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Opening of Breath of Destiny!

Sat Dec 8, 2012, 10:04 PM


About the Opening

[ EDIT ] Reminder that Breath-of-Destiny is now open for applications!

Hey there! I normally don't write these sort of things, but this is for a dear friend, Oseike, and besides that I'm also helping mod the group (I'm in charge of Wenstir~).

So, Breath-of-Destiny, a fantasy rp group, is reopening on Dec 31st!It's been revamping for awhile but we're finally almost ready! Feel free to make your characters early and have us check it though! It'll be open for awhile after the opening so no pressure and take your time if you're busy.

You can check out how to join and the rules over here!


There are currently 5 different countries to join with their own different environments and culture. Click any of these icons to find out more about each of them!


Each country also has different races for you to choose from, though they may live in other countries:

A level up and weapon armor system so you get something out submitting art! Which you can read about here and here.

Examples of items from the weapon shop:

Additionally you can read some background information here: Creation Story, The Seven Heroes, and A Brief History of the World.

Mods Needed!

At the moment there's also a severe need of mods to help run the group. You can read details of it here. There's benefits to being a mod, such as advanced powers and custom weapons, having characters in leadership positions, and discussing where the story can go but it is actually a lot of work which includes making assets (such as missions), accepting work, and discussing with other mods to make decisions.


Since I did a lot of memes for no reason, here are the ones available:


And here's some of the art I've done for it! You might've seen some or all of these:


Feel free to hit me or Oseike up with any questions about the group!

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December 8, 2012


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