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:iconkaotickanine:KaoticKanine posted a status
I just had the strangest dream... Not only was I celebrating the end of the year (or near end of the year, all I know is that it's during Christmas vacation) at my rich relative's house, which is WAY more extravagant than they can actually afford :XD: In real life, they're more like "lower-upper class". Yet, someone from my school was there and wanted me to sing the "25 Days of Christmas" (not miscounting, it literally was 25) but I refused because my clothing was so loose and small that I was practically naked lol

And my dream conjured up two trailers for new Sonic stuff. The first was a game taking place in the Classic setting with Classic Sonic, because of course, but it appeared more like some deranged puzzle game than anything. The second was either a game or a movie, but it's called "Millo's Adventure" or something, but it's actually about Cream and Team Chaotix :XD: Cream and Charmy were depicted as the best of friends and a team (to wish I'm going to bleach my mind for daring to do such a thing) and the plot seemed to be about "mutant crabs" that were turning people into crab monsters that further turn other people into crabs, and Vector was one of them! And despite being absurdly cutesy in appearance and stuff, the trailer ends with a woman getting her arm bloodily torn off by a crabbified Vector X"D Made even more jarring since that segment of the trailer was done in CRAYON 

What the HELL is wrong with my mind? :rofl:

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