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This started as an exercise to draw sky (I'm making A2 size illustrations where it often shows with different flow). It became my take on the Selkie, woman who change into a seal in the full moon.
I was spending another summer working in Ireland, so I got much of my ispiration from that. I'm also an huge fan of the movies "The Secret of Kells" and "The Song of the Sea". I liked more the idea Selkie are actually seals, or even if human looking, still magic creatures beyond human comprehension. And a Seal must be round, I was a bit tired of all that skinny or slim representation. The only thing that still bugs me is the breast. I wanted to show it, as much realistic I could (so no push up magic boobs) but at the same time the picture felt not so mystic to me (I still don't know why). It was also a more practical decision: I wanted messy seaweeds hair, but it didn't help to get the general shape with part showing (again I was wondering, does the breast HAVE to show?) and I would have brought the drawing to a local family fair. So even if I don't see anything wrong in nipples etc, world is often like deviantart. No "mature content" less problems.

So after my rambling about boobs, let's talk about the tools. Watercolour and ballpoint pen. It is really pen in the most part, I tried for once cheap watercolour paper that didn't absorb. I was all "Noooooooo!" but in the end I think it gave a good effect in this way too.
This is still a very quick drawing, I hope to dedicate more time to this kind of illustrations.
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Fantastic looking seal tail & webbed fingers!!  She looks great!
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This is really lovely! I also greatly appreciate your design decisions, especially the choice to make the selkie more rounded. It was actually something I was thinking about the other day. Again, great work! 
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Thank you! For the compliments and for actually Reading my rant =)

No problem, I don't make a big secret that I often travel, working for room and loan. When I find more specialized jobs I get some money too. Last year I spent 8 months in Ireland doing farm jobs, then I found a workshop for wooden furniture. They had many heavy works to do, so I was all "please take me, I lived one year on the italian Alps" (I was a goldsmith there, well and chopping wood is a must)
I'm a shortie so people are often "meh", anyway I got the job and bounded a lot with that family (it's a family businness). I went again in December to join my first featured exhibition in Dublin at GalleryX. Then this year that family asked for more help, so I spent other three months there.
They're building a coffee shop and it slows everything down, but I think they have this beautiful view on the ocean (they're in the south in the beginning of the WAW), so it will hopefully repay them back when finished.
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You're welcome, and thank you for replying to my comment!  

Wow! That sounds incredible, you seem to be a very accomplished individual. Being a goldsmith sounds fascinating. Though it is not the same thing, my father blacksmiths on occasion. He specializes in making copper jewelry, mostly bracelets and rings.  

I have wanted to go to Ireland for quite some time now. I was actually looking into volunteering at an orchard, or something of that sort (as that I have almost no experience with farm animals). Though I would have to get a work permit, if I were to stay longer than three months, which does complicate things a little. 
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Don't mention it! I try to get back to messages, but I often don't have the time. I also have to be in good mood, having social anxiety (yeah I know, and yet I travel the world) I get stressed after replying a few of them, but I'm totally into knowing new pals and chatting.

Thanks! I like to do different things. Probably I should draw more ahah, but it's very nice to learn new tecniques and be part of other people projects (without stressing about paying bills).
This is amazing! Blacksmithting really fashinates me, I'd like to see something in person sooner or later. Also copper is so hard compared to silver! I've practiced with it (and brass ) for half a year before working with silver, it was a bit frustrating to me ahah. Is it any chance I can see some of your father works?
Right now I've meet a lady who works pottery nearby, I try to join her in the workshop as much as I can. Actually I have a friend who works with copper (I love her works), I have met her on DA and I really fancy to meet her in person, but she's in Russia and it's a pain to get a way "to enter". It's easier to invite her over, but I have not a workshop on my own.

Ireland is very nice, so often green and rural. if it's what you like you would enjoy there. I suggest to go in May and June (usually the sunnier months). You must like rain too.
I often do this kind of things because italian summer is too hot for me and makes me ill, so I'm all "I love that place" but I must be objective. Anyway, there are a lot of option on or Whoofer (not sure if I wrote it right).
I spent one winter cleaning the land from brambles, I think they will never be out of brambles ahah. There are some Co-op growing vegetables and tree.
I've met somebody from US, they suggest to lie. "I'm here for holidays" or they won't allow you, I think in the airport they have no idea about this helpers thing and anyway I understand.
We are talking about summer plans, I won't suggest it if you're going to spend there a year. To be honest I don't feel it as 100% lie, or I should count all the hours kayaking in the ocean as working hours.

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I understand, I too struggle with social anxiety. I am doing my best to work through it and give myself positive challenges. Like you said, I need to be in a good mood to respond to messages, as well. 

I would love to show you some of my Father's work! What would be the best way to do so?
I looked at your friend's work, and it is beautiful! I am now watching their gallery. The bracelet you crafted is beautiful, as well. Interestingly, it is similar in design to the bracelets my father makes. He said he based his design off of a 500-200 B.C.E. Celtic bracelet, that was unearthed by archaeologists. 

Thank you, I appreciate the advice! I actually enjoy the rain quite a bit. Of late, I have been considering going to Ireland for art school. If I am there with a student visa, it might make volunteering for extended periods a bit easier. 
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Oh, and if you don't mind my asking, what work did you do in Ireland? 
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I love the textures in this illustration as well as your idea for this selkie. She's a beautiful creature :)
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Se non sbaglio la Selkie è per metà foca e metà donna.
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Gorgeous! Love the fluidity of the waves, and the flow from the sky
Great job
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