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[COMM] Golden Boy


:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:ABOUT THIS IMAGE ;;
"Writers keep writing what they write
Somewhere another pretty vein just died
I've got the scars from tomorrow and I wish you could see
That you’re the antidote to everything except for me."

This was a commission for *foxyfirewings and she had to wait a very long time, so I hope that it was worth the wait! The character in this manipulation is the golden boy, Midas and his companion, a fire zephyr, Fina. The pair are one of the top posters on the entire site and are always a joy to read, so I wanted every detail to be perfect! This is part one of the commission. Second step is to do full armor on this boy :D I cant wait!

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:CREDITS ;;
Horse:… &…
Koi:… &… &…
Fina:… &… &…

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:OTHERS LIKE IT ;;

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:COPYRIGHT ;;
All artwork is (c) to Schwartze @ This is the only site this artwork should be posted on. Ever. If you see this image elsewhere or have concerns, email me at "". Midas and Fina (c) to Angel on
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very nice.....hi rotorhead..
InspiredByPoseidon's avatar
I love this, amazing work!
kaons's avatar
Thank you! 
wow this is gorgeous, absolutely stunning!
kaons's avatar
Thank you! 
how do you do this so well i try photoshop and look like a dink lol
Altair-E's avatar
Wonderful work, well done my friend! :clap:
Ellessy's avatar
This is absolutely stunning. I love the use of colours and the feeling this gives. Beautiful work! :3
Esveeka's avatar
This is *add curseword* AMAZING! ♥
LoveKittys's avatar
What are those lyrics from?
arabianrider22's avatar
how do you get everything to look like its drawn? All my stuff, no matter how I prep the horses or make my own backgrounds, they never looks so nice!
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Aw, thank you! 
lol the trick is to draw it. Everything on here except the raw pictures is drawn. 
arabianrider22's avatar
So you really did draw it? That's amazing!!
ShaleseSands's avatar
Wow, beautiful work! I love this piece. :)
fuzzybuttbunny's avatar
Can't tell you enough how amazing this
LyraWhite's avatar
wow, this is incredible, simply so freaking amazing. I'm glad my stock helped you to create this beautiful piece of art. Well done
Deltapotamus's avatar
this is fantastic.
meystR's avatar
omg ... I am speechless! This is amazing!! :heart:
x-3-R-R-0-R-x's avatar
this is so inexpressably breathtaking ;-;
Korolevatumana's avatar
How cool it! Thank you!
SabrinaFranek's avatar
Thanks for using my stock!
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