I'm Overwhelmed by Debt

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Hi, I'm Kaolin, and I'm trapped in a debt spiral that I can't see any way out of.

My only income is from Employment Support Allowance, which I get to support me with long-term mental illnesses that keep me housebound, and that doesn't cover my monthly outgoings. The DWP have consistently denied my applications for housing benefits, so all of my household expenses plus my rent has to come out of this one payment. Now that Universal Credit is being rolled out, I can't even make an application for housing benefits any more, and if I apply for Universal Credit there's a high likelihood that I will be awarded less than I currently get on my legacy benefit of ESA, so I'm terrified to make that gamble.

I'm consistently over my overdraft limit attempting to cover my monthly outgoings, usually at the cost of groceries and rent which is in arrears. My phone bill is constantly late and rolling over to the next month, resulting in me having my service cut off.

The only way I'm ever able to afford to pay for gas and electricity is by borrowing money from my friends all the time, which is deeply unpleasant for both sides, and being over my overdraft limit just means I'm owing more and more to the bank every time I don't have enough money to get back within my limit. This is even worse when it comes to my credit accounts, because then I have late fees on top of the interest from borrowing the money in the first place.

I'm constantly being harrassed by a collection agency because when I was in University they made a £1000 overpayment and I have been unable to pay that back for over five years. This is also preventing me from doing a Master's degree, which I desperately want to do, because I can't qualify for student loans as I'm still owing for that overpayment.

Freelance art commissions are few and far between, and due to my agoraphobia, generalised anxiety disorder, and depression it's not possible for me to get steady work outside the house or even at home. I have been selling all my possessions for months now, but I don't own anything of value. I've had to sell my DSLR and that was a devastating blow, especially as it's something I use for art, which removes another avenue I could use to make money from that.

Here or at the link above, you can see the breakdown of my expenses and the current status of my campaign.



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