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TUTORIAL - How to make DOTS on Photoshop

EDIT: 17th/Sep/2010

Few people already asked me for this tutorial, so I finally decided to do it.

I hope you find it useful to make a simple dotted background ^3^
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Nice tut , Thank you so much
Kellista's avatar
oh thanks :D nice one
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If anyone's having trouble getting rid of the white background on the dots layer, I figured out how to do it:

First, of course, you need to hide the Screen layer with the color on it, then go to the Channels section.

At the bottom of the section, there's a little button that has a dotted circle on it (it should say "Load Channel as selection" when you hover the cursor over it). Once you click it, it'll select anything and everything that's white, preferably the white areas around the dots.

Then you go back to Layers, go to your Screen layer, make it visible again, and hit the delete button. Then you change the layer from Screen to Normal, and presto!
MattsyKun's avatar
THANKYOU. I was so confused how to do this XD
Rendelline's avatar
Oh my, finally I have found a great tutorial about those dots! Thanks a lot!
Sassessa's avatar
My dots won't get black D: They are just a bunch of dots in several colour D:
Jeinaz's avatar
Thanks heaps for this tutorial it helped me alot^^^!!! here's my work if you'd want to see it : D [link]
popstck's avatar
where have you been all my life
cool! i think it will help me!
DeadontheLeftSide's avatar
Thanks this is amazing! We featured your tutorial in our group: [link] ^^
C-Dead's avatar
sorry but I did not understand the part where you manage to change the background color
KD476's avatar
Lovely tutorial. :thumbsup:
condemnApproval's avatar
Is that...? Kallen... and... that lady from Naruto...?
kyokochibi's avatar
It's Sakura and Ino from Naruto..
kinimoto7's avatar
How do you make the border for the Sakura+Ino text?
complexdiagnosis's avatar
Most likely she went to 'layer', 'layer style', then used stroke.
That is how I do it. :D
vanzeshi93's avatar
I used this tutorial! Thanks :)
Though it didn't work out the way it was supposed to~~ (╥﹏╥)
Here [link]
Peacelover2's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial XD
PinkZombiez's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial. :hug: You don't know how long I've been searching for a way to make halftone backgrounds and your tutorial is very easy to use.
Uchiha-Evelene18's avatar
This rocks!
Can you tell me where did you get Ino and Sakura's picture?
Thank You! Imma use this right now!
Iciscle's avatar
I think they drew it. e v e
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