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Published: May 6, 2018

Hellooooo looking to commish some art of my dudes 

Dimi Dimi needssss
  • Manips
  • Drawings/paintings
  • icons/pixels
  • (all as a horse art)

Eleanor the Dark Sun Reference by kaons  Character Headshots by kaons  Ellie Darksun by kaons
Ellie bellie needss
  • Horse paintings
  • Person paintings (blonde or dark haired)
  • Person art (blonde or dark haired)
  • Person art in full armor (a little WH40k ish)

Wolf needs
  • A reference badly! (something I can upload to my account with your credit)
  • All types of horse art 

My Human by kaons  I need a gangster by kaons
Kahul and Phi art
  • Peoples art needed! He's a big red monster with black stripes
  • she's a heterochromatic tech genius with plenty of vices 

I've really been wanting a new character. One of the characters I was interested in alot sold ;-; ahh
But that's okay because new is good! 

Skin by SimplySilent
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TayaRavenaHobbyist General Artist
For any of your horse art needs <33
Commission Info 2018 by TayaRavena
((just ignore the closed part >.> that's scheduled to be opened back up this week anyway :D ))
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AngelBleuEyesHobbyist General Artist
I can offer a lil something like this for quality! 
Wirh or without a rider - $20
Sunny Warm Days - Dyn Inspection by AngelBleuEyes
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manabunsHobbyist Digital Artist
I could potentially do headshots for them! :D they're $20 each!
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NorthernMythStudent Digital Artist
Terms of Service 2018By purchasing any artwork from me, you automatically agree to these terms. Please read them carefully, otherwise, I can decline your business. 
They are subject to change at any time. 
You are free to note me with any questions or concerns.

I am free to decline any commission request, especially if it's against my TOS!
I have all rights to any of my work. Which mean's I'm free to do with it as I wish. Which could include uploading it to personal galleries, purposes of self-promotion, portfolios, and examples. If it is something you do not wish to be uploaded, we are free to discuss that.You may NOT use the artwork for commercial purposes unless otherwise agreed upon.
You have the right to use your commission for any personal use you want (avatars, wallpapers, icons, profile pictures etc.) just as long as it isn't for commercial use or you claim you created the artwork.
If using off-site, my signature MUST stay on the piece.I have(depending on how swamped I am and how b
COMMISSION PRICES 2018Below you will find my most up to date commission prices
Please read my Terms of Service beforehand
Everything is available unless stated otherwise.
If something isn't listed below just ask and I'll let you know if I can do it!
Lineart - $7 (£5)
Flat Colour - $10 (£7)
Design + Medium Outfit Design - $28 (£20)

(Necklaces, Jewelry, Collars, Minor Articles of clothing, Small Weapons)
On Mannequi

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PoloniousRexx does really good pony art and has great communication routes and prices! :heart:
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AMillionLightsStudent Digital Artist
Rule the World by AMillionLights   Perfect day by AMillionLights   Disaster YHH (Closed) by AMillionLights   Light Heart by AMillionLights   Elaine 025 by AMillionLights
Comms are always open
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haechiiProfessional Digital Artist
I have room for a couple mini's on my list if you're interested.
They are $16.00 and typically only take a few days to complete.
some examples
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AutomedoneHobbyist General Artist
My price sheet is here:
Commission Pricesheet 2018 by Automedone
I don't have a huge amount of horse art in my gallery, but you can find some examples on my instagram here: www.instagram.com/automedone !
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nightMAREgraphicsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Pixel commissions! Read my full TOS here: it is the responsibility of the commissioner to be familiar with this document however the basics are: 
- these pixels created with the intention of use on deviantart! 
- reuploading to deviantart/other sites is 100% ok so long as you give me credit! 
- non commercial license 
- payment first! Though I may provide a 5 minute sketch if you desire, however I will NOT spend more than 5 minutes on an unpaid commission, and therefore you may be receiving something that looks rushed/not properly lined! If you pay FIRST then ask for a preview I will send a proper pixel lineart.

complexity charge: up to 300pts/$3USD
half a week turnaround from sketch to finis
Illustration CommissionPlease take the time to look over my TOS FULL TERMS OF SERVICE [september 27] before purchasing. Some basics however include:
- I reserve the right to refuse a commission
- I reserve the right to make edits to my prices as I see fit 
- USD commissions are made through paypal. For payments $15 I may choose to send an invoice
- payment plans are up for discussion, as well as quick image previews
- no FULL refunds 
- personal use license. For illustrations, commercial rights are up for purchase at x2 my quoted price. If your purchase ends up being over $100, commercial rights are at 25% of my quoted price
- turnaround estimated ~1 month
Terms specific to these commissions:
- My general sizes may be about 3000x2000 unless specified. I may also make tweaks to the sizes if I feel it fits the required image outline. 
Basic Illustration ($30 + 20 for 2nd character)

Surprise! by nightMAREgraphics Gift for Impassioned-dreams by nightMAREgraphics Scarfox! by nightMAREgraphicsLadyPerfume icon by nightMAREgraphics
these lil pixel kiddos are $5, turnaround is half a week

a full, 2 character illustration is $50, turnaround can go up to a month

Sledding! by nightMAREgraphics
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Kitty-pngHobbyist Digital Artist
I've got some pretty cheap commissions open :> $$CHEAP COMMISSIONS (OPEN)$$
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Interrobang-designsHobbyist Digital Artist
my commissions are open and I have a few YHH's if you wanna check those out!
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empluvieHobbyist Digital Artist
I can do 1 or 2 drawing of whoever you need :) equine only

WICKEDHARLEYHobbyist Photographer
I have a few characters for sale, the ones near the bottom come with some gorgeous art if you’re interest! Could really use the $$$ ;_;

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unifangsHobbyist Writer
you could hit up Likewisse perhaps?? 
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