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:iconkaotickanine:KaoticKanine posted a status
Man, that second issue of IDW Sonic is really making me want to try and work on Sonic Kaotic (my Sonic AU/fic) again. But I'm very conflicted on that 😅

It's like, I want to share my "ideal" interpretation of the characters, their relationships, and the world because I think they would be most beneficial to the franchise. Like, IDW!Amy is, so far, the best interpretation of her character as of late, but I can't help but disagree with the "tactics minded" trait given to her (I view Amy as a "motivation leader", able to direct an effective charge and stuff but mostly does through emotion rather than with a calculating mind) and feel that she can flirt with Sonic and still "fangirl" over him, with Sonic himself NOT getting disgusted and treating her harshly compared to others. So, of course, I want to show off my ideal direction for Amy's character where this is the case, and so on

But at the same time, what's the point? At the end of the day, Sonic Kaotic would just be non-canon material created by a fan that has no actual influence over the franchise and it's canon. No matter how well I portray Amy, SonAmy, and Cream, it doesn't change how they were REALLY screwed up in canon in a way that truly deserves scorn. And even then, it's not like a fanfic is going to get a large amount of attention. How often do people talk about a given Sonic fic compared to, say, "Ghosts of the Future?" It would be far more beneficial to make it into a fancomic or even fananimation, but that's far too much work and would be better served for my own original works that I can actually be successful with. But then, Ian Flynn, Evan Stanely, and many others managed to officially work with the franchise due to their own fanworks... Really wish I have a dicisive mind rather than my conflicted one right now lol

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