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Chibi Reaction to the End of the Streak
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This is so painfully real, exactly how it happened today when me and my girlfriend were watching it... xD
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ITMCBHPBGF|Hobbyist General Artist
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demonsteve|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Undertakes face is priceless
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Maaya2310|Hobbyist General Artist
Everybody in the house (around 20 people), even non wrestling fans were just standing there infront of the TV in silence.. for a solid 10 minutes xD

Most shocking thing in the history of shocking things 
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LoverFanfic|Hobbyist Writer
😢😢 so said I cried when he broke the streak at least Undertaker is back for vengeance!!!
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Ratwo619|Student Artist
That was my childhood and video game dream to break Undertaker's streak that he already took! :(
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JamieLynnGoth|Student General Artist
I was literally in tears.
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The taker should have stopped after WM 28 when he defeated HHH and he won 20-0. That would have been perfect and it was the top of the matches
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JakobTheBadass867's avatar
I cried when Lesnar won.
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kapaeme|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I never closed my jaw ever again!
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JakobTheBadass867's avatar
I wish he hadn't won :(
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And, Paul Heyman continues to get heel heat when he mentions his client beating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.  
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LoL i Was Shocked really strongly shocked when i saw it and know that undertaker is over and is going to be no more 

But i really passed that in the trash when cena beat bray and most importantly that Daniel bryan won the 

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YourMonsterInParis|Hobbyist General Artist
My life summed up in one picture
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And Paul Heyman continues to remind the WWE Universe that, and I quote, "My Client, Brock Lesnar, has conquered the Streak at Wrestlemania!"  
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I had the exact same reaction! I just sat there shocked and silent
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The entire world feel that, even in France, the only thing we can say is : WHAT THE FUCK !!! 
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The streak wasn't t to end at wm30 brock broke script and ref was supost to stop at 2 he counted to fast vince McMahon said that im self and brock was later fired for breaking script you can look it up on google he said the streak was supost to go to 22-0 but brock broke it on purpose Sweating a little... 
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You're kinda clueless mon :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) 
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I think the streak should have been finished by a full time wrestler, not by someone who just has three matches per year.
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Being there live in the Superdome was incredible. I couldn't believe my eyes... was frustrated, shocked & angered just like everyone else was. It felt like we walked out of a funeral upon the events conclusion even with Bryan's victory.

However days later I came to realise that it was the best decision in regards to Taker's health. Not to mention WWE wanted to create a Wrestlemania that would be remembered forever, & they rightfully did it.

Still hard to believe I was there to witness it in person... I feel so privileged.
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sketchmatt|Student Traditional Artist
I was in complete silence and disbelief for a good while. Can't believe it's the end, but I bet Undertaker wanted to retire like two Wrestlemanias ago.
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