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DROCELL - Kuroshitsuji
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Published: July 28, 2010
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Sasori's and Deidara's son! ^^ XD Ettooo... I JOKE I JOKE, he is DROCELL KAINZ :horny: (ドロセル・カインズ), a Kuroshitsuji character, look these nosebleeding pics about him:

:below: [link] :below: [link] :below: [link] :below: [link] :below:

I'm lately SOSOSOSO in love with Drocell :iconmonkeyloveplz: He reminds me a lot to Sasori because:

- They both are puppets
- They both use strings to attack
- They both wanna have a beautiful puppet collection
- Their both use humans bodies to make their puppets
- They almost have the same cute facial features and look in their eyes
- They both are bad boys :drool:
- They both are hot bishies :drool:

They also have a lot of diferences, but mainly:

- Drocell is taller than Sasori :drool:
- Sasori collects puppets about strong guys mostly (gay) and Drocell collects adolescent girls (pedo) XD
- Sasori is hollow, Drocell is full of straw
- Drocell's eyes are made up XD

Music: "Already Over" [link] :heart:

Drocell (Kuroshitsuji) © Yana Toboso
Art by Ireal

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I've never seen the Kuro. anime but I do find Drocell interesting. And can I just say you totally nailed the hand on this drawing?
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apexofrealityStudent General Artist
😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫i cant draw like dis!!!!
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megaryugaHobbyist General Artist
ulquiorraLover79's avatar
Luv it
He's my favorite ;3
ConMan21's avatar
He looks like a mix between Wayahime(from Berabo Man/Bravo Man[dem eyes and the fact that they are artificially made,Wayahime being a robot of some sorts]),Romania(from Hetalia) and possibly Chucky(since they both are dolls with auburn hair).
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Lexy316Student Artist
I Love this! Good Job!
Archerassassin43's avatar
Archerassassin43Student General Artist
Yes! Drocell is like my second favorite character in the first season of Kuroshitsuji
Makishi's avatar
Love this pic! So awesome!
TheTaintedBlackDog's avatar
TheTaintedBlackDogHobbyist Artist
My puppet!!!!!!
PabloKun1715noUmi's avatar
PabloKun1715noUmiStudent Traditional Artist
i want to cosplay this character.
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sasodei282Hobbyist General Artist
o wow u r so talented u always make drocell look better than usual which takes some skill ause he is soooo shmexy!:iconinloveplz:
Akira-My-Baby's avatar
Akira-My-BabyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice
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SierraCRHobbyist General Artist
Would you mind if I posted this to my fanart blog on Tumblr? I do post the artist name, the source (Deviantart usually), the medium, and a link tthe page I found the piece as the source.. I would greatly appreciate it! It is absilutely fantastic(:
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Diamond--InTheRoughHobbyist Writer
And so I thought to myself...
Build it up with silver and gold...
Silver and gold...
Silver and gold...
Build it up with silver and gold...
My fair lady.
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xJuneValentineStudent General Artist
:D I love this picture ...! ^^ ♥
TranquilShinigami's avatar
TranquilShinigamiHobbyist General Artist
Drocell. Walter's Orange haired puppet cousin.
clauuxx's avatar
so amazing!!! 8DDD
QueenofCroatia's avatar
I loves Droccy too..I cried when he died..Poor Droccy-Bishie Doll!
cloudSTF's avatar
:wow: :wow: :omg: Thank you soooooo much for sharing!!I love Drocell so much!! :love: :rose:
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bordom51Student General Artist
ooooo another hot pupeteer to add to the collection :D
SorisSquirrel's avatar
SorisSquirrelStudent Writer
I've desided puppeteers are hot
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deideiblueeyezHobbyist General Artist
After watching Black Butler (as I call it by its english name) , I LOVE LOVE LOVE Drocell.. and I have new appreciation for this work of art (since before I was like.. oh a character I don't know..it's good but I don't have any feelings for it) .. Now I'm hounding for Drocell fan art since there isn't nearly enough of it!! :O

And yes he does remind me of Sasori! I love controlling puppeteers/doll makers... It's my secret guilty pleasure.. :meow:
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