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Pyre - Poem
We gather on the hill,
A sea of black to watch the fire burn,
To watch the beginning all the way to the end.
He had been a good man.
And had taught me many things,
About life and living and finding joy in the smallest of things.
I loved him.
The fire starts,
A spark amidst the kindling that glimmers only faintly,
But slowly it grows.
Little crackles,
Small cries at the beginning,
But the glimmer grows,
A flicker,
A light,
A flame that roars up over the wooden construct.
The military men salute,
The sea begins to flow,
The fire roars and snaps and rises high.
I watch dry-eyed,
I cannot cry outside,
Too many memories for tears to fall.
Sparks fly high,
Mortar rounds,
Shining with life and energy,
But soon the flames do not reach as high as they once did.
They have begun to retreat,
Slowly shrinking back towards their base now blackened from their heat.
The supports are beginning to fail
Decaying with their time of use,
But the fire is still bright even a
:iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 1 8
The Fires Inside
The Fires Inside
The days get old,
And the nights get cold,
As the winter rises close through the seasons.
The warm days have fled,
The summer dead,
And snow has started to fall.
But life goes on,
And even thrives,
When the fires inside keep you warm.
The roads are shut,
Plans are in a rut,
As ice coats the ground in the night.
Stuck all alone,
With no one else in the home,
And the nights grow longer and longer.
But life goes on,
And even thrives,
When the fires inside keep you warm.
Remember the sun,
What it felt like to run,
Through the wind and the rays of daylight.
The cold will not last
Winter will fade into the past,
And the spring will begin all over again.
Just give the year time,
Find consolation for the mind,
And friends will return when the roads clear.
For even when the time is dark and cold,
Life will go on,
And even thrive,
When the fires inside keep you warm.
:iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 1 3
"Bring it," her father smirked,
His teeth flashing white as his blade was drawn.
Her answer was slow,
A grin across her face,
Then fast.
Her leap carried her across the distance between them,
Staff raised above her head.
Metal on metal.
The grating of weapons in combat as sword and haft met and parted only to realign.
They were dancers,
Dancing to the harmony of the fight,
Dust rising from around their feet as they spun.
Strike and parry.
Flashes of silver.
Light upon metal,
Flickering like fish just beneath the surface,
Blindingly fast,
The points seeking always.
A spin,
A thrust,
He dodged, cleaving for her neck,
She sidestepped, one side of her haft lifting, blocking the strike
She countered, but he was gone.
A flash of light!
She twisted as he returned to the earth,
Dropping from the heavens with his sword leading.
They met again,
Edge to haft,
Metal shrieking in protest to the song of their bodies
He was down,
On his back looking up at the wea
:iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 1 8
Mature content
Broken :iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 2 17
Ayame's Gunblade by Kaoshin Ayame's Gunblade :iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 10 11
WIP - Family Visit
"So where is your husband and children?" Victoria wondered aloud as she and her own betrothed followed their daughter into the kitchen/dining room.
"Outside probably," Urban answered absently, checking on the lunch in the toaster oven and using the opportunity to hide the flash of annoyance across her muzzle.
"Leaving you inside to cook," the Olivia snorted, moving to look over her sister's shoulder.  "What're you making?"
"French bread pizza," Urban answered, suppressing a growl.  "It's a family favorite."
"French bread what?" Victoria blinked as she moved to her daughter's other shoulder.
Very quickly the kitchen was becoming far too crowded.  Sighing, Urban grabbed the empty box and passed it to her mother.  The urge to shove the cardboard into her paws rather than hand was incredible, and they had only been back together for maybe 15 minutes.  Victoria's gasp of horror as she looked over the packaging did not help matters any
:iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 1 8
Love my puppy by Kaoshin Love my puppy :iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 0 24 second ID by Kaoshin second ID :iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 0 35
The death of a loved one is never welcome news.  The pain cannot truly be express in words.  A cold spot appears in one's chest, an empty space aching of loss.  The shock is all one can think of for the first moments.  Why?  Why did the loss have to be?  But, with time, the pain lessens in the face of memory.  The empty spot will never fully fade away, but that space is not truly empty either.  The love is still there, and it always will be.
With a whoosh of heated air, flames leapt from the ground.  The dry timber caught quickly, and within moments Kaoshin no longer needed to supply his own fire.  A column of dark smoke rose into the starlit sky, signaling to those who watch over all from above of his grandfather's passing.
Standing before the pyre, Kao was bathed in the glow of cleansing fire.  Deep within the inferno his grandsire's body lay, shrouded in the dancing light of
:iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 2 14
Mature content
Spawn of Tyraph :iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 1 6
Mah Smexeh Puppeh by Kaoshin Mah Smexeh Puppeh :iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 3 18
Happy Birthday, Asteria
Asteria knew something was up.  She just did not know what.  Ever since she had awoken that morning there had been a curiously sneaky draconic presence around her.  While being tailed by Huanghe, Xi-jiang, and Hua Liang's brood was not an every day event, neither was it uncommon for them to try and stalk her in whatever game it was they were playing.  But on this day there were even times where she sensed much larger figures: Changjiang, Heiloongjiang, and Guo Gan.
What did they know that she did not?  Her birthday had been a few days earlier, so a surprise party was out of the question.  True all of her dragons did love a good party, to indulge in good food and play games in an atmosphere of celebration rather than the usual good food and games around the dinner table (rare was the day that Huanghe did not find some way to cause laughter around the table), but certainly not so soon after her last one.  Besides, she
:iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 2 6
SoD - Caught
Another yawn stretched Jeen's jaw as he glanced up towards the sun.  Noon had come and gone, the afternoon was wearing on and he had been on that branch the whole time.  He really hated watch duty.
Whiny from below prompted a roll of his eyes.  As useful as horses were for crossing distance, silence and patience were concepts they did not appear to understand.  Might as well get them food and water to shut them up.  Besides, Naarwyn would kill him if anything happened to her precious Rawb.
Descending down through the branches, Jeen scanned the forest floor for possible sources of the equines' agitation.  Nothing out of place met his gaze until he noticed the water buckets.  They were empty.
These thinks drink way too much, he grumbled silently as he dropped lightly to the ground.
Each horse was individually tethered to a separate tree around the small clearing they had chosen as their base of ope
:iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 2 3
SoD - Meeting
"All right, Naarwyn," Kel Senthus, representative of the Dragon Wings resistance movement, grumbled.  "Let's see what you brought us here to see."
"Patience, Kel," the smuggler placated, watching the door that was the only entrance to dining room number six of the Harp and Hearth.  "There are still some who have yet to arrive."
"We've had patience, Hisilrandir," Tennel, the speaker for the Shadowhand thieves guild, snorted.  "You know the ones who are missing are not going to pay you any mind unless you show them a way to win this war with Shailon."
Naarwyn smirked though inside she could not help but heave a disappointed sigh.  She and Kylora had agreed that the chances of any seriously important organizations to the actual fighting attending were small, but the smuggler had still entertained a small hope of being surprised.
Looking up she met Dan's eyes, silently asking him his opinion.  The young man shrugged from his
:iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 3 21
Mortal Combat
Mortal Combat
Kaoshin's playful movements ceased suddenly as a dark presence flooded through his senses.  Underbrush crunched behind him, something large moving out from the trees to the field edge.  Alythia, Kyshin, and Samson had all stopped their sparring under his supervision, their wide-eyed gazes drifting over his shoulder.
The Western turned his eyes all ready hardening.  He knew who it was.  He knew that presence.  It had once been a part oft himself.
"Tyraph," he growled in acknowledgement, facing the new arrival.
"You remember me," a deep voice rumbled from the cavernous chest of a massive anthropomorphic dragon.
The demondragon was easily a head taller than the blue before him.  Blood red scales covered Tyraph's body, as perfect a coat of armor as Kaoshin's own, but able to take further punishment.  The demonblood was a creature created solely to battle one individual.
"Who is that?" Alythia asked quietly,
:iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 2 14
Urban's Xmas
Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…And since we have no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…
The room was dark, lit only by the gentle flickering light of the fire within the heart and the dimmed colorful lights of the recently decorated Christmas tree.  Outside the windows white snow could be seen floating down from the night sky, gathering upon the ground and house in flurries of sparkling crystalline powder.  The living room was warm though, warm and safe.  The silence was not broken by the radio's quiet voice and the crackling of the flames, but softened; creating a gentle harmony.
One of the three couches had been pulled up in front of the fire, holding the room's two occupants.  The party had been fun and full of friends, both old and new, but now just Kaoshin and Urban were left.  While the gathering earlier had been great, they were glad to have some time alone together befor
:iconkaoshin:Kaoshin 0 0


QuickSketch-Kaoshin by Epoh QuickSketch-Kaoshin :iconepoh:Epoh 1 1 Come hither.... by urbanwolf
Mature content
Come hither.... :iconurbanwolf:urbanwolf 8 6
Urbs ID 2007 by urbanwolf Urbs ID 2007 :iconurbanwolf:urbanwolf 6 11 Alythia of the Drackenseyes by seymour-flux Alythia of the Drackenseyes :iconseymour-flux:seymour-flux 1 5 Samson the Angry by seymour-flux Samson the Angry :iconseymour-flux:seymour-flux 1 5 Leaf Heart-throb: Samson by seymour-flux Leaf Heart-throb: Samson :iconseymour-flux:seymour-flux 3 10 Gift art--Kaoshin by felineflames Gift art--Kaoshin :iconfelineflames:felineflames 26 31 Kiyira and Raytak by chaoka Kiyira and Raytak :iconchaoka:chaoka 7 5 Azu-Nah color schemes by felineflames Azu-Nah color schemes :iconfelineflames:felineflames 34 41 FFVII: One Wheeled Angel by Risachantag FFVII: One Wheeled Angel :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 7,038 1,102 MythBusters: Porcum Iacio by Hail-NekoYasha MythBusters: Porcum Iacio :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 13,638 4,202 More ChibiKaoness by seymour-flux More ChibiKaoness :iconseymour-flux:seymour-flux 1 5 ULTIMATE TAIJUTSU ChibiKao by seymour-flux ULTIMATE TAIJUTSU ChibiKao :iconseymour-flux:seymour-flux 0 9 Academy Pg9: The Strict One by Dragonfeelers Academy Pg9: The Strict One :icondragonfeelers:Dragonfeelers 1 7


Samurai by celsojunior Samurai :iconcelsojunior:celsojunior 896 248



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Ooof.  Well, I said I'd be back and then I vanished again.  this time I have a reason at least though heheh.  The past month of college has been very busy for me for the most part.  Lots of work and some very important classes.  Gods lots of work.  My Quantum assignment alone is usually about 10 hours nevermind the takehome exam that took 50 >..<  I'm gonna try and get back here though now that things are finally winding down.  One exam to go!


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