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Chibi Happy Birthday Cake

A couple of week it was milady's birthday, so I made her a surpise with a very special and... "unique"... Birthday Cake xD Loved making it and I think she liked it :)

You deserve it, love :heart:
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Hmmm... there's a strange lack of upvote on here. Oh well, I guess I can only say that THIS IS AWESOME!
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nup its a original birthday cake with ...... a picture..... darn your right
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I should try this sometime.
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Glad you like it :D
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Omg that's so cuteeeeeee how can someone not like this!!!!
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Aww thank you so much :)
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Haha! XD I bet she loved it!
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She was very happy :)
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Hahaha :iconamericahappyspazzplz: Good One kapaeme!
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Thanks a lot :D
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no prob HUGE FAN Of your work!!!!:icon3dlaplz:
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would that be AJ Lee on the cake
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It's my girlfriend, but she does really like AJ ;D
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Awesome... Cake :D
And my guess is that it could be a ripoff xD
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Ahaha true xD
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you're right
that's unique
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Parti-me todo quando vi! Ficou mesmo fixe, right on! Torta de Noz much? :dance:
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Yep! Não foi na mesma que o teu irmão foi, mas foi na mesma em Matosinhos! Ela foi lá comigo buscar o bolo no dia do aniversário dela, mas não a deixei espreitar... Depois ao lado no café tive de levantar dinheiro e nem ela e nem o Martim conseguiram comunicar com o sr. do café xD
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wow! kick ass bday cake, bud! wicked!!! 8D
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