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I'm currently at a big loss on how to go about mastering drawing. I know I CAN draw and it's definitely a "profession" I want to be doing for a living. But what the heck are the steps to learning it? Like, with math, there are "tiers" to learning it: first you start with additions, then subtractions, move onto multiplications and divisions, and then learn the more advanced stuff. With drawing, however, there are apparently numerous starting points! I've been told "practice lines and then basic shapes", others say "draw from life", and I've even seen "just draw what you like" be suggested. All sound advice, but which is the most effective, and most importantly the fastest? I know I'm only simply wasting time deciding which to do instead of actually doing, but sadly I'm the type of person who feels the need to make a decision before doing something (and has a very hard time deciding on anything). Really makes me wish I had kept drawing as a child and throughout the school years T_T Since all of you have a far better grasp on the craft than me, I just have to ask: what should I be doing?
Skye Tutorial/Mini Contest in Description by CandiCindy

That's right, CandiCindy ! I'm finally in the contest! :D
!!! by KaoticKanine

Oh man, am I glad this Sonic Grams came out! Not only does this further confirm that Cream is going to have a big and important moment in the ending for Shattered World Crisis but, if what this person is saying is true, Cream could actually have a story of her own in the comics (most likely manifesting as a Sonic Universe Arc) if enough people show support for it. Maybe this is just “PR talk” more than anything but I’m thinking this could actually be possible. After all, Ian changed the way he handled Metal Sonic after numerous comments about it. Bean’s victory over Espio in the “Champions Arc” was evidently in response to people questioning Bean’s role in the Team Hooligan. And there are probably many other decisions in the comics that were either partially or entirely influenced by fans. I don’t see why Cream wouldn’t get her own story if enough people express interest.

I may be overestimating the importance of this prospect but Cream having her own story in the comics would be so beneficial to her character! Not only would it give her a ton of spotlight to herself (which is sorely needed at this point) but this would be the chance Cream needs to get some character development and/or overall add more to her character. As much as I love Cream, I can’t deny there’s “not much” to her. Of course, that problem is entirely the result of Cream being denied many appearances and further denied the chance to take action or have her character be explored; both things that this potential “solo adventure” for Cream can fix. I mean it worked for all the other characters who got their own adventures in the comics, I can’t see how it wouldn’t work for Cream. And really, why should Cream be denied the chance to have her own story within the comic? Cream already gets denied so many opportunities! It’s time this constant denial ends, starting with this potential solo adventure!

I’ve already sent a message to the Archie Sonic staff stating my absolute desire for Cream to get her own adventure in the comics but that’s obviously not going to be enough to convince the people behind the Archie Sonic Comics to make a Cream focused story. I’m not one to ask for help, if only because I have nothing to give in return for the help, but I’m not letting this chance be missed out. So please, to anyone who sees this, I implore you to send a message to the Archie Sonic Staff (their e-mail address: and tell them that you would like or even love to see a solo adventure for Cream, along with anything else you personally want to see in the comics. I know that’s asking a lot but this has to happen! Or, at the very least, the chance for this potential story to occur should be increased. Also, PLEASE help spread this message around! Make journals linking to this one or reblog the Tumblr post of this if you have a Tumblr! The more people who know, the better!

I hate to say this but if it were your own favorite character, whom you feel doesn’t get enough or any love at all, being “offered” this chance and you reached out to me to help out, I would do it in a heartbeat. Even if I personally don’t care about the character or outright hate them, I’m not going to let my own personal bias prevent a character, especially an unpopular one, the chance at having their own story; to be fleshed out and given focus. Please, at least consider it…

About time I made a journal entry lol. Anyway, I've been tagged by CandiCindy and she wants me to do my Taiream fanchildren for this meme. Considering there's four of them, and I have a habit of writing a lot, this is going to be a doozy :XD: Before I get started, let me just specify that these kids exist within my AU for Sonic the Hedgehog and of course all these facts and info will be derived from my AU (for instance, as you'll soon see, I've given Cream the surname of "Rabuno" and she shares it with Tails' surname of "Prower" when they get together) ^^; I apologize if you don't like that but I'm afraid that's how I'm doing things. Anyway, without further ado, here we go!

1.) Post these rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Mint Prower-Rabuno

1- Due to how inter-species breeding works in my AU [basically, the first few children are blatant hybrids and later children are more "pure"], Mint is a Rabbit-Fox, being primarily a rabbit but possessing a fox tail, fox teeth, and a few other, more subtle fox traits.

2- Mint is, of course, named after her father's official favorite food, mint candy. And as fate would have it, Mint loves mint-based foods (though they aren't her absolute favorite food; that would be hoagies. Or sub sandwiches as most people call them...).

3- Mint mostly takes after her father, being responsible and intellectual AND has a love/intuition for tinkering, managing to build functional technology at a young age (though they weren't nearly as advanced as Tails achieved at the same age).

4- As a result of the direct above, Mint is frequently by Tails' side and is mentored by by him in the way of machinery, specializing in "computer technology" to contrast her father's specialization in vehicles.

5- To further contrast from her mother, Mint is a tomboy; possessing far more masculine traits/interests than feminine ones.

6- While outgoing with known family and friends, Mint is terribly shy when out in public or around unknown people and actively fears going out into public or meeting new people. It doesn't help that Mint often gets weird stares from people due to her being a hybrid (which can be solved by hiding her fox tail but Mint doesn't think that really helps since she has to had a fundamental part of her identity).

7- Despite her fear of going out into public, however, Mint willingly attends school in order to get an education, as Tails, unfortunately, isn't able to educate her himself. She attends a private school in the grade years and then attends a university. She gets by her anxiety via the company of "Velocity Hedgehog-Rose" [a male SonAmy fanchild, name not finalized], who attends school with her and helps make her feel comfortable. [I should note that, in my AU, Mobians, or Sonic characters, largely don't attend schools, which is also the case for the rest of the Taiream kids. The majority of the ones who do are the ones seeking higher education for careers that require such education].

8- As far as non-tech hobbies go, Mint regularly bakes with her mother, Cream, and enjoys singing (so long no one else is around).

Cloud Prower-Rabuno

1- Just as Mint is a Rabbit-Fox, Cloud is a Fox-Rabbit; that is to say, he's primarily a fox but has a rabbit tail, rabbit teeth, and other subtle rabbit traits.

2- Also, just as Mint mostly takes after her father, Cloud mostly takes after his mother, Cream; being polite, modest, down-to-earth, and having a special interest in nature, particularly animals and Chao.

3- Not only that, but Cloud even has a Light Chaos Aura, just like his mother ["Chaos Aura" is a type of "ability" in my AU that allows a person to use their aura to manipulate themselves or others and changes depending on the person. Since Cream and Cloud are incredibly kind and overall "pure of heart," their Chaos Aura adopts properties of light and are able to heal and generate barriers]. Upon this revelation, Cloud becomes mentored by Cream in using Light Chaos Aura and this, in addition to the direct above, results in Cloud being a "momma's boy" and hanging around Cream constantly, even joining her on her job occasionally [that of a "medical doctor" of sorts].

4- In his child/teenage years, Cloud wears braces, due to possessing the large, frontal incisors rodents and lagomorpha are famed for (the braces needed to keep the teeth from growing, lest Cloud constantly chew hard objects for most of his life). Cloud isn't bothered by them for the most part but there are times where the braces become a major pain and he wishes he could just get the surgery to remove the large incisor already (which can't be done until he's an adult).

5- Cloud is, by far, the biggest of the Prower-Rabuno children and one of the bigger fanchildren overall. Cloud becomes even bigger than Tails [who is flipping tall in adulthood] once he reaches his teens.

6- Due to his special interest in them, in addition to some training from Cream, Cloud is very good with animals. In his child years, Cloud worked as a pet sitter for most people and in his teen years trains to be an animal rescuer of sorts.

7- Just as Mint is a Tomboy, Cloud is very much a "Sensitive Guy"; possessing far more feminine qualities than masculine ones.

8- Though this rarely occurs, owing to his gentle and calm nature, Cloud can become severely enraged and becomes a nigh-unstoppable force. People appropriately call him "Storm" during this state and literally the only thing that can calm him down is a major cooldown hug from family and/or friends.

Flower Prower-Rabuno

1- Flower is the first of Tails and Cream's children that is not a hybrid, being a pure fox. Though, she inherits her mother's fur color, markings, and her ears are larger as a result of her mother's genes.

2- Flower is a plant enthusiast, being deeply knowledgeable with all sorts of plants and seriously adores them. True to her name, Flowers loves flowers most of all.

3- Unlike the other Prower-Rabuno kids, Flower doesn't have a Chao of her own. Rather, she has pet Venus Flytraps, all of them with mouth related names (such as "Chompers"). 

4- LAST PLANT RELATED FACT: Flower's room was specially designed with a sun roof that opens and closes at command, allowing her to keep plants anywhere in her room and still give them constant sunlight. It also gives her a great view of the stars at night (which in turn makes her house very popular for sleepovers among her friends).

5- Contrary to her sister, Flower is a definite Girly Girl. She's also rather energetic, almost to the levels of her aunt, Amy.

6- Flower is also the only of the Prower-Rabuno kids who doesn't have her father's "bangs" on her forehead. But Flower has much longer fur on the back of her head, allowing her to style it in various ways. Her favorite and most common style are "pig tails."

7- Due to her large ears, combined with her fox senses, Flower has very sensitive hearing. Literally, Flower could hear a pin drop from long distances. To keep her hearing from being overwhelmed in public or any other noisy area, Flower wore headphones and ear muffs, which only minimized the sound for her, until Tails created two special devices that regulates sound and can be safely placed within the ears (and are subtle enough to not be seen unless someone were to look directly into Flower's ear).

8- Flower doesn't actually like sweets all too much, not even chocolate or ice cream. She's willing to eat them and craves them on very rare occasions but Flower overall would rather not eat sweets.

Butters Prower-Rabuno

1- Butters is a pure rabbit but inherited his father's fur color, has pointed rabbit ears (rather than his mother and sister's rounded ones), and his rabbit tail is much larger than average.

2- Personality-wise, Butters doesn't actually have much in common with either of his parents; being very passionate, rebellious, and a "tough guy," so to speak. In fact, he takes after his biological grandfather in terms of personality more than anything.

3- Due to being the youngest and the smallest of the Prower-Rabuno children, Butters has an inferiority complex and pushes himself to achieve top physical shape in order to outdo his siblings in some way. Butters also receives combat training from his uncles, Sonic and Knuckles (of course, all the Prower-Rabuno kids receive combat training one way or another but Butters is much more active about it).

4- Needless to say, Butters is a "Manly Man", contrast his "Sensitive Guy" brother. Unfortunately, people very often think Cloud is the "Manly Man" and Butters is the "Sensitive Guy", which pisses Butters off to no end (though Cloud isn't amused either lol).

5- Butters is very proud of his tail, due to it being his biggest and most notable feature. However, he's also incredibly defensive of it; touching his tail without permission is a quick way to anger Butters, harming it is a quick way to make him try to kill you.

6- In his teens, Butters permanently gains a notch in his left ear from a fight with another Mobian (one with sharp claws). Cream would've repaired the notch with her healing ability but Butters insisted on keeping it, wanting to have a battle scar.

7- Butters has an ever growing, large incisor just like his brother but, instead of wearing braces, he carries around hard but edible material to chew in order to keep the incisor from growing too much.

8- Butters is surprisingly very good with kids and is often hired as a babysitter, despite his overall personality. It helps that most kids think Butters is cool and Butters gets to be the older, responsible person for once. As a result of this, Butters desires to become a father himself soon.


Whew! Told you it was going to be a doozy! :XD: Anyway, I'm afraid I don't have any specific tags in mind so, to anyone who wants to do this thing, consider yourself tagged.

Thank you for the tag CandiCindy! I only hope I did this thing correctly...