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Atlantis The Lost Empire Gemsona Prototype Design by KaoticKanine Atlantis The Lost Empire Gemsona Prototype Design by KaoticKanine
Yo everyone! As promised from that status update I made not too long ago, I have sketched out a "prototype design" for the Gemsona based on "Atlantis: The Lost Empire", whom I'll either call "Orichalcum" (a mineral associated with Atlantis in numerous fiction) or "Heart of Atlantis" as it is called in the movie, probably nicknamed "Hoa" for short 

Anywho, my approach to this Gemsona was to try to take the design of Kida (the secondary lead of Atlantis) and apply it to the overall design of Gems in Steven Universe. I think I accomplished that task, all things considered. The "heart" on her chest is meant to be her gem, which is shaped as such because, again, "Heart of Atlantis" lol The "head piece" is also from Kida, specifically when she becomes Queen of Atlantis, with the hair also taking after how her hair appears in said movie. And before you point out, her eyes lack an iris and I intend on keeping it that way. Kida had no irises when the "Heart of Atlantis" possessed her, so I think it's apt that the "Heart of Atlantis" Gemsona only has glowing eyes

Though I'm starting to regret that "ball hip" I have her. My idea with that was trying to stay in line with Kida's design while incorporating some of the "weird" shapes Gems have compared to humans (also resembles the actual crystal in the movie), but in hindsight it just looks out of place. And damn! I just noticed I made her shoulders more broad than said hips, which is the opposite case for females >.< And, of course, this piece suffers from bad symmetry :X I really freaking tried, but my hands hate me and refused to make a perfectly symmetrical design. Regardless, what do you all think? Any suggestions to make this Gemsona look more like the "Heart of Atlantis" as a Gem from Steven Universe? What could be done to better merge Kida's design with Steven Universe's artstyle? Tips on how to improve symmetry would also be highly welcome lol 

(By the way, ignore the "lighter lines" in this submission. I'm so sorry for their presence, it's an unfortunate drawback from this app I use to get physical drawings into the computer, since my actual scanner is a pile of crap. Would probably have been remedied if I kept the original thing but a drawing I did from the last page could be seen and- *Sigh* I'm gonna burn that sketchbook)
Shelly345 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Student Writer
I think it looks great!
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