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Good evening o/

I just wanted to wish everyone good christmas (even it's almost over^^'') and a good start into 2015 for next week! Party

I already have a few plans for the next year. I'm working on something bigger. It has something to do with Final Fantasy, but pscht, I won't tell more :D
In addition I am willing to buy premium membership for the next year (it isn't that expensive than I thought). But we'll see!

At least a song for getting into a good mood :3

See you next year! (And don't catch a cold!) I am a dummy!
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Sitting in my room, drinking some hot chocolate and finished my first picture with the new graphic tablet x) Winter in germany is so awkward...we also had the first snow, arf...

I want to be more active by now. Hah, like I say everytime! x_X
No, I have a few projects I'm working on and I also want to get further with the Manga. Now that I got a better graphic tablet I am more motivated to try things out.

Besides I got a lot of impressions and ideas the last time. Dragon Age Inquisition came out and I was so...ravished by the story! Like the other two games it was just amazing!^^
In addition I started reading the DA novels, which are also great and interessting!
So, maybe I'll scetch a few ideas I've got in my mind about all this :)

I'll also take comissions for free about...
everything I think, haha
I like drawing couples, portraits and some other thins. It's always good to try out, to get better, so I'll work harder to reach more! >0<

So, stay tuned and don't catch a cold outside! o/
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Hi there! o/

I finally started with my Manga, hrhr
I dunno if I can implement my thoughts. It's my first serious try and I need to get more comfortable with it. I addition the thing with the patterns is...very anoying x_X But I'll give my best! :)

My goal is, to submit one page every week.
The story is out of a RPG I'm writing with a good friend. That means, that the rough storyplot still stands, but I dunno what we will add. We are writing much faster than I can draw, that gives me enough time to overthink anything and put it in correct plot-connections and let me think of the pictures I could draw to that.
All I can say now is, that it is about two magical girls, who need to save the world and guard it from the deamons! Hehe...standart story xD
Nah, I don't want to make it as kitchy as, e.g. Sailor Moon. I want to put more action in it. Sure, the love-story-things are an important part of magical girl mangas, they'll also be there, but I wanna try to make it not too much :)

If you have any critics, ideas or tipps how I could improve the drawings, etc. don't hesitate to write a comment!^^

(The german pages will come first, but I'll try to submit the english ones as fast as possible. Depends on my translator (Sentcool) ;) I am quite bad in english *cough* xD)

So, hope you'll enjoy, bye! \o/

Also take a look at Sentcools homepage:
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~ Back to Base ~

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 6:01 AM

Hi guys! o/
Wow...long time since my last visit here *dusting the Journal-Board off* Some news?

Yeah, I had aloooong period in which I wasn't able to create something useful. But I'm back! =D Some kind of...
I'll try to get back to the active community here, again. I also have a few ideas for scetches, painting, etc. (We'll see if I'll implement all these ideas >_>).
Next Demoparty starts in two weeks and I'm working on a li'l thing.     

Revision! \O/

I see me..sitting on my laptop and trying to finish the picture in the last 10 last year xD But we'll see :)

Untill then listen to a great group I spotted. Thea make great music and have really different styles and songs!

See you ;)

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Complete emptiness!!! ~(O,O)~
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Journal again, this time without skin^^'

I'm here at Evoke in Köln. It's a Demo Party with round about 200 people from whole europe, just sittin in a hall, drinking or finishing their competition entrys^^ (I think the most ones are coming from scandinavia and germany)
If u are interessted in knowing more:

It's a lot of fun and the people are just great! I'm sitting here now with my coffe, totally tired, because I just slept kind of 5 to 6 hours, eating cheese crisps and watching House M.D. :D

This evening are the competitions and I'm anxious about the entries and how mine will look like, when I finished it^^

So, let's see how it will be :)
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Help ._.

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 10, 2012, 2:51 PM
Hi guys,
Sommer is already there and the rain is coming more often! What's wrong here?^^'
But there's still something good at rainy days...: I have a lot of time to draw and play Diablo 3 and I don't need to get bad conscience :D :D

I have a few problems with my pictures I'm coloring on the computer. They look always strange, because of the lineart...I'm drawing the rough lineart on paper and scan it in, but during the coloring process it gets looking strange...
If u have any tipps or ideas how I could improve, then please, helpt me^^'
Or maybe u found a nice tutorial, I searched, but couldn't find anything helpful...

Ah, btw. if u still have ideas for good movies, please tell me!^^

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School is over, and now?

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 27, 2012, 3:21 PM
Yeah, my school is completely over. (Since two months actually, but I was to lazy to post a new jounral entry xD)
I really don't now what to do now...instead of...drawing...watching movies...playing video games...arghs x_X

Whatever! I'll find something!...hopefully^^'

In my free time (and I have a lot of free time at the moment oO) I'm playing videogames, like Darkstone, Monster Hunter or Diablo 3! (You see...the skin :D)...even if it gets more and more bad and frustrating. The patches are just...blindfold...that's why it isn't so much fun.

And I need a few good movies I can watch. I'm watching a lot movies at the moment. Especially older ones and animated movies I watched as a child.
And now I ask u! What can I watch? xD
So u have some interessting movies I should watch?^^

So, bye then for now. I need to play Darkstone with my brother -hrhr-^^

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Last Days Premium xD

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 28, 2012, 10:46 AM
These are the last two days of my Premium Membership, so for the end I thought I needed to write a new journal entry and use a skin :D :D
(I really like those skins >.>)

So I'll give a short report about everything^^

At first I have my last exam in two weeks, then I hopefully finished school, finally! I'm a li'l bit scared, because it's a history exam and I'm really not good in it >>
But let's see how it will work :)

Second thing is, that there are a few art requests I have to do.

- Couple of Jessica and Carver (Dragon age) for JessiDeiDei
- character concept-art for ShojoNoSakura (I can choose one of her RPG Chars)
- friend art for HoshizorasGomme (btw. todays her birthday! Wish u all the best :)))
- logo sign concept for Nordlicht (a new demoparty, which will be in Germany this year)
- character concept arts for the characters of my mothers book

Especially I'm really slow with the first one for JessiDeidei. I'm really sorry about that, but I'll promise that I'll finish it, when I'm through with school! >_<

Let's coming to the last point...
Wow, I just love this damn movie oO Watched it on thursday and it was just so amazing! Please, people, watch it! xD
I especially loved the appearience of Robert Downey Junior. Haw, he's so...haw~ x3 *melting away*

So, enjoy the weekend and german people also the two more free days after it =) (I think it's just in germany, isn't it?@@)

Best wishes, kao~

E: far to the last days premium membership xD
ShojoNoSakura just get me some more, thanks for that again! :) *hug*

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No Time~

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 22, 2012, 8:20 AM

Aaah, I thought that the time shortly before the high school certificate would be kind of chilly, because we don't have much time for presentations, etc. But I was wrong...we have to do a lot of homework and presentations and have to learn for the tests...I think the teachers really want to make our lifes a misery ._.
But I already finished the mosts of my examinations and the most important thing is: I finished maths *.*
No maths tests anymoooore! (I hope so >.´>)

You see, I'm stressed at this point and I'm so sorry for the ones I told I make a request. Please forgive me my false estimation. I thought I could handle it, but I fear it will take a little bit longer...I think at the latest easter holydays, I will have finished them >_<

One think I alsmost like at school is that we have mottodays now. So we are going to dress up ourselves in reference to the mottos. In a two weeks we have to dress up like our favorite heroes when we was little^^
I'm going to dress up as Hermoine Granger >:3 (I just cant find someone who got a red-yellow-striped scarf and I have no money to buy me one, yet^^')
But I think it will be even nice :)

So, furthermore have a nice day!^^
Greetings from kao~

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Tue Feb 14, 2012, 5:36 AM

A happy Valentine to everyone! :)

Normally I do not give much attention to this day. But it is a reason to test a new journal entry and to wish everyone a nice day, haha :D
I chose a nice skin with chocolate, because I do not like so xD
And I really like chocolate...-hrhr- ê,e

So I hope you have a nice day, I think I'll have, even if I'm not going to do anything special^^
I'm just happy to have someone on my side :)
Greetings kao~

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Just a li'l thanks :)

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 31, 2012, 11:54 AM
I just wanted to say thanks to Curuba and shojonosakura, which helped me to anable the premium membership for three months!^^

Hopefully I'll use it wise :D

greets from kao~

Skin is made by Adestaria

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Premium Day! :D

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 6:57 AM

Today I woke up with a bad headache, like the day before and before and, bla...
So I wasn't in the best mood.

According to that the Premium Day of DA was a really nice surprise :)

And the first thing I certainly did was to write a journal with a Fenris skin, ha! :D
Now I'm watching Supernatural with a friend in Teamspeak and hope that my headache will get away~

So, I wish everyone a nice day and much fun! ^^


skin made by :iconyuhime:
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Good morning everyone!
Today it's christmas eve, I'm kind of excitet and happy! x3 We do not have snow here. But instead of that the sun shines and it's a li'l bit warm :D (I think they said we would have 12°C today, but I'm not sure...)
Acutally I do not have much to say amd rather not much time >>

So I wish everyone a marry christmas and a happy new year!!! (~^.^)~

Get many presents and do not forget to give your family and friends many presents as well...they deserve it! u.û (I think so xD)
Ah, and also enjoy your meal :D

(I know, the new year starts not until the december 31st, but I think I'm not going to write a new journal entry till then^^')

the best regards,
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Hi guys, I'm back from London and it was just awesome!
It's so different from what I know; the city, the people, the food... :D
Everything is so...big and full of people, which are always crossing the street if there's a car or not xD
Hey and I was flying the first time...I just couldn't stop smileing when we started, hehe

Thanks again to my amazing boyfriend to this beautiful trip :3

And holidays aren't over yet, mwuahahar!
So I have a lot of time for my arts^^ (Ok....instead of the time I have to invest in schoolthings -.-')

There are a few new Dragon age Characters I imagined, which I'm going to color in the next days...or weeks xD
So I'll do my best and hopefully there will be statisfying results! :)
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  • Playing: Dragon Age: Origins -hrhr-
  • Eating: I think I'm going to make me some pretzels...
  • Drinking: water with erm.....tea flavor? o&ocirc; lol... I had to redecorate my rooms and the ones of my mother. Now there's more space^^
It looks quite good I think but I'm this tired now and finally not finished x_X

And my SAI is exhausted! I thought I don't have to pay for it, 'coz they didn't said that on their website, where I downlaoded it and then: Your free edition is exhausted. U have to buy the full paint tool SAI edition to use it.
Arghs -.-'
That's why my last picture isn't this good like I wanted...grmblmhpf...
Nah...have to find another solution or just oÔ lol...

But I have Sony Vegas again, so I may I can work with it till I have the full sAI version :D ( is a complete other kind of art, but I don't care xD)
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It's raining all day long...The whole week. Ok, yesterday was an exceptional case^^''
But it is summer, the sun has to shine!!!T.T

Well, so I can draw and paint and sit in front of the computer without having bad thoughts of just sitting inside and don't enjoying the sun, haha! ê,e

And I'm really working on it!^^ Tomorrow I'm going to be visited by a neighbor, which is going to teach me a li'l bit in photoshop and illustrator. I really hope that this will help me with the coloring...

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  • Reading: goin' to read my RPG now with my mom, haha
  • Playing: Harvest Moon *cough cough*
  • Eating: nougat bits the whole day xD
  • Drinking: Goin' to make me a virgin bloody marry^^
...and back again on my journals!^^

Summerholidays are beautiful! (Eventough they aren't long enough...) You can sleep in, go to bed lately, play Dragon age 2...
Dragon Age 2...
I (just) played 22h and I'm exaltet! It's even better than the first part I think. The storyline, the ambience, the Characters, Fenris,...
Ok, stop swarming! ^^''

Coming to a more...serious point (?).
First thing I made, when I came back from my boyfriend; drawing! My Dragon Age Character -hrhr- ê,e
I think I've done it godd...relativley. But the eyes look like every picture I had to draw of me in school...And I think the eyes are one of the facial features with the most importance.
It's like....aaaah! It going me on my nerves T_T
But I'll cololur it in maybe two different ways, so maybe then it'll look different.

And when everything is finished, I'll finally upload it! :)


I forgot my grepefruit juice downstairs Y_Y .....
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  • Watching: tomorrow Primeval *.*
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: ate buns with salmon this morning^^
  • Drinking: Grapefruit juice for the world! :D
Aaaaah, I had a beautiful weekend!^^
I played the new Mortal Kombat Game and it is really nice!!! :D

I like it this much, 'coz you can play it with confusing combos or just with the simple combos and in both ways you have the chance to win the game! The characters are also nice and...espacially...KRATOS *.* Whoooo~
Isn't he a...nice guy :D :D :D

Next month, I think on the 12th June (?) L.A. Noir will release! I'm really interessting in the face capture or what was it called again?^^'
I think this will be great, hehe

I also am a Minecraft junkie now, yeah^^
My next project will be Kakariko from Zelda Ocarina of Time...everybodys sayin' that this will be a lot of work and very difficult...a lot of work, maybe...but difficult? There are just houses! xD

Wah! Already this late?oO' time^^' Okok...I had a lot of time at the weekend xD

Nah...good night!!! :)
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  • Playing: miecraft in a while? Mh...maybe
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  • Drinking: Grapefruit juice, nyam :3
Wow, long time ago, since I wrote the last journal entry oO'
Yeah...what should I tell? Mh...

Started to play Fallout 3 now. And I really like it :D
It makes so much fun like it does to watch somebody other's playing, hehe
And I went on to play Pokemon. And I catched an ABRA! Yeah! xD (Ok, I think in english it's an other name, but I don't want to look for it now xD'')

to me...I'm feeling a li'l bit strange right now. I don't want to do anything and have no motivation to do things I normally want to do. And a few things seem to be not that much importatn, like cleaning my room, or going to school. But they are, aren't they?
It's a li'l bit scary I think. But maybe it's just 'coz of the weather here. It's dark and greay...but warmer than two weeks ago xD

Urghs...and next week I'll write my first examns...Maths...I have to ask my boyfriend if he can help me, I don't get anything in this damn-...nah, I'll make it!

So, I think that was all for the first time^^
Kaos Greets~
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  • Watching: Desperate Housewives in a few hours^^
  • Playing: Pokemon
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  • Drinking: water with cassis