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Dear DeviantArt,

I know it's been a while. We don't see each other as much as we used to. Trust me, this makes me sad too. Life has been rather busy as of late and it seems to insist on taking me away from your warm, loving, embrace. However, even though I've been busy, it doesn't mean that I haven't been thinking of you. Don't you worry, my precious. I'll give you something new some time soon. Just be patient for a little while longer. Until next we meet...


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After a long hiatus, where I was honestly artistically drained and going through something of a rough time emotionally, I have finally made my grand return to DA. And with me, I bring something somewhat different to the table.

I've had a growing collection of Kaiju action figures for quite a few years now. I've long had an interest in doing something with them, other than looking at them taking up space on my wife's bookshelf. Unfortunately, I really wasn't certain just what I wanted to do. Then, it hit me, like a mazer cannon to the nuts.

I remember back to something I loved very much for years. Twisted Toyfare Theatre! Toyfare magazine for years, before they ceased publication, would make photo action figure comics with old 1970's Mego figures. I LOVED these comics. I kept up on all the collections they would put out, wanting to own as many of the TTT strips as I could. Thinking about these led me to want to try my hand a little bit of photo fumetti with my kaiju figures!

Now, I am certainly not the first person to do comedic tales with Kaiju figures. Before me came the TTT inspired Twisted Kaiju Theatre and on Youtube, a series I love very much, Monster Island Buddies. However, just because the idea isn't inherently mine, doesn't mean I can't give it a go.

So I did. And Life With Kaiju was born!

At first, I was basically sharing it with my friends, but after submitting a few strips to some DA Godzilla fan groups, it would seem I have some people who are rather enjoying my new comic strip! Well, I shan't disappoint! Life With Kaiju is now my current on-going project. As long as there's interest in it, and as long as I have ideas, I will keep up the good work!

I think the series can appeal to Kaiju fanatics and casual fans as well. Casual fans can just enjoy seeing the monsters put into silly situations, while die hard fans can enjoy a few in-jokes that I'll throw in just for them. (Did you like that Destroy All Monsters reference in Episode One?)

Either way, Life With Kaiju has just gotten started. Let's see where it goes from here, shall we?   
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Hey everyone! I figured I'd do something nice for someone on DA for once.

My brother has a DA account. He actually has for years but he's only just started to utilize it. The guy could use some views and favorites and all that jazz so go take a look at his shit!

My brutha from da same mutha! ---> :iconjjimerson2000:


For those who have explored my DA page, you've probably seen my creative alter ego, Kaos, pop up in several deviations. If you're not sure who I'm talking about, here's some examples of him.……………

Anyway, if you're going to be attending this year's Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh, PA from April 4th - 6th, chances are you will see this crazy asshole on one of those days. Be wary when approaching him, but if you ask him nicely, perhaps he'll take a picture with you or even accept your e-mail contacts and drawing requests, should you have any. No, Kaos won't have a booth. He'll just be walking around with his lovely assistant Kitty K.O. so keep your eyes open for these two. Trust me, he'll be impossible to miss.

If you do take your picture with him, I'd love to hear about it!

Anyhoo, more artwork when I get to it! Keep your eyes peeled.

- Chris "Totally not going to be dressed as Kaos at Tekko" Jimerson

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Holy Hell! I never update this thing anymore do I?

Well Happy New Year, kids. KAOS is back and I'm hoping 2014 will be a much more artistic year for me. No more of this updating my DeviantArt but once a year. It's high time I bring my artistic stylings back to the internet.

So what do I have in store for you? Probably random things that pop into my brain, maybe an update to the Game Critters, amongst other things. We'll just have to wait and see I suppose.

I do have a new idea for comic strip series. In fact, the pilot issue is now up in my gallery. Go take a look.

Well, despite some personal hardships and trouble in the ol' personal life, I'm gonna give it my all to make 2014 a great one for KAOTIC artwork.

Just wait and see, I suppose...

Tootles! (Slightly, Curly, Nibs, Twins!)  

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So... I really haven't updated since January, it seems. The last thing I posted was a drawing of Darkwing Duck to celebrate my love of DW and the, then running and now long since canceled, Darkwing Duck comic book series.

That's really sad.

Life's little obstacles just somehow find a way to put creativity to a dead stop.

Anyway, I haven't given up on my artwork forever. I have, however, been rather uninspired as of late. Everything I've tried to turn out, I've been unhappy with. I guess I've just been in a bit of an artistic slump for the past year.

Though, I have noticed that in my artistic absence, lots of people have been favoriting and commenting on my work. Even throwing a few of these llama thingies my way. I just wanted to thank everybody for enjoying my artwork. It does make me feel good that my stuff is enjoyed by SOMEBODY. I've never pretended to be the greatest artist, but if someone out there digs some of my stuff, that puts a smile on my face.

I can only promise that I'll make SOME attempt to get more work done at some point. I just gotta get back into the groove of things.

Just keep watching. Thanks!
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So it's really just occurred to me that I've been ignoring  DeviantArt something fierce. I think my DeviantID is actually out of date by 2 years now. Well that's ridiculous. I need to make a new one of those pretty soon.

Also, I just need to get back to doing art again. It's supposed to be my passion. My love. And yet I've given the love of my life the cold shoulder. How cruel can I be?

So... as a New Year's resolution, I'm vowing to toss up some more art on this sucker.

I've actually been in quite the Dragon Ball kick lately, so I may either draw actual Dragon Ball characters, or some made up guys that I came up with myself. Who knows?

Maybe I'll even get around to updating that "Game Critters" picture again. I have a few more characters for it that I haven't added to the group yet. So we shall see.

Anyhow... hopefully I'll stop being a lazy schmuck and get on with it.

Wish my luck, you guys. =D
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So… I'm not gonna lie… I am feeling absolutely creatively burned out.

I am dodging working on creative projects with several people just because I lack any real interest in doing them. Not because I dislike said projects, but because the interest is really just not there at the moment.

I'm dodging an online RP and story co-writing with my girlfriend.

I'm dodging doing really detailed artwork for a story that a friend of mine and I have been working on for the past couple years.

I'm dodging working on revamps and reintroductions of a long established story continuity that my older brother and I have been working on for a good portion of my 24 years on this planet.

I have a few ideas here and there that I tool around with a little but I really can't get the motivation to get anything started. And I feel like such an asshole about it too, because it really seems that the three of them are dependent on me to help them continue this stuff, and really… I just can't find it in me to do any of it right now. I'm just not interested all that much. It doesn't mean that I'm severing all ties to these projects. Far from the truth. I want to help with these things as much as I can, but if I lack interest, then I'm just gonna be more of a hindrance than an assistance.

This really sucks because I love all these projects. But what I'm most heavily interested in right now is absolutely no help to anyone.

Kaiju movies and early 1900's cartoons.

What the fuck am I gonna do with that!?

I've got a bit of self-loathing going on. At the moment I am absolutely no help to anyone, creatively. This really sucks…

I think I need to try to start something new and completely unattached from anything I was doing previously. Though, if I did… it'd still be no help to anyone because it'd still leave my position of assistance in their projects entirely dormant.

God… I am really burned out.
That's it guys. 2010 is done. History. Gone. Kaputsky. In it's place comes 2011. The world is a year older and I look forward to seeing what the upcoming year has in store for us.

So Happy New Year, you lovable Deviants, you!

P.S.: Version 4 of the Game Critters has now been posted featuring four new characters. The new updated roster is as follows:

Sega: Sonic The Hedgehog & Bin The Dynamite Duck
Konami: Sparkster The Rocket Knight
Epic Games: Jazz Jackrabbit
Sierra: Crash Bandicoot
Nintendo: Fox McCloud
Accolade: Bubsy Bobcat
Data East: Captain Havoc
Sunsoft: Aero The Acrobat & Zero The Kamikaze Squirrel
Namco: Klonoa & Mappy The Mouse
Artoon: Blinx
Sucker Punch Productions: Sly Cooper
Atari: Bentley Bear

Yikes! It just keeps on growing. Expect more, including individual I.D. pictures of each character, next year! See ya, guys!
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So if you've seen my gallery lately, you might have noticed my new little on-going art project. As I mentioned on the first version of it, it was a project that really was just a long time coming. I'd been meaning to attempt to draw a whole slew of video game animal heroes all together in one big group. Of course... they're lead by Sonic. (Who else? XD)

I just posted the third version of the picture. Let me share with you the current list of characters for this project as it stands.

Sega: Sonic The Hedgehog & Bin The Dynamite Duck
Konami: Sparkster The Rocket Knight
Epic Games: Jazz Jackrabbit
Sierra (who I think owns him at the moment): Crash Bandicoot
Nintendo: Fox McCloud
Accolade: Bubsy Bobcat
Data East: Captain Havoc
Sunsoft: Aero The Acrobat and Zero The Kamikaze Squirrel
Namco: Klonoa

I can always add more. Is there anyone you might wanna see added to this project?
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It's my birthday today! Fuck yeah!
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The 5th of November,
Remember, Remember.
A day for revolution,
With no absolution.
Be free and be bold,
Don't do as you're told.
Parliament be damned,
It's all just a sham.
Guy Fawks with his plot,
With gunpowder sought,
Independence galore,
With Assassinations in store.

But he blew it.

So celebrate his day,
He'd like it that way.
Wear his smile and mustache,
And eat your bangers & mash.
Do burn your Guys,
Because time really flies.
So make your 5th of November,
A day to remember.
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So I guess my pictures of Sonica and Leo are being blocked by DA, possibly due to the use of the backgrounds I have in them. So I think I might just delete them from here and draw new versions at some point.

I kinda wish DeviantArt would told me they were gonna do that.

I woulda appreciated some kind of warning about it. >>
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As a true bonafide Sonic The Hedgehog fan, I'm excited about this game. Like seriously. I was actually completely unaware (until recently) that this new Sonic game was going to be a direct sequel to Sonic & Knuckles. So since S&K was pretty much an expansion game to Sonic 3, the fact that this game is going right back to the old school Sonic roots... I suppose calling it Sonic The Hedgehog 4 would make absolute sense. I've seen screen shots and read up on this game. And it looks wonderful...

But... I only have one... tiny... tiny... gripe...

They're taking Sonic SO far back to his roots, that he's the only playable character.

I must say... that I'm not to pleased about this.

According to the plot of the game that I read on Wikipedia, it takes place after the Death Egg explodes and Angel Island returns to the sky. Then Sonic returns to a new adventure... on his own. On his own? Wait... so he's going to forget that he has a best friend and ditch him for a new adventure? With the way the plot goes, it'd be understandable that Knuckles wouldn't be around. But no Tails? Tails has been an important part of the Sonic-verse since Sonic 2. Why the hell would Tails just randomly NOT follow Sonic on a new adventure? I don't mind that there aren't like a shit ton of superfluous characters that drag the game down, but Miles "Tails" Prower is FAR from superfluous. I'm glad that they're taking Sonic "back to his roots" but they're taking him TOO far back by excluding Tails from this. I don't understand this at all.

No Amy Rose? Fine. No Knuckles? Understandable. No Shadow? Thank Christ!

But no Tails? BLASPHEMY!!

It's gonna be a good game. I know it is and I can't wait until it comes out. Though the lack of Tails is a bit annoying.

That's all I have to say about that.
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I've just been introduced to for the very first time to something from the World of Sid & Marty Kroftt. It was a present I got from my friends last year. It's called The Bugaloos.

All I have to say is...

What in the fuck...!? o_O
How come people don't leave as many comments anymore?

I like to know what people think of my crap. ^_^
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My 100th Deviation!

Check it out!


That's it.
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Wow... I can't believe it.

I've been posting quite a bit on here lately. I haven't let my DeviantArt account remain very quiet have I?

With a flood of Chuck E. Cheese art, pages of True Kaos, and Werehogs, I'm definitely keeping you guys busy looking at my stuff, huh?

I hope you're enjoying everything. Because, if you don't count the 2 pictures in Scraps, I'm almost at 100 Deviations. I'm at 96 right now... perhaps I oughta draw something special for my 100th Deviation, hmm? Do you agree?

Just you wait and see...
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Four! Count 'em! Four new pages of True Kaos!

I'm very surprised that this comic is coming out as well as it is.

Go read it and comment and everything... please?

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to inform everyone that watches me on DA that I've started work on a new comic called True Kaos. I've got 4 pages done already and a sort of promo picture to go with it.

If you haven't seen it yet, please be nice to me and give it a looksee?

Please? *begs*

Lemme know what you think.
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We have a new president.