with fabric using hot-glue. :D
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this is a great tutorial
what type of fabric would you recommend using for it? is stretch fabric a bad idea?
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Hi there! This is meant for non-stretch fabric with all the seamwork that goes into it. :)
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Oh thank you so much ! I was about to bout a pattern which not I exactly wanted and I just found your tutorial ! Thank you very much for sharing your tips !
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you're welcome! :D
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You saint! I've seen a few plastic wrap tutorials and they've come out awesome :) how well do you think this could be adapted to make a corset? Just by cutting and shaping at the hips? (I know it's a stupid question, just want an opinion from a pro ^^;)
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I am also super flattered you consider me a pro. XD !!! Good luck to you!
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It could definitely be used to make a corset! It's actually a very common way people make their first basic corset. I would highly recommend studying existing corset patterns online. It will help you  to see how corset cinching patterns generally look and give you better judgement in how to alter lines once the plastic wrap is rolled out. This method will give you a bodice pattern to your actual size, but it is up to you how you want to sculpt your silhouette.
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Thank you so much! Making Wonder Woman outfits is hard and this has helped so thank you both for the helps and the tutorial :)
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You're welcome! :D Glad I could be of help! <3
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bunny suits, gotta love'em and the girls...sorry ladies who wear them
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I can't figure out how much fabric I need to buy.. I can't find a pattern online displaying sizes and such like normal patterns.
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Generally 1.5 yards is plenty for a bunnysuit. If you wanted to line it, also get 1.5 yds of a lining fabric as well. If your body size is larger than an American size 16, 2 yards would be more advisable. :)
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Thankyou so so much for this!!! It's so helpful!! I am using it right now!!
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This is really helpful, thanks so much!
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I'm glad to hear it! :D Yaaaay! You're welcome!
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This is such a LIFE saver, thank you for making it!!! Do you have any recommendations on how to calculate how much fabric is needed to make the suit? I can private message you my measurements if that will help?
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