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:iconkaotickanine:KaoticKanine posted a status
Sorry to make yet another rant (I need anger management lol) but I just want to state how much I HATE when people say Archie/Boom are the best things to happen to Amy just because her affection for Sonic is minimized, and then go on to add "Sure, she still flirts with him every now and then..." 

It's like, I understand that Amy's crush on Sonic has overwhelmed her character and needed to be dialed back, but people act like it's a massive negative to her character when that isn't the case in the slightest. It's an established part of Amy's character since her inception and fuels her positive traits. The problem was SEGA making the crush be her only trait and playing up her aggressiveness. Removing Amy's crush on Sonic or making it a secret doesn't improve her character, it worsens it. True improvement comes from bringing back her positive traits and balancing them with the affection 

Boom!Amy isn't a saving grace for the character, quite honestly I think it's awful and a severely INO version of the character. Archie!Amy I'm comparatively much better with, though I wish she got in more good interactions with Sonic and find the praise for that Shattered Arc SEVERELY overrated. Because yeah, Amy has TOTALLY never interacted with Knuckles before *coughGenerationscoughLostWorldcoughSonicX* While she spends SO MUCH TIME with Sonic, like in... Never? 

*Sigh* Here's hoping the IDW Sonic comics improve on this and future games further improve Amy's character WHILE retaining her open crush on Sonic

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