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Commission Me

Please commission me by utilizing the form located by clicking the red button. This will help me keep track of orders, order timing and help me stay organized in a world that hates organization. Please fill the form out to the best of your knowledge and ability. Prices are included on the form. If we've discussed different pricing options, please include it in the very bottom question. 




Includes a high resolution image (good enough to print poster size), a web-resolution image, multiple color schemes, and table coding for RPGs. I can manipulate any subject in any setting. Price does not change per complexity of character as I've found the time remains the same. 
Faeries by kaons  Primal by kaons  Starkissed Seas by kaons

Character Design

Includes a high resolution reference (typically 3000 px wide), high resolution background-free character art, custom weapon or item art and a companion if desired. Also includes table coding for RPGs. 
Amalrik the Metal Son by kaons  The Chronomancer [CLOSED] by kaons  Aithniel the Inquisitor by kaons

Character Art

Includes a high resolution, background-free image of your character (typically 3000 px wide), 1-2 items, and table coding for RPGs. 
Eleanor, princess of dark sun by kaons  Satine the dream by kaons  Wolfsmall by kaons

Human Art

Includes a high resolution, background-free or simple background image of your character (typically 3000 px tall), 1-2 items, clothing/armor design and table coding for RPGs. I can do any animal to human character conversions, weapon and armor design upon request. 
Aithniel the Inquisitor by kaons  Viktor the Scimitar by kaons  Maren Sunscythe by kaons

Pixel Doll

Typically 200x200 px page doll pixel of any species. 
Alkie Pixel by kaons   Aysu Pixel by kaons


Includes one 1000 px drawing of shoulder up characters with full color and soft shading.
Snuggles by kaons  Headshot! by kaons  Headshot Doodles by kaons


Includes one 50x50 icon of one character. Animation optional.
PerfectPerfection Prizes by kaons  Marengo and Satine Gift by kaons  Enfan3 by kaons  Enfan2 by kaons

Character Design Package

Please inquire for more recent examples! Includes 1 character design, 1 character reference, 1 character manip without items, 1 character manip with items, item design, companion design, table coding for RPGs, profile coding for RPGs, and optional pagedoll and icons. 

Custom Template

Comes with a PSD file (I can convert the file for SAI upon request) that includes 1 character base, 1 wing base, 1 horn base and a basic reference template. Additional items, horns and wing options can be included for an additional price - ask! 
Warmblood Template for Purchase (special offer) by kaons  Draft Template for Purchase (special offer) by kaons

Commission & Art Purchasing Rules

  • Keep my signature on the piece! If you end up cropping the image, just make sure that there is a credit either linked or stated somewhere with my DA account. "Schwartze @ DA" is perfectly acceptable. 
  • Once the art is paid for and you have the main files, it's yours to do with what you want in any form. I only use stock with off-site use permitted, however it's your responsibility to check on the stock providers for their rules. 
  • You may modify and adjust any adoptable you purchase from me - however I am not able to provide you the original PSD for alterations unless you paid for both the character AND the template (note me if you want PSD rights to your adopts or art).
  • I have no rules or regulations on the reselling or usage of art purchased from me, and if you make money off of an adopt or a manip, then good for you! I believe art is an investment and I hope that people can make returns when situations call for the sale of art. 
  • My art cannot be used in commercial promotion of a group or company unless you have paid for a commercial license to redistribute the design. For example, if you bought an adopt, you cannot put that adopt on a t-shirt and sell the t-shirts. 
  • All prints of art you purchased should be for personal use only. You cannot resell prints of art you've purchased from me unless you bought a commercial license. 
  • I retain the right to use any art in my personal portfolios, but I will not make money off of art you've already paid for in any form. 
  • All of my stock images located in my stock folder and uploaded under the "Resources and Stock Images" header are 100% royalty free and can be used in any capacity. 

Skin by SimplySilent
© 2016 - 2021 kaons
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navixi's avatar
Are these still open?
acsmitty's avatar
Hnggg, I want this so badly but I have no idea who I want it of.... Is there a "reserve spot for indecisive character moms" available? :facepalm:
-returns to waffling-
kaons's avatar
Yes! lol, just fill out the form so you are in my spreadsheet and I can fill in later. 20% off for Helovia characters too :D 
WITCH-D0CT0R's avatar
could I grab a Character Art one of Tilney please? <3
Filled out the form!
russellskiy's avatar
Oh man, I would really really love on of your character art commissions, the drawings? So gorgeous *.*
kaons's avatar
For sure! Just click on the form and you can fill it all out there! 
russellskiy's avatar
AshleRae's avatar
How much are pixels and character art? I'd love to buy some

Do you take points?
kaons's avatar
Heya! If you click on the form, it'll tell you all the prices. I can take points! If you want to pay in points its 100 points = 1 USD and you can just write that into one of the fields on the form. 
taivaankaarta's avatar
How much are your 50x50 pixels? :D
kaons's avatar
If you click on the form, it has all the prices and stuff listed :D 
taivaankaarta's avatar
Ah, sorry! D: 
Thank you! :D
Ruanly's avatar
Could I be notified when you reopen? I've got my eye on your beautiful human art!
kaons's avatar
<333 all open!
encharmed's avatar
do u have any tips on making 50x50 pixels b/c i spent an hour on one & ended up embarrassing myself forever haha aha  ah  ha
MissSeelie's avatar
Design a Troy baby? ;D
kaons's avatar
:O I sent you a note
Champis03's avatar
crap. has no sad. wants character design from u cuz ur totallllyyy awesomeeeee
DanjahMouse's avatar
My goodness I can't wait to one day have some pixels and drawings from you :love:
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