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Here's Something Fun, I started planning out this Info-Graphic Weeks ago, and these past several days since I finished my most recent Patreon Post I have been able to sit down and make it pretty. :work:

The Questions and the General flow of the Diagram were actually a lot harder to figure out than I initially thought, as I wanted every Choice to genuinely help the Reader Create a mental-visual-image of their Inner Bimbo being built in the readers mind... BUT, all the while, NOT including a quality on one path that wouldn't fit into another of the Bimbo Personality Types. :flirty:

I Hope You All Enjoy. :meow:

(*) - Medium: Photoshop CS6
(*) - Approximate Time: N/A

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loren9552's avatar

Well I'm a bimbo pet

i am betwin bimbo pet and ditz, witch should i choose :heart:

knightstef's avatar

i am a bimbo pet normal i always wear a collar

PrincessBimzz's avatar
im like a bimbo slut but liek also i fink im kinda a bimbo ditz too!
PrincessBimzz's avatar
hehehe liek yayyyyy!

Bimbo slut for me

sean8968's avatar

Bimbo Pet easily for me, my Girlfriend for Bimbo ditz hehe

Naughtydancer3's avatar
kaokatt's avatar

Congratulations on your Bimbo Sluttiness, NaughtyDancer. :)

BimboBrained's avatar

Bimbo ditzes rise XP <3

kaokatt's avatar

To the Bimbo-Mobiles!!! :D:D:D

LadyAshleyJ's avatar

Pink, swish, ruffles, diamonds and clothes...

of course I’m a Diva. I can be such a drama queen when I want to be.

cowman69420's avatar
Like im oh my gosh I'm so horny that must like he why I'm a like bimbo slut
kaokatt's avatar

Congratulations Cowman on being a Horny Bimbo Slut! :D

cowman69420's avatar
kaokatt's avatar

You're welcome Bimbo Slut. ;p

cowman69420's avatar
KnightZero088's avatar
Pet or ditz I can't decide.. This test is like too hard to choose.
kaokatt's avatar
Ideally you should answer the questions quickly and go with your immediate natural instinct for each answer. :D

Its not about deciding who you are, its the Quiz which tells you who you are. ;p
KnightZero088's avatar
Well it's like either strap on or real.. They're both hot~ I think I'm a good pet more~
Joxstrapp's avatar
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