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Arina Daemon: Evo Tourney

Here she is! Arina Daemon aka The Black Mage a new recruit for the :iconevo-obsessed-club:'s OC Tournament. You will be seeing more of her her in her comics for the contest.

And now...because I'm a character nerd I have a complete and detailed bio of Arina.

Name: Arina Daemon
Nickname(s): Rina(used by Jonah)
Codename: The Black Mage
Age: 14
Grade: 9
Height: 4'10
Weight: 95 lbs
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Skin Color: Pale/light
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: light blue and changes to red

Clothing: Wears lots of dark clothing. Usually black, red, dark blue and dark purple are her colors. Arina never wears skirts. She always wears jeans or slacks if she has to dress nice. Occasionally she would borrow her brother's clothes because she liked them.

Jewelry: Arina wears a black choker with a red pendant, her brother also wears one but the pendant is blue.

Arina is a quiet girl, but she can be outspoken when she needs to be heard. She is a tomboy and mysterious. Arina is not easily angered, but if just the right button is pushed expect a serious beating. Arina is very much into different sports, usually karate, roller hockey and archery. Arina is also a very creative and passionate and loves art. Arina can be found with sketchbooks and notebooks on some occasions. Arina is neither a leader nor a follower. She is fairly intelligent and observant so she is able to figure out tough situations as only a 14 year old can. She will usually suggest ideas and possible strategies if she is confident in what she says, but if someone else suggests something that may work she won't speak. Arina is very friendly when it comes to other people, she likes having friends, but very few bother to get to know her so her only friends are her brother's friends.

Key things to know about Arina's past:
Arina has an older twin brother named Jonah, and they look very similar.
Arina's dad owns a karate dojo, reason why she's a black belt.
Arina's mother passed away when she was young.
Hometown is Los Angeles, CA if you didn't notice from panel one on page one.
She has a bit of a sweet tooth.

Whew....So that's Arina Daemon. Didn't expect a long bio/description to follow did you.

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Wow, she's got a cool power :3 That's flash~
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Sweet! Great character and abilities! Good luck in the tournament!
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:iconilikeitplz: nice~:thumbsup: I WISH YOU GREAT LUCK IN THE CONTEST
Kaoru-Yuki's avatar
thank you my friend ^^
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So cuuuuute! :meow:
Good luck on the tournament! ;)
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Yay for younger female twins~
That doll is too cute.
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i know right ^^ i needed something for one of the boxes so I drew the doll and said "i think i'll use this in her bio"
all my friends were like "awww, it's so cute"
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