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Werewolves of Lion City by Kaowas Werewolves of Lion City :iconkaowas:Kaowas 2 5 Fix This World... With Soldiers by Kaowas Fix This World... With Soldiers :iconkaowas:Kaowas 6 6 Fix This World... With Ninjas by Kaowas Fix This World... With Ninjas :iconkaowas:Kaowas 4 6 PKMN Trainer Isla Wants A Battle by Kaowas PKMN Trainer Isla Wants A Battle :iconkaowas:Kaowas 2 9 Blacksmith Request for Wizard4Hire by Kaowas Blacksmith Request for Wizard4Hire :iconkaowas:Kaowas 4 11 Might As Well Jump by Kaowas Might As Well Jump :iconkaowas:Kaowas 2 3 Avengers Assembled (WIP) by Kaowas Avengers Assembled (WIP) :iconkaowas:Kaowas 3 5 What Time Is It? by Kaowas What Time Is It? :iconkaowas:Kaowas 0 10 Last Art by Kaowas Last Art :iconkaowas:Kaowas 1 9 STOP... by Kaowas STOP... :iconkaowas:Kaowas 1 7
Press Chapter 7
Chapter 7 – The Spirit of Fate
A burst of green sleeve and then the sound of glass shattered into the cold, abandoned room of the fourth floor apartment. The glass fell across the wooden floor in four solid pieces, while the pane slid up and in slinked the young Isla McCormick. She was silent as a vase sitting in the corner, and she remained quiet until she cut the silence with a "hello?" to check if anybody else had invaded the abandoned apartment. Home invasion had become something of a habit for the young, red-headed girl. She cited it as just another task for the overall mission. It was for the greater good, part of her undying mission of justice and all that qualifying, superhero lingo Isla would use so she would have an excuse if someone asked her why she was doing what she was doing. She was as straight-minded as a bullet when it came to this mission she had taken up. It was a personal mission, you see, but it was not so personal that there wasn't an inkling of justice prov
:iconkaowas:Kaowas 2 4
Press Chapter 6
Chapter 6 – Knight of The Athenaeum
It was here that the weirdness scale shot from its four point two spot to a solid five. 'You are to be quiet in the Athenaeum.' Its lips actually moved and it formed words and everything. It was kind of like watching a real-life version of Babe or one of those many other talking animal movies. For a slight instant she thought she was in a bad Eddie Murphy comedy, or horribly stoned. Either one would have been a good explanation to her. Fortunately/unfortunately, she could only accept this as the way her life was. One day she would fight giant blob-monsters and the next day, it was a talking lion. It was an interesting life she led, but one that could be a little overwhelming at times. She took a millisecond to reflect on this fact before barely-intelligibly yelling: 'Holy crap you can talk!' And yes, she has a two-hundred IQ.
The lion moved in a little closer to her, and brought his face right up to hers. She gave a frightened grimace and pulled
:iconkaowas:Kaowas 2 3
Halfway Through The Press by Kaowas Halfway Through The Press :iconkaowas:Kaowas 0 10
Press Chapter 5
Press Chapter 5 – Attain The Unobtainable
Though the wind howled like a demon, and thus blew the snow about in great, blinding sweeps, the young girl continued her journey through the deadly streets of Lion City. It was a city more or less covered in ice at this point. The storm had been raging for the last couple of days, and this was beginning to dishearten the inhabitants of the technologically advanced locale. Furthermore, it was beginning to dishearten the typically optimistic Isla. This journey was taking the wind out of her, so to speak. With the city practically a frozen wasteland, it had become extraordinarily difficult to traverse her rooftops. Even the streets were a mess of snow and ice roughly six feet thick. A less savvy news network would have referred to this as a "Snowmageddon"; but instead, all chatter about the storm kept referring to it as an "Anomaly".
An anomaly was the perfect way to describe the hellish nightmare that was plastered across the city. The mili
:iconkaowas:Kaowas 1 2
Valkyrie Hervor by Kaowas Valkyrie Hervor :iconkaowas:Kaowas 1 10
Press Chapter 4 Lone Wolf
Press, Chapter 4 – Lone Wolf
Waking up is always the hardest thing to do after a raucous night of thrashing about for your life. And it was colder than the seventh layer of hell in the revolving restaurant where the young girl was sleeping. Shivers ran about her body as she tried to warm herself and heal her bruises. The pain wouldn't subside for another day or so, but that was to be expected. What really hurt was the maximum of seven hours of sleep -- split into two hour periods -- that the girl had gotten when her body was aching for nine or ten. She was all worked up from the fight last night, and being on edge was no way to fall asleep. What was more was the fact that the seven hours were spent freezing next to a window instead of being curled up next to a lit oven. Oh, how she longed for the feeling of that lit oven. She could have hooked up the equipment for the construction workers, and spared them the trouble. After all, she was a genius; it would have been a cinch. And ye
:iconkaowas:Kaowas 2 3

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Hey everyone! Just letting you all know that you can come and listen to my friends and I talk about all things nerdy and geeky over at our new podcast! We're called Everything is Fine, Nothing is Ruined, or EiFNiR. Come listen to us! (NSFW due to language).

You can go here. 
Or you can check out the tumblr.

We're pretty brand new, so we'd appreciate any passing of the word about our show. Thanks everyone!

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Forged in the mountains of Veletica, Kaowas, a 15ft behemoth made of pure platinum, was created as a man with one sole purpose in life: to fight ducks 24/7! As he grew in size and power, his duck fighting abilities were unmatched, thus Kaowas put down his sweet-ass gold knuckles and picked up a pencil to focus his energies into creating comics and stories about the characters he loved. It wasn't until he was old and grey when he decided to forge an apprentice. An apprentice with unspeakable power and awe. An apprentice that could take up his art hobby so he could always be fighting ducks forever more. The apprentice was forged of the humble flesh and made into one with focused art and writing skills. Alas, this new Kaowas sadly lacked in the duck-fighting abilities, but thus it was not his job to fight ducks. His task was to bring about joy to the people via art and other such mediums. This, dear reader is why he is here.


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