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I've seen and been at the receiving end of 


I highly recommend using a service like since you can set projects, hourly rates, etc for your commission person. The commissioner pays AHEAD OF TIME but YOU DONT GET THE MONEY UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THE PROJECT. 

If you are over deadline, the commissioner can get their money back or they can agree to an extension. 

It's pretty inexpensive all things considered. $3.00 per transaction is personally worth the peace of mind on both parts. 

(wouldn't it be great if DA, an art site, had this feature.... HHMMMM >_> )

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Looking for help with a human RPG

Sat May 25, 2019, 9:36 PM by kaons:iconkaons:

It's as if guild wars met WoW met warhammer 40k met skyrim met GoT met angels and demons lol. 

Airships, greatswords, epic armor, angels, demons, werewolves, elves, humans, etc. 

Very sandbox-ey as there can be multiple planets and regions, races, dialects, etc. 

BASICALLY, I need help coming up with the map (you dont' have to draw it if you don't want to), organizing boards, coming up with logistics/rules, user groups, world lore, game mechanics (like how to make rules that allow players to govern themselves and require little to no mod/admin intervention). 

Also need sounding board for companions/mage magic/abilities/items/etc and if they should be controlled or just allowed for whatever reason and all that lol. 

You are more than welcome to be an admin if you want to help out, but if you'd rather just help me talk it out, that's okay too. 

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Final Drakehest Slot Sale

Thu May 23, 2019, 1:15 PM by kaons:iconkaons:

Final sale slots on these horses before they are deceased! I am keeping them as OCs

10284 Dominik by kaons
1. $80.00
2. $80.00

21498 Marchocia by kaons
1. $50
2. $50

X115 Odin's Son by kaons
1. $40 each

20744 Glamazon by kaons
$30 each

all other drakehest can be found here:… 
accepting offers on their slots and other stuffs

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Seeking Artist

Thu May 16, 2019, 2:45 PM by kaons:iconkaons:


Working on a personal project and I need some arts of people + maybe an environmental thing. 
Kinda looking for a stylized painterly look
For my people arts, looking for dynamic posts/them doing something 

please post recommendations OR if you're interested in gettin paid, lemme know :)

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Website Giveaway!

Sat Feb 2, 2019, 1:45 AM by kaons:iconkaons:

Hey guys! Just wanted to explain a bit more about what you get with this giveaway! 

- 1 year domain: $15.00 value
- 1 year wordpress hosting: $96.00 value
- SSL certificate (free with me, other companies charge around $70 per cert)
- I install for you. 
- I set you all up so you don't have to deal with the back end of things. 


Then you can get a cool website going like this one:

Where you can design an awesome, mobile responsive website WITHOUT CODING for your portfolios, ARPG group, etc. 

You just click and drag your elements....
Sample1 by kaons

And style them! 

Sample2 by kaons

In your web browser :D 

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Hosting Giveaway! One year...

Fri Feb 1, 2019, 2:21 PM by kaons:iconkaons:

Enter here :D

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Do I owe you art?

Mon Jan 14, 2019, 6:21 PM by kaons:iconkaons:

Hey guys! A person on my tellonym made it seem like I owe someone for art! If this is you, please let me know. I am happy to offer a full refund today! Just screenshot me the paypal payment so I can return it <3 

Also, if I've ever come across as arrogant to you, that is not at all my intention. Please get to know me! Talk with me! My discord is elisethechemist#4672 and I am online now :)

Forgot to add that you can always email me too! or - both go to my phone but I check them both at different times. 

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Tue Dec 18, 2018, 8:42 AM by kaons:iconkaons:

I've struggled with depression, anxiety and ADHD/ADD for years. 

I don't really talk about it because I was always raised in a way where you kind of keep your big problems to yourself so you don't burden anyone. You get the help you need and you move on. Generally, I apply that to most things. When I started getting cluster headaches a few years ago, I started trying to get help, but it wasn't until an ER doctor diagnosed me that I was really taken seriously. Now, I have a great neurologist who is very good at medication management and I can handle them much easier. 

For whatever reason, psychiatry seems incredibly difficult to navigate. For one, if you hospitalize yourself as a psych patient, your records are basically fucked from then on. You'll struggle to be taken seriously, employers and other doctors can sometimes get a hold of it, and sometimes it can show up on background checks. So, I know I can't do that. I also know that what I am feeling isn't as severe as those who are contemplating suicide or struggle with big identity disorders, and I wouldn't want to take a limited hospital space away from those who need it. I work with a person who has bipolar disorder and manic depression, and I see how hard he struggles just to pretend to be normal - let alone achieve normalcy. So, I want to save emergency services for people like him. 

So, when I realized that I had hit rock bottom and was struggling to get out of bed in the morning and would just go into bed when I got home, I knew I had to make an appointment. 

Lets talk about how long it takes to get an appointment with a psychiatrist. 

A doctor I had seen before wasn't able to take new patients until February (I had called in October), AND the man works Saturdays. What the hell?! Why are there so few psychiatrists? The teaching hospital's psych unit in my area wasn't even accepting new patients at all, and all the other MDs and DOs (who can prescribe the meds I need), were so booked or not taking patients. That isn't okay. 

FORTUNATELY, because I'd seen my doctor before, he managed to get me a way earlier appointment because someone else had cancelled. I was very, very, VERY lucky. 

Got fully diagnosed with pretty serious depression and have to go back on ADD meds. The ADD meds I have now are great. They are chewable vyvanse, so I can just nibble on them as needed and I don't donkey punch my system into full zombie go mode. It's just enough to stop wiggling and getting up and running running around the lab without purpose. It also has helped me stop the whole forgetting what I was doing 5 minutes ago crap. So that is very nice. It's also nice that I can sit down and write this all out without having to pause every few minutes because I get distracted. 

BACK to the depression. I got prescribed zoloft in a relatively small dose because my body is sensitive to meds, and it WORKED... with a ton of side effects. For once I could breathe without feeling chest tightness. I could hang out with family and friends for long than an hour without feeling like I had to crawl out of my own skin. At work, I was far, far less paranoid about people and what they were saying about me behind my back. I wasn't concerned with those who didn't like me and could brush it off. Suddenly, I could hold a conversation with my boss or his friends and not stumble over my works or feel like I had to RUN away. 

But, I yawned compulsively. It was funny at first until I started making myself gag cause my jaw was open like a damn shark all the time. When I got home, I still wanted to crawl in bed - just happily crawl in bed? lol. I was very tired all the time. Getting real here too, my gastrointestinal situation was less than ideal. My brain felt happy foggy. It was hard to recall things that I'd known for a long time - like names of chemicals I work with, passwords, names of medications I am allergic too, etc. They were still there, but it was hard to recall quickly. I am used to my brain working like.... 50x faster than anything else and remembering stupid shit. I have a photographic memory, so I can recall words and numbers on pages after looking at them like once or twice, and that was all gone. Another annoying side effect that really affected my job and I couldn't find a coping mechanism for was the shaking hands. My hands were nearly vibrating all the time and at work, I have to pipette microliter volumes of chemicals, mess with tiny wires, carefully handle tiny screws, etc. I was dropping shit all over the place and nearly lost a silver/non-magnetic screw that was about $100.00 for a replacement (I found it luckily), so that was a huge NO GO. 

But I stuck it out for a whole month because I actually felt better. 

So when I went back to the doctor and told him all this, he said I was like seratonin overdose. Had to switch meds. The med that I am on now has gotten rid of all those bad symptoms. The hand shake is gone finally. My brain is speedy again. I'm still very tired all the time, but.... 

I am back to feeling paranoid and have that chest tightening anxiety. My birthday yesterday with my family was awesome. My parents are wonderful and I am so incredibly fortunate to have them. But, after a few hours I started feeling that crawling out of my skin feeling again. The sound of babies and children was starting to make me panic once more. I wasn't able to laugh off my dad's embarrassing dad jokes to wait-staff or my mom's ability to come off as a snob when she doesn't mean it. Instead of shedding all that stuff like I had done on the zoloft, they started piling up again. I felt peace when I was finally completely by myself in my apartment with my oil diffuser on and a tv show on in the background (the office, brooklyn 99, parks & rec) while I worked on coding projects. 

I think.... it's better than before though because I can focus a little more on work, but as I sit here writing this in the empty office, I just feel... nothing. It's almost a relief, but it's also a bit concerning. There really isn't any happiness or joy there. I can't say that I feel positive or that I have a good outlook. There's nothing that I WANT and nothing that I want to DO. I kinda just get lost staring into a void with my own racing thoughts. 
SO.... time to email the doctor again and see what else is out there. I'm sure my problem is less seratonin based and maybe has more to do with norepinephrine or GABA or one of the other neurotransmitters. I'm sure I also need to see an actual therapist, but the last one I went to had the solution of "drop a responsibility, you do too much!" when that isn't an option. I think what I DO - grad school research, coding, hosting, and art are the only things keeping me together. It's something I can accomplish and enjoy. 

If you have any suggestions for how to just feel happy or if you've been through the medication circus, please let me know how you solved all this. I am looking for ideas and solutions and am willing to try just about anything. You can also PM me if you don't want to comment publicly. 


Thank all for hearing my rant. Hopefully if anyone else out there is experiencing the same, you'll know that you're not alone. 

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Code-free Website Builder

Tue Nov 20, 2018, 6:19 PM by kaons:iconkaons:

Hello everyone! 

For my hosting business, I now offer a code-free wordpress page-building plugin for free! 
view details here-->

When you sign up for $4.00/mo wordpress hosting with me, you get your wordpress site, and the elementor plugin free of charge :) 

Now you can build your ARTIST PORTFOLIO WEBSITE! Without knowing code! Fully customize it, build forms for your clients to use and enter, and all with the safety of being in my hands <3 

Free SSL as well. 

More info here:

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Website Hosting

Mon Nov 5, 2018, 2:10 AM by kaons:iconkaons:


Ever wanted a website of your own? Maybe a forum? Maybe a wiki for your stable or ARPG? Wordpress website? Portfolio of your art? 

Please consider me for hosting!

I have $2/mo (that's only $24/year!) hosting for artist portfolios and other non-database using accounts! 

I also host SIM games and other user-driven game stuff :)

I look forward to  helping you soon! 

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Im practicing and I need your help! 

Comment below with the following:
- a reference of your character 
- a facial expression ( you can give me a photo ref too if you want) 
- face details (skin tone, makeup, tattoos)

This is free! I need practice. I'll choose as I go. :) Any species of character is fine, but you have to be okay with me drawing them as a human. 

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Looking for...

Wed Oct 17, 2018, 2:51 PM by kaons:iconkaons:

Heellooooo loves
I am looking for an equine design and or equine character designer. My budget is around $100 USD, but I can wiggle in that realm. 

Must haves:
- Black or dark coat 
- Horns
- Female
- Non-arabian or TB body type (everything else is good)

- Dark/black/bay chimera
- Hair braids
- unique markings 
- Skull accessories
- bone accessories 
- An apothecary/alchemist vibe 
- Ram horns/bull horns

If you are interested in designing a custom character, you can hit me up in the comments! I'll give you my email or discord to communicate. I havent had much luck with DA notes. 

If you have a character that may fit the description, also please hit me up with a link! 

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Starter Frostgiant Slot

Sun Jul 22, 2018, 9:16 PM by kaons:iconkaons:


Also selling slots to STARTER FROSTGIANT MARE
10247 Vanth by kaons
$20.00 USD each 

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What is HTTPS and why does it matter?

Thu Jul 5, 2018, 12:52 PM by kaons:iconkaons:

Your friendly neighborhood host back again for another edition of "why should I care about this". Today, I am writing about "HTTPS". Firstly, what does HTTPS mean? Basically, it is "HTTP" but "secure" (which is where the "s" comes from). When you type out "http" into your browser, you are telling your browser the protocol over which to transfer data from a server to your computer. The protocol is basically the application foundation for all internet communication as it is HOW data moves from server to server, through cables/satellite/wifi/etc and reaches your computer. 

So what is the problem with HTTP?
Well, when you make a connection to a website, that connection has to bounce through a bunch of different channels. There are DNS servers, routing servers, mirror servers, etc. Essentially, there are many "hops" you have to make to reach your destination. With HTTP, that is not secure, anyone (really anyone because info is out there) can snag your data as it's making one of these hops. This is how a large majority of credit card information was stolen before HTTPS became a thing, and it's how your personal information is taken. If you use the same passwords for a bunch of sites, and that password gets stolen, then there are computers that will systematically go through your entire history and try those passwords to get access to your information. 

That is a BIT of a simplification of a complex process, but that's the "essence" of http. 

What makes HTTPS different? Better? 
The "S" for secured, means that the data transmitted by you and sent by the computer over those series of hops is ENCRYPTED. Encryption is scrambling up your data with a series of symbols, letters, and random crap that can only be de-convoluted by an encryption KEY. That key is usually a series of numbers. The longer the number, the better the key. There are entire industries dedicated to making encryption keys, and it's basically all math. ANYWAY, what this means for you is that if someone takes your information now from a hop, they won't be able to de-crypt it for... oh... 50 years of computing time?

HTTPS is becoming increasingly important with the implications from GDPR, the US's questioning of Zuckerberg and data safety and security. In fact, our great friends at google told all of us hosts and developers to basically get our act together and make everything HTTPS:… . I, personally, won't click on a site that says "NOT SECURE", and I CERTAINLY won't login to it! This means that I will be willingly giving information about myself to anyone who could want to use it maliciously. 

Maybe internet ponies don't carry quite the same weight as, say, your bank account, but we still share alot about ourselves through the internet - AND YOUR COMPUTER shares alot too that you may not know about :) 

The whole internet is moving to HTTPS because it's secure and safer for all users.  

Therefore it's our responsibility as content creators, hosts, etc to make sure that the sites we host are encrypted - for the safety of our clients and their users. 

Okay, so how to I get HTTPS?
"When you request a HTTPS connection to a webpage, the website will initially send its SSL certificate to your browser. This certificate contains the public key needed to begin the secure session. Based on this initial exchange, your browser and the website then initiate the 'SSL handshake'. The SSL handshake involves the generation of shared secrets to establish a uniquely secure connection between yourself and the website." - instant
All servers have an SSL certificate whether you know it or not. You have to pay to get an SSL certificate for the server you're hosting on in order to establish that connection. Basically, you're buying 1) insurance for your site, 2) an encryption key, and 3) a fancy little green bar telling you that the website is secure. 

Here is an example of a secured site that I host
Ef6e9cb22bc25b8319b3e2da7ede5ee6 by kaons

Here is an example of an unsecured site (note the "i" and click for more information in your browser)
7aa6d2b20a27ac76879a8cdda37ed855 by kaons

Different companies will have special secure identifiers
5639c8ae14c486e3a802b83f56d4bae7 by kaons

There are a few different ways to get HTTPS SSL certificates. All of them require knowledge of networking, DNS, SSL on Cpanel (through WHM, not a normal panel), etc. When installing and setting up HTTPS, there are lots of ways this can go wrong - especially when it comes to browser cookies! Most sites use cookies to keep you logged in, so if you don't set that up properly, your users will never be able to stay logged in. 

You will need to ask your host to give you HTTPS!

If they say you don't need it, make a face and start looking for new options. 

Internet safety is VERY important. Your data security is very important. Encryption is going to happen across all sources soon, and it's better to be prepared :) 

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Using ESRB ratings for RPGs

Mon Jul 2, 2018, 1:37 PM by kaons:iconkaons:

** Update! eshye found this MUCH better ToS and Privacy Policy generator!


Your friendly host kaons here to write the equivalent of a blog on game ratings for RPGs. After helping Caeleste out, I realized that most RPGs use a system called . It's a decent system, and I like that it uses elements specific to content found on RPGs, but there are a few issues with it. So, as a host, I decided to stick to ESRB ( ) ratings for RPG websites. 


  • ESRB is a VOLUNTARY system where you can submit your game, app or site to a committee to get an official rating.
  • The United States FCC calls the system a "success"
  • It looks at the game overall and takes into account topics such as sex, alcohol, drug use, murder, violence, etc to assign ratings based on the recommended age required for a child to play. 
  • ESRB DOES rate board games, table-top RPGs and other types of very similar games to play-by-post and even HARPG. 
  • It gives clear, defining age lines for those allowed to access your content. ALL internet content, however, must be 13 years or older due to COPPA laws. So, really the "tipping point" is that there must be adult permission for children under the age of 17 to access "M" rated content. 

But mainly:

Some limitations: 
  • ESRB applies primarily to commercial content, so the fact that no money is made from these RPG websites helps to limit your liability. 
  • Your content has to be applied to a specific storefront to get an international rating, and since our content isn't commercialized, it's impossible to get an official rating. 
  • You can get an official ESRB rating, which is mainly for US consumers. 

To close, I think that ESRB ratings are mainly better because they are widely recognized. If someone sees that "M" on your site, it's recognized that there WILL be mature content displayed. This does NOT EXCLUDE YOU from having an AGE VERIFICATION PROCESS! Think about it! Video games are sold online with age authentication through credit cards or in stores where you have to show your ID. Therefore, as a site owner, YOU are RESPONSIBLE for age verification PRIOR to users being able to access your site. 

There are free resources out there for age verification, but all sites hosted by me are getting a special MyBB plugin which age verifies and stores a browser cookie. 

On a similar note, please take a moment to look into the following topics: 

If your host is located in the EU or the UK, there may be ADDITIONAL rules due to GDPR and the data restrictions. It's important to note that you DO NOT sell user information to advertisers. 

Laws are changing, and google will start making all HTTP sites as UNSAFE! It's very important that sites are served over HTTPS because of safety and security of your personal information, the safety of your database and the for all users and visitors to your site. 

If you host with me, I help you guys with all of these things and HTTPS is standard :)

**** DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer! I cannot verify the legal content here - I've only linked what I've googled and give you information based on my best personal judgment. 

091e03af1e7b1d5f230f885e747f04c3 by kaons

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Web-Hosting Updates!

Thu Jun 14, 2018, 12:02 PM by kaons:iconkaons:

This is a notice that any site hosted by me, kaons hosting, will not tolerate adult material being displayed which is not in accordance with US laws! 

All sites wanting to display 18+ content MUST apply an appropriate filter which is COPPA (…) compliant! 
I will server-side IP ban. 

And I will apply one for you if I host you :)

091e03af1e7b1d5f230f885e747f04c3 by kaons

ever wanted to do your own forum thingg???

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Terms of Service

Mon Jun 4, 2018, 6:42 PM by kaons:iconkaons:

Effective Date: 6/4/2018

Terms of Service

The outline terms of service in this document are binding to both commissioner and the commissioned (myself). I have the right to edit, modify or change these terms prior to any agreement. Once payment is sent, the client agrees to the terms without exception. 

(I) Payment

  • Payment will be send through PayPal in USD, Venmo in USD, or through Amazon Giftcard in USD via email. 
  • All commissions under $100.00 USD must be paid in full PRIOR to beginning the project 
  • All commissions over $100.00 USD must pay 50% PRIOR to beginning the project and 50% AFTER the confirmed sketch and/or concept art has been approved
  • Payment plans are available upon request 
  • Prices may be subject to change for a variety of factors 

(II) CODING CopyRight and USAGE

  • All code (forum skins, websites, etc) may only be used for the purpose of one website with a single domain
  • Code modifications are always allowed as long as my credit remains visible on the website 
  • The skin or coding may be sold to any site as long as it's only ever displayed on one website
  • Reproduction of any piece of part of the code which visually resembles heavily the original design is not permitted 

(III) Art copyright and usage

  • The client is allowed to use the art in any non-commercial way which includes personal prints, avatars, banners, forum posts, holiday cards, etc. 
  • The art is allowed to be modified, edited or redesigned as long as my credit remains intact 
  • If stock art is used, the stock credit must be visible at all times 
  • The client is allowed to claim the right to their characters but not the artwork itself
  • I retain the right to ONLY display and use your commissioned artwork for portfolios and self-promotion (DeviantArt, Behance, Art Station, etc)
  • Commercial usage, in which the client will have monetary gain from  sales using the artwork, requires a commercial license which can be discussed (in general, a licensing fee of 300% the original commission price)


  • Design commissions come with only 3 roughly sketched, alternative designs. If after rough concepts the client is still unhappy, they can request a refund up to 80% or pay an additional 10% for more concepts. 
  • Design commissions should be specific and be accompanied by music, mood boards and a strong concept of what is desired (artist's choice is also available in which I take full control)
  • I will do any design commissions or adoptables in which the direct inspiration is copyrighted material (ie books, movies, shows). An amalgam of characters used for vague references (ie he speaks eloquently like Hannibal from the show "Hannibal" but is a brilliant doctor like on "House") is okay. 
  • I will never intentionally use or reference from oppressed/minority cultures in any designs or adoptables.
  • All designs and adoptables can be resold at any price point, but I'd like to be alerted to their sale. 
  • I must always be given credit as the original designer, even if modifications are made. 

(V) Process

  • I will always strive to be as efficient and timely as possible, but art takes time and good art takes experimentation, trial and error, and inspiration. I will take at minimum a few months to complete a project and at maximum half a year. If a specific time frame is required, I must be alerted ahead of time and give a due date and buffer dates. 
  • All communication about commissions should either take place via email "" or discord "elisethechemist#4682" since DeviantArt notes are terrible. 
  • All artwork will come with one optional revision PRIOR to the coloring stage. All revisions after coloring will be assessed a fee proportional to the amount of time it will take me to fix the piece. 
  • I will show you works in progress and stream your commission at your request! However, I cannot be expected to stream only when you are online unless you agree to a very long commission time. 
  • You will be given a full-sized, large format .png file for any use. If you need any other format, I can provide upon request. 
  • All animation files will be given in a .swf and .mpg4 file format unless another type is requested. 

(VI) Customer Satisfaction

  • It is my greatest hope that you love the final product, but I also cannot operate at a loss of time and money.
  • After a commission is finished only small changes can be made by me 
  • Any and all mistakes on my part will be fixed free of charge - unless you approved the concept with the mistake.
  • For coding, I am available with a 48 hour window to perform any code fixes that may arise from bugs or my mistakes with plugins. 
  • All coding support is free to sites I host.
  • I DO NOT KEEP BACKUPS OF ALL FILES. Once the piece is given to you IN FULL, I am no longer responsible for the storage, alteration or keeping of that file. 

(VII) Cancellations and Refunds

  • I have the right to cancel and refund your money in full at any time. 
  • If you cancel a commission or request a refund, you will be refunded the full amount minus a percentage of whatever work I've done thusfar. 
  • If you file a chargeback against me, your right to any and all artwork or progress I've done is forfeit and I have the right to sell any of that artwork to a new buyer.
  • All clients who file a chargeback are forbidden to commission me again, and I retain to right to file complaints against you with whichever payment method you used publicly and privately. 

I can be reached at anytime by email or discord! 

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Looking to commish

Sun May 6, 2018, 4:02 PM by kaons:iconkaons:

Hellooooo looking to commish some art of my dudes 

Dimi Dimi needssss
  • Manips
  • Drawings/paintings
  • icons/pixels
  • (all as a horse art)

Eleanor the Dark Sun Reference by kaons  Character Headshots by kaons  Ellie Darksun by kaons
Ellie bellie needss
  • Horse paintings
  • Person paintings (blonde or dark haired)
  • Person art (blonde or dark haired)
  • Person art in full armor (a little WH40k ish)

Wolf needs
  • A reference badly! (something I can upload to my account with your credit)
  • All types of horse art 

My Human by kaons  I need a gangster by kaons
Kahul and Phi art
  • Peoples art needed! He's a big red monster with black stripes
  • she's a heterochromatic tech genius with plenty of vices 

I've really been wanting a new character. One of the characters I was interested in alot sold ;-; ahh
But that's okay because new is good! 

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My Thoughts on Art Tipping

Thu Mar 29, 2018, 1:13 PM by kaons:iconkaons:

SO! Lots of conversations happening with friends lately about when you should tip your artists, if you should tip your artist and the etiquette around that. It's not something often talked about like tipping wait staff or food service, so I figured it'd be good to get it out in the open again! I know there have been a few journals and polls about this , but I thought it'd be a great idea to have a discussion. Here are my thoughts on tipping: 

When to tip:

  • When you damn well feel like it and/or feel that the artist is doing an amazing job and really going above and beyond
  • If you order something that you know is complex and is going to require more hours than the artist calculated for their base price 
  • If you are aware that the artist is doing something for less than the art is worth - ie, sales, etc. 
  • Because you are a good person

How much to tip:

  • I generally adhere to 10% above the base price of the commission for all commissions
  • 20% for above and beyond artists 
  • 30% if your character is going to take for stinking ever (looking at you people with multiple wings ;) 

Discussion Questions:

  1. How much do you tip?
  2. When do you tip? 
  3. Do you think you SHOULD tip always? Occasionally? 
  4. Should you, as an artist, expect to be tipped for commissions? 
  5. Additional thoughts?

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Drakehest Slot Sales nClv mare added

Fri Mar 2, 2018, 2:14 PM by kaons:iconkaons:

21498 Marchocia by kaons
nClv nWlv mare out of two group horses - starter x starter 
Unrelated to any other mut starters
** Make Offers


20744 Glamazon by kaons
dom Holi

20679 Valke by kaons
dom bifrost

20001 Sumi-e by kaons
dom veiled

20936 Bones by kaons

20493 Choronzon by kaons

Natural Starters - $10.00 each
10175 Cassini by kaons  10109 Rose by kaons  F110 Oiseau Qui Souhaitent by kaons

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