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Dizgaia ~ Princess Snow and Princess Cindy by KaosJay666 Dizgaia ~ Princess Snow and Princess Cindy :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 4 6 Dizgaia ~ A Hatter, A Hare, and A Dormouse by KaosJay666 Dizgaia ~ A Hatter, A Hare, and A Dormouse :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 5 9 Dizgaia ~ Bonnie Appetite by KaosJay666 Dizgaia ~ Bonnie Appetite :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 2 10 Dizgaia ~ Flynn and Mia: Grid Gear by KaosJay666 Dizgaia ~ Flynn and Mia: Grid Gear :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 2 3 Dizgaia ~ Tiana and Naveen by KaosJay666 Dizgaia ~ Tiana and Naveen :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 2 9 Dizgaia ~ The Tremaines by KaosJay666 Dizgaia ~ The Tremaines :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 3 8 Dizgaia ~ Tron VS. Gaston by KaosJay666 Dizgaia ~ Tron VS. Gaston :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 2 3 Dizgaia ~ Gaston by KaosJay666 Dizgaia ~ Gaston :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 2 5 Dizgaia ~ Maleficent by KaosJay666 Dizgaia ~ Maleficent :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 4 6 Dizgaia ~ Flynn and Tron by KaosJay666 Dizgaia ~ Flynn and Tron :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 2 5 Dizgaia ~ A Happy Family by KaosJay666 Dizgaia ~ A Happy Family :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 6 8 Dizgaia ~ Figment and Baby Miandra by KaosJay666 Dizgaia ~ Figment and Baby Miandra :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 5 15 Dizgaia ~ The Dreamfinder and Baby Miandra by KaosJay666 Dizgaia ~ The Dreamfinder and Baby Miandra :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 5 8 Life With Kaiju Episode Forty Seven by KaosJay666 Life With Kaiju Episode Forty Seven :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 2 10 The NEW Sonic KAOS #5 by KaosJay666 The NEW Sonic KAOS #5 :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 0 2 The NEW Sonic KAOS #4 by KaosJay666 The NEW Sonic KAOS #4 :iconkaosjay666:KaosJay666 1 0


Sark 2.0 by HiddenMutation Sark 2.0 :iconhiddenmutation:HiddenMutation 22 16 Mickey and Sonic by SonicAimblu19 Mickey and Sonic :iconsonicaimblu19:SonicAimblu19 436 89
Dizgaia Chapter 9 ~ A Dreamfinder's Daughter
The campus was quiet and not so busy as when Mia last left it. Most folks had gone home for the evening. Thankfully, it seemed the Imagination Institute never truly closed, and she was able to gain access. Through the front doors was a grand marble staircase. Mia took it, knowing the Dreamfinder's office was on the second floor. However, halfway up she stumbled and doubled over, wincing in pain.
"Miandra, what's wrong? Are you okay?"
"It's my ribs," she said. "I guess that beating I took did more damage than I thought. I should've taken the escalator."
"Oh no! What'll we do?"
"I think I just need to sit down a sec. Here, take this," she said, passing Figment the takeout bag.
Gripping the railing with a trembling arm, Mia lowered herself to the stairs. She wrapped her arms around herself and bent forward, drawing sharp intakes of breath against the searing pain. Tears welled in the corners of her eyes.
"Go on ahead, Figment. I'll... I'll catch up in a bit."
"Oh no! Hold on, Miandra! I'l
:iconmara-sadowski:Mara-Sadowski 4 0
Mickey Party Palooza by spongefox Mickey Party Palooza :iconspongefox:spongefox 140 12
Dizgaia Chapter 8 ~ The Tremaines
There is a bit of colorful... language... in this chapter. So yeah, forewarning.
Mia wasn't sure where she was going. She didn't exactly know her way around. A small voice in the back of her head warned her that this was foolish, reminding her of what The Dreamfinder had said about the dangers of gallivanting off, but she couldn't seem to stop running. She simply picked a direction and took it, sending people scattering about on a large marble staircase as they gazed dumbfoundedly at the distraught young woman.
In little time at all, Mia found herself outside the Imagination Institute. The immediate campus looked very similar to the surrounding area of Epcot in Disney World, right down to the leapfrog fountains. She took a seat on the small stone wall surrounding one such fountain to catch her breath. Throughout everything, she still held the rose that Dreamfinder had given her. She gazed u
:iconmara-sadowski:Mara-Sadowski 2 0
Attack on Dinosaur Neil by LeonardButtman Attack on Dinosaur Neil :iconleonardbuttman:LeonardButtman 1 0 Dr. Nigel Channing by LeonardButtman Dr. Nigel Channing :iconleonardbuttman:LeonardButtman 2 4
Dizgaia Chapter 7 ~ History of a Dark Grudge
"Although we have strived to make this world a utopia, and have very nearly succeeded, there are still many dangers this world has to offer, namely, The Dark Ones."
"The Dark Ones?"
"Indeed. Those you might consider to be the villains from Earth's beloved fairytales and Disney films. Perhaps you can name a few."
Mia thought back through all the kingdoms and heroes Blair had just mentioned and listed off their respective villains. "Let's see. Captain Hook, Hades, Ursula, Jafar, Gaston... GASTON!"
Figment tumbled off the chaise lounge and onto the floor. "AH! WHERE? HIDE ME!" He flew to Dreamfinder, trying to wriggle his way beneath his coat.
"No, I mean... He's not here right now, Figment."
Figment peeked out from Dreamfinder's coat. "You shouldn't say things like that, Miandra," he said, trembling. "Gaston is a notorious hunter. When he tired of hunting the usual game, he started going after more adventurous prey. He'd have my head on a wall in his pub, if he could."
"I would ne
:iconmara-sadowski:Mara-Sadowski 2 4
Woops ! by Shira-hedgie Woops ! :iconshira-hedgie:Shira-hedgie 2,740 121 Oswald The Rabbit by Itachi-Roxas Oswald The Rabbit :iconitachi-roxas:Itachi-Roxas 167 8 Sonic and Mickey by Itachi-Roxas Sonic and Mickey :iconitachi-roxas:Itachi-Roxas 873 71
Dizgaia Chapter 6 ~ The 10 Kingdoms
"When I saw the geodesic sphere, I thought maybe..." Mia trailed off and shook her head.
"You thought perhaps this was all just some elaborate hoax?" Blair offered helpfully.
"I suppose there's still a small part of me that's clinging to the idea that this is all just some prank or immersive experience, some new Disney advertising gimmick. But it's all real." She placed a hand against the glass and gazed out in awe at the magnificent world that lay before her. "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto," she murmured.
"Who's Toto?" asked Figment, fluttering at her shoulder.
"Dorothy's dog in The Wizard of Oz, a story by Frank L. Baum. I don't suppose you're going to tell me that Emerald City exists somewhere on this world?"
"Not that I've seen," said The Dreamfinder, "And I've traveled over most of this world. Though, there is Wonderland..."
"That place is full of the heebiest of heebies and the jeebiest of jeebies!" said Figment with a shiver.
"Yeah," said Mia, still gazing o
:iconmara-sadowski:Mara-Sadowski 2 0
Fox Witch by DAV-19 Fox Witch :icondav-19:DAV-19 4,154 215 The 3 Little Princesses, title page by TheBourgyman The 3 Little Princesses, title page :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 1,122 96
Dizgaia Chapter 5 ~ Welcome to Dizgaia
In time, the prickling of consciousness began to touch Mia’s mind. She heard humming and felt the warmth of a damp compress against her head. She struggled against the darkness.
“Dad?” she murmured. “I just had the craziest dream…”
Slowly, her eyes fluttered open, but it was not the kind, gentle, fatherly face of Edward Baxter gazing down at her. It was, instead, a pair of big yellow eyes set in a purple, crocodilian face. With a small wave, the creature greeted her.
Mia screamed and tumbled off the chaise lounge, hitting the floor with a thud. The tiny dragon responded in kind.
He went spiraling backwards and collided with a bookshelf, knocking several works of literature to the floor before tumbling to the ground and toppling over a wastebasket, which somehow managed to bounce upwards and land atop his head.
“Hey! Who turned out the lights?”
Mia rose to her feet and hesitantly approached the waste
:iconmara-sadowski:Mara-Sadowski 2 3
Dizgaia Chapter 4 ~ The Rainbow Corridor
Flynn reclined on one of the cushy red couches in The American Adventure VIP Lounge, sucking down a can of soda through a straw as some WED officials entered and began speaking quietly amongst themselves. How unfair. He had come here for some peace and quiet after fixing the Fredrick Douglas animatronic after it started tweaking out, but these stuffed-shirt company men were encroaching upon his private time. Soon, three others joined them. They were all young. College-aged, by the look of it. Perhaps some new recruits. They began their meeting and Flynn put on a pair of headphones to drown them out.
The last to enter was a young woman - aged eighteen to twenty, if Flynn were to guesstimate. Attractive, too, with long auburn hair, skinny jeans, ankle boots and a green denim over-shirt. She wore a backpack and had a starry-eyed look of anticipation and wonder about her. He reached into the pocket of his leather jacket and pulled out his phone which bore the same swirly pink symbol as the
:iconmara-sadowski:Mara-Sadowski 3 0



Dizgaia ~ Princess Snow and Princess Cindy
Continuing my series inspired by :iconmara-sadowski:'s Disney-themed fantasy, DIZGAIA!

*Royal trumpet fanfare plays.* I present to you, coming from their debut from in Chapter 15 of Dizgaia, the sister rulers of the Kingdom of Cerenopia, daughters of the late King Elias and Queen Eva...

Princess Snow Margarete Whitehall and Princess Cynthia Eleanor Whitehall!! *More royal trumpeting!*

Cinderella and Snow White in Dizgaia are definitely not as one might know them from the original Disney films and fairy tales. One look at them and that is probably pretty obvious. Especially in Cindy's case. I had quite a bit of fun drawing these two! 


And now, an excerpt from Dizgaia: Chapter 15 ~ A Royal Engagement

              “Best keep quiet and stick to the walls,” warned Snow. “Sometimes it gets a bit crazy in there.”

              Mia was confused by her words, but soon discovered their meaning as Heptin and Gargrom pushed the double doors open. They’d just entered a large ballroom. But there was certainly no ball going on. No ballgowns swished about the marble floor, no aristocrats cavorted to violin music. Instead, in the center of the room, a young woman was engaged in the heat of battle with two dwarves.

              The woman wore a light blue tunic cinched over brown breeches with boots, leather gauntlets, and a metal helmet. Only the curves of her bosom and womanly hips revealed to Mia that this was indeed a female. Mia watched in fascination as the woman, wielding a single sword, fended off the pair of formidable dwarves, armed with a sword each. They looked much younger than the other dwarves, and for all their lack of height, they were quite stocky and far more physically imposing than the woman they did battle against. However, this did not seem to be a detriment to the feminine fighter as she not only held her ground, but even gained the upper hand.

Mia stood beside her father and Snow with her back against the wall, watching in fascination. The clanging and clashing of steel echoed throughout the ballroom chamber.

              “Ah,” said Blair, a smile coming to his face. “Formidable as ever, Cindy is.”

              Mia’s eyes widened, though she could not take them off the swordswoman, even as she questioned her father in disbelief. “Cindy? You mean… that’s Cinderella?”



Mara's Wattpad:…
Mara's DeviantArt:…
Dizgaia ~ A Hatter, A Hare, and A Dormouse
Continuing my series of artwork inspired by :iconmara-sadowski:'s Disney-themed fantasy fan fiction, DIZGAIA.

A new trio appears in Chapter 14 to cause some wicked trouble for The Dreamfinder and Miandra.

Directly from the hellscape that is Wonderland, I bring you The Mad Hatter, The March Hare, and The Dormouse!

These three are certainly not the Hatter, the Hare, and the Dormouse you'd know from the book. Madness doesn't scratch the surface!


And now, a tiny excerpt from Dizgaia Chapter 14 ~ The Mad Hacker:

    “Y-You’re the man in the mirror!” Mia exclaimed. She furrowed her brow, trying to get a sense for who or what this person might be. Something about his outfit rang familiar, but she still couldn’t quite place him.

    “I should say not, young lady,” the dapperly dressed man said in something of an offended tone. “To be the man in the mirror, I’d have to be inside the mirror. As you can clearly see…” He tilted his head, grinning widely at her. “I am actually quite out of it.”



Mara's Wattpad:…
Mara's DeviantArt:…
Dizgaia ~ Bonnie Appetite
Continuing my series of artwork inspired by :iconmara-sadowski:'s Disney-themed fantasy fan fiction, Dizgaia!

Today, for the first time ever, I hearken back to the classic days of EPCOT Center with a lost but not truly forgotten character! From the original Kitchen Kabaret show at EPCOT's The Land pavilion, heeeeeeere's BONNIE APPETITE!!

In Dizgaia, Bonnie Appetite appears, for the first time in the aptly titled Chapter 13 ~ Bonnie Appetite.

I believe Bonnie's debut as the musically talented head chef of the Imagination Institute's cafeteria will spark excitement in the minds and hearts of any Classic EPCOT fans who will read Mara's on-going tale! I was super stoked, to say the least!


And now... a little excerpt from Chapter 13 ~ Bonnie Appetite:

    Cheers and applause erupted throughout the cafeteria as the platform was once more plunged into darkness. Figment, along with a few others, chanted the woman’s name. “Bonnie! Bonnie! Bonnie!”

    Mia applauded politely. The woman was good, but Mia was still left feeling somewhat confused. She glanced at her father. “Uh, so is this like a regular occurrence at mealtimes around here?”

    The Dreamfinder leaned close to speak over the sounds of the cheers. “Oh, just you wait,” he said. “They’re only getting started.”

    Mia quirked an eyebrow. “They?”

    Soon, it was revealed just who they were. Lively percussion began to play, and from the darkness Bonnie called out, “Okay, Crackpots! Let’s… get… cookin’!”

    The platform was fully illuminated once more and Mia’s eyes were treated to the sight of a full band, but it wasn’t so much the fact it was a band that had Mia startled. It was the fact that the band was made up of anthropomorphic fruits, vegetables, and kitchenware – and they were playing a kicking ragtime tune. Mia’s jaw dropped and a bit of scrambled egg fell from her fork onto her plate.

    “What the fu—”

    “Yay!” Figment exclaimed happily. “This is my favorite part!”

    Bonnie reappeared, dressed in a completely different outfit. She was now sporting a sparkly blue showgirl tuxedo jacket and a surprisingly formfitting skirt behind a short, frilly apron with fashionable stockings on her long, shapely legs, ending in a pair of high-heeled shoes. Her hair was no longer in a bun, but hanging freely just above the base of her neck as she sang with the musical accompaniment of the instrument-playing food and cookware. Her expression had certainly changed to a livelier one, beginning this new tune with a sassy, almost seductive smile.



Mara's Wattpad:…
Mara's DeviantArt:…

Dizgaia ~ Flynn and Mia: Grid Gear
For those reading :iconmara-sadowski:'s Disney-themed fantasy fan fiction, Dizgaia, Chapters 10 through 12 feature Mia Mercurial going with Kevin Flynn into The Grid!

So to go along with that, I present to you, what is most likely my most ambitious piece of Dizgaia art work to date: Flynn & Mia in Grid Gear!!


For a bit of fun, here's a little snippet from Chapter 10 ~ Flynn:

    Mia, herself, wore a similar suit, quite formfitting, but with white circuits, exposed shoulders, and – of all things – a diamond-shaped opening in the front of the suit, just over her cleavage. She glanced back up at Flynn, pointing at her bust and lifting a cynical eyebrow.

    “Seriously? A bit gratuitous, don’t you think?”

    “What? C’mon, now. You think did that? Like on purpose?”

    Mia noticed that despite his words, he didn’t outright deny it, and there was no hiding that sheepish grin on his face.

    “It just… randomly generates, man,” he said with a laugh.

    “Why don’t I believe that?”



Mara's Wattpad:…
Mara's DeviantArt:…

Dizgaia ~ Tiana and Naveen
Continuing my art work inspired by Mara Sadowski's :iconmara-sadowski: Disney-themed fantasy tale, DIZGAIA!

Just as the Tremaine Sisters left their first impression in Chapter 8 of Dizgaia, as do the protagonists from Disney's The Princess and The Frog!

I'm rather pleased with how Tiana and Naveen turned out. While I enjoyed Naveen's casual wear from the movie, I decided to throw Tiana in an entirely original green dress. Had to hearken back to their frogginess SOME how. lol

Also, a little birdy told me that Naveen is the second favorite Disney Prince, after Aladdin, of fellow Disney Deviant :iconwishexpedition23:. As I'm posting this on her ACTUAL birthday, I guess this can be something of a birthday present for her. Happy Birthday, Wish!

----------- READ DIZGAIA -------------

Mara's Wattpad:…


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