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Commission Holiday Sale!

Tue Dec 18, 2012, 8:35 PM

Happy Holidays! For the season, I'm having a limited time, until December 28th 2012 or until 10 slots are filled, a special promotion of commissions for 5 USD per character for all types with limited types to choose from.

Available types

Fullbody Chibi (cellshaded) | Knee-up Sketch | Waist up flats | CG busts


Details and Rules

It's 5 USD per character, so each character is 5 USD. ie. 2 character commission = 10 USD.
Commissions will be finished via payment first. Then first come, first served if payment somehow arrives at the same time.
Original characters or fanart characters is fine (however I don't like certain fandoms or ships).
I'll livestream (at least partly, because my net and ram isn't that great) your commission upon request!
No explict content including sexual or violent imagery.
I reserve the right to turn down requests for any reason.
Commissions are for personal uses only.
Feel free to ask questions in this post.
I'm sorry I'm so bad at chibis.

How to commission you?

Note/ask/email (kaorien [at] bluer-skies [dot] net) with details of your commissions and I'll get back to you with my paypal if I'm willing to take it on!

Tumblr Giveaway

Because I, quite frankly, am not popular enough to have a lot of word spread around, I'm doing a tumblr giveaway here for likes and reblogs. However if you don't have a tumblr you can also advertise this post on a journal or something and I will count it as an entry (or a third entry if you do like and reblog on tumblr!). Though you must note or comment with a link to said advert because I won't know about it otherwise.

Winner will receive a free commission of the above choices and winner will be picked on the 29th and they will have 24 hours to reply before I pick another person.

What happens after?

I highly doubt I'll fill all 10 spots because... it's just never happened before when I've done a promo thing. But in any case my regular commissions are still open during and after this special sale. :3


  1. open
  2. open
  3. open
  4. open
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open
  9. open
  10. open

Giveaway Winner!
  • To be announced!

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Opening of Breath of Destiny!

Sat Dec 8, 2012, 10:04 PM


About the Opening

[ EDIT ] Reminder that Breath-of-Destiny is now open for applications!

Hey there! I normally don't write these sort of things, but this is for a dear friend, Oseike, and besides that I'm also helping mod the group (I'm in charge of Wenstir~).

So, Breath-of-Destiny, a fantasy rp group, is reopening on Dec 31st!It's been revamping for awhile but we're finally almost ready! Feel free to make your characters early and have us check it though! It'll be open for awhile after the opening so no pressure and take your time if you're busy.

You can check out how to join and the rules over here!


There are currently 5 different countries to join with their own different environments and culture. Click any of these icons to find out more about each of them!


Each country also has different races for you to choose from, though they may live in other countries:

A level up and weapon armor system so you get something out submitting art! Which you can read about here and here.

Examples of items from the weapon shop:

Additionally you can read some background information here: Creation Story, The Seven Heroes, and A Brief History of the World.

Mods Needed!

At the moment there's also a severe need of mods to help run the group. You can read details of it here. There's benefits to being a mod, such as advanced powers and custom weapons, having characters in leadership positions, and discussing where the story can go but it is actually a lot of work which includes making assets (such as missions), accepting work, and discussing with other mods to make decisions.


Since I did a lot of memes for no reason, here are the ones available:


And here's some of the art I've done for it! You might've seen some or all of these:


Feel free to hit me or Oseike up with any questions about the group!

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Books available! :D

Thu Oct 25, 2012, 12:49 AM

This is a break from my regular scheduled commission post (which I'll bump up again in a little later) to promote some books that I did the covers for!

First up, literally just released, is MoyaoftheMist's book, Rewritten I: Fallacy. :3 I also contributed more illustrations for it as well as way better artists than me!

Rewritten I: Fallacy by Morgan Bauman



A scientist mad with grief; a mother trying to escape guilt; a little girl's worst nightmare; a mistake with unforeseen consequences. What if your life--your world--your memories--were a lie? Nothing can be taken for granted. Nothing is as simple as it seems. Each person holds a different shard of the truth, and none of them are eager to share it.

Paperback and E-book
Other works

And curseofpogo's book, Aria Opus, has been out for awhile and I still encourage people to give a look at it! :3

Aria Opus by LL Lemke

Aria Opus


The sky is burned to orange and society has fragmented. Anyone that is not fully human is ostracized or worse. Aria Brayton, age twenty-three, is an Opus, a high skilled and genetically enhanced assassin with an AI. She has been on the run from the government and Project Maestro, the place that made her what she is, for the past three years. A wanted poster for her arrest and a group of people with AIs chasing after her spark her journey back to Project Maestro. She must put aside her past in order to help out the man in charge of the program, Major John Stratton. Tragedy, a desire to protect her sister, and an escalating issue with the group called Fugue cause Aria to face them alone, at great cost to her and her AI Piano.

Alternate vendor

Both books are series and have sequels in the works already, so expect more from them! :D I highly encourage to support these wonderful writers.

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Commissions - OPEN

Sat Sep 10, 2011, 1:33 PM

Added a celshade category, which pushed up the prices of the other two options (and renamed colored to clarify). I also took off the VN category because I really don't have time. Circumstances right now aren't too good, so... this is sort of necessary anyway.


Darker by Kaorien
Doll-like Tendencies by Kaorien Rewritten: Fallacy by Morgan Bauman by Kaorien

You can see more samples in my gallery.



Chibi 1 USD
Bust 3 USD
Half-body 5 USD
Fullbody 10 USD


Chibi 3 USD
Bust 5 USD
Half-body 10 USD
Fullbody 15 USD

F L A T   C O L O R

Chibi 5 USD
Bust 10 USD
Half-body 15 USD
Fullbody 20 USD


Chibi 8 USD
Bust 15 USD
Half-body 20 USD
Fullbody 25 USD


Chibi 10 USD
Bust 20 USD
Half-body 25 USD
Fullbody 30 USD

P A I N T E D (lineartless)

Bust 20 USD
Half-body 30 USD
Fullbody 40 USD

NOTE: Additional characters are additional the base price above (though if you're ordering something with many characters, feel free to negotiate with me!). All of these are zero to minimal backgrounds. Simple backgrounds range from 5 - 10 USD, while a complex background will be at least 20 USD.

If you can only pay in points, please use the Points Calculator to calculate the proper amount.

If you have other requests (ie. backgrounds, concept art, novel covers, etc) feel free to discuss with me. I'm also willing to negotiate if you're at a budget!

Remember more characters is multiply the base price (ie. 2 character flat character busts = 20 USD).


▶ Art for personal use only. Commercial uses to be discussed with me.
▶ I will give my paypal address after I agree to do your commission.
▶ I would like to receive payment upfront, but if you feel uneasy with this we can do a half-and-half sort of deal.
▶ After I finish a commission, I will note commissioners with the DA link as well as a full image.
▶ Those who order a sketch and lineart will also get the versions without a fill color.
▶ For those who don't have a DA and still want to commission me feel free to contact me through kaorien [ at ] bluer-skies [ dot ] net (which isn't my paypal by the way).
▶ If you'd like more options than what's given (a different coloring style), I am open to negotiate the price higher or lower to accommodate within reason.
▶ I don't draw explicit images, which include but not limited to pornographic and violent content. Suggestive and artistic nudity, depending on how much, may be okay.
▶ Do please look at my gallery to see what I generally can and can't do. I'm willing to try new things, but I think it's clear I'm not very good at some things?
▶ I reserve the right to turn down any requests for any reason.


Send this form to me via note:

Type: Which of the type of commission you'd like and if colored, your preferred style, can link to an artwork if necessary. Ex: Colored Full-body Cell-shaded
References: Description and images of your character(s). If no previous art of your character exists provide image links to references that a like what you want. (ie. photo example of the dress and hair of your character)
Character Information: About the character, whether OC or fanart. Just brief info about them, their role and personality. If you know I know this character already, this isn't necessary.
Estimated payment: The amount you're paying. I will give my paypal privately in notes
Other notes: Any other things you'd like to say?

Filled it out? Then feel free to note me!

Commission list
  1. ~Julia~ (paid, working on 1 more backgrounds)

Commissions history and progress on commission can be tracked here

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Commission Progress and History

Thu Sep 8, 2011, 8:35 PM


Progress on current commissions.




Finished Commissions.

A Small Distance by Kaorien

Doll-like Tendencies by Kaorien

Aria Opus by LL Lemke by Kaorien

Strife by Kaorien

Beast by Kaorien Battleship Commander by Kaorien Together by Kaorien

Kite by Kaorien

A Sadness Within by Kaorien Through the Dark Path by Kaorien Longing by Kaorien Rewritten: Fallacy by Morgan Bauman by Kaorien

A Special Gift by Kaorien

Day Dreaming by Kaorien

My Turn by Kaorien

The Caged Song Bird by Kaorien Partnership by Kaorien

Distraction by Kaorien

First Meeting by Kaorien

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100 Theme Challenge

Sun Jul 18, 2010, 12:42 PM

Finally making a journal to keep track! Am doing Akikorossella's variation ~

005/100 | 005% Complete

1. Stardust
2. Power
3. Dawn
4. Waterlilies
5. Pregnancy
6. Books
7. Old
8. Circle
9. Sakura
10. Geisha
11. Nation
12. Home
13. Fear
14. Life
15. Trees
16. Fairy
17. Elf
18. Story
19. Animals
20. Emperor
21. Alice in Wonderland
22. Queen of hearts
23. Inspiration
24. Doll
25. Unicorn
26. Witch
27. Hate
28. Cry
29. Brothers and sisters
30. Parents
31. Runaway
32. Travel
33. School
34. Friendship
35. Missing you
36. Soul
37. Universe
38. War
39. Kawaii
40. Forbidden love
41. Fantasy
42. Clouds
43. Fashion
44. Plushies
45. Goodbye
46. Drawing
47. Mystery
48. Joke
49. Separate
50. Sing
51. Cooking
52. God
53. Forgiveness
54. Dangerous
55. Braveness
56. Searching
57. With or without you
58. Imagine Yesterday
59. Tomorrow
60. Dusk
61. Tonight
62. Believe
63. Why?
64. Because of you
65. Me myself and I
66. Wizard
67. Butterflies
68. Sea
69. Mermaid
70. Dearest
71. Flying
72. Fireworks
73. Trapped
74. Chasing pavements
75. Breathing
76. Snow
77. Leaves
78. Past days
79. Teenager
80. Suicide
81. Lust
82. Angry
83. Candlelight
84. Moonlight
85. Sunlight
86. Fame
87. Decora
88. Tea
89. Angel
90. Vampire
91. Centaur
92. Pity
93. Devil
94. Hurt
95. Answer
96. Fate
97. Secret garden
98. Furry
99. Luck
100. Ghost

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