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Hi, I'm Kaolin, and I'm trapped in a debt spiral that I can't see any way out of.

My only income is from Employment Support Allowance, which I get to support me with long-term mental illnesses that keep me housebound, and that doesn't cover my monthly outgoings. The DWP have consistently denied my applications for housing benefits, so all of my household expenses plus my rent has to come out of this one payment. Now that Universal Credit is being rolled out, I can't even make an application for housing benefits any more, and if I apply for Universal Credit there's a high likelihood that I will be awarded less than I currently get on my legacy benefit of ESA, so I'm terrified to make that gamble.

I'm consistently over my overdraft limit attempting to cover my monthly outgoings, usually at the cost of groceries and rent which is in arrears. My phone bill is constantly late and rolling over to the next month, resulting in me having my service cut off.

The only way I'm ever able to afford to pay for gas and electricity is by borrowing money from my friends all the time, which is deeply unpleasant for both sides, and being over my overdraft limit just means I'm owing more and more to the bank every time I don't have enough money to get back within my limit. This is even worse when it comes to my credit accounts, because then I have late fees on top of the interest from borrowing the money in the first place.

I'm constantly being harrassed by a collection agency because when I was in University they made a £1000 overpayment and I have been unable to pay that back for over five years. This is also preventing me from doing a Master's degree, which I desperately want to do, because I can't qualify for student loans as I'm still owing for that overpayment.

Freelance art commissions are few and far between, and due to my agoraphobia, generalised anxiety disorder, and depression it's not possible for me to get steady work outside the house or even at home. I have been selling all my possessions for months now, but I don't own anything of value. I've had to sell my DSLR and that was a devastating blow, especially as it's something I use for art, which removes another avenue I could use to make money from that.

Here or at the link above, you can see the breakdown of my expenses and the current status of my campaign.



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I create stylised vector portraits and landscapes, and I can use most anything as a resource to do so. I have a gallery on deviantART where you can see other examples of my vector artwork, and the various styles I’ve used throughout the years. 

(see full post about commissions here or check out my vector gallery)

If you would like a portrait, landscape, animal or anything else produced in vector, then inbox me or email me at kaolin@maia.cash to negotiate your request (image, resolution, format - digital, printed, canvas etc.) and price!
I am highly flexible and will be more than happy to accommodate to your personal wishes.

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ESA Withdrawn while unfit for work. (gofundme)

I'm a mentally ill trans woman who has been declared fit for work by the Department for Work and Pensions. I am not fit for work, due to an anxiety disorder with which I have been struggling since early 2012.

Due to frequent panic attacks, agoraphobia and sleeping problems I am on strong medication which only serves to dampen the severity of my anxiety; day to day I live in constant discomfort and fear of spending time out of doors, and yet despite legitimate medical evidence provided by my doctor - a specialist in my particular form of anxiety - the DWP have decided to cease my receipt of Employment Support Allowance, which I used to receive for my disorder.

While I appeal for a reconsideration, I will have no income whatsoever to cover regular household expenses, my phone bill, food and rent etc.

According to the information I've managed to obtain from sources online such as the Citizen's Advice bureau it can take at least two weeks for any reassessment to be made and due to a current high number of cases similar to mine, it may take significantly longer.

In the event that my appeal is denied, I'll have to take the case to independent tribunal and potentially further to an upper tribunal.

This, of course, means I will be receiving no income for potentially several months and I am already bottomed out in my overdraft; I have literally no money to support myself at this time.

For the time being I'd like to at least get out of my overdraft, so I've set my goal at £1000 - which is my agreed upon limit with my bank.

Anything exceeding this goal would be amazingly appreciated, and if there's anything I can do for you in return, such as a piece of artwork or something like that, I'd be happy to accept commissions and negotiate a price with you for that.

It's hard, however, due to my disorder resulting in a cycle of stress and demotivation that precludes me from taking regular commissions. 

Here are some examples of my recent artwork so you can see what you’d be getting if you wanted something done (though I’m not just limited to portraits):
(full size here )

I'd like to do what I can to earn my own way on a regular basis, but I can't at this time.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank, from the bottom of my heart, those who have already begun to support me by donating via paypal and commissioning me.

Those who wish to contact me regarding commission work (or even just advice and support!) please feel free to go ahead and message me :)

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Playbone by kaolincash
do u have a boner
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The Bone Zone is a forum I have created just for RAD SKELETON ENTHUSIASTS and discerning MEME CONNOISSEURS in a hella post-modern ironic setting: THE PEACEFUL SKELETON REALM, where the war never ends.

Join us in the skeleton civil war, or participate in the photoshop game, post RAD SHIT or just lurk and enjoy the atmosphere. MY BONY IS READY.

The Bone Zone boasts an extended variety of gender options:

and even your choice of RAD SKELETON NAME:

If you struggle to find somewhere to upload images for the forum, we have a dedicated upload directory called THE COFFIN, which gives you unlimited space for most image file extensions! You can also use this if you don't want to join the forum, as the account system is separate - just don't upload anything illegal and you're fine!.

So why not spend your afterlife in BURNING, HELLISH LUXURY:

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