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This is one version of the Finished Happi Bimbo’ image…
As you can see I have finished off all the little bits and pieces as well as adding the nice big bubblegum bubble that was originally in the sketch piece. :D:D:D:D This background was created solely to post up on my blog and here on DA to basically showcase the 'Happi Bimbo'

ALTERNATIVE VERSIONS both CLEAN & DIRTY can be seen on my blog:… :jackdirt:

I hope everyone who has viewed the process has enjoyed it and that it has not been too annoying having to wait day by day to see the next tiny piece done. ^^;

This is NOT the version submitted to Mind Mistress for Her Happiness CD Cover…
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I'm stunned! It's adorable as fuck! :D
kaokatt's avatar
Awww, Thank you Whoopsy. :)
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Bubblegum Pop ! Sweet !
sissyroberta's avatar
Bubblelicious. !
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You can never have too many Bubbles :):):)
your so awsome
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Thank you for your kind words, that is very sweet of you to say phosterx.
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I have no idea what your post means, is saying or implying??? :-s ^^;
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Happy you like it :)
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omg lahk totally hawt!
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Thanks Suzie, I'm happy you like it :)

p.s. I replied to your comment on my blog :blowkiss:
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This is looking good!
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Thank You MDetector, happy you like it... :):):):)
MDetector-5's avatar
*coughs slightly* wow this is freaking awesome and i love the dirty version
kaokatt's avatar
Thank You for the kind words, I'm happy you enjoy it :):):):):)
not a problem ^.^ i would love to see more sissy work
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Wow! :wow: Amazing what a difference the "clean"and "dirty" versions have just by the addition or subtraction of a few...."line" ^^;

Also amazing to watch the progression of the pic by the mere act of scrolling on your blog page! :)

So I gotta she REALLY a she....or was she originally a he that you transformed into one of your many "tarts"? ^^;
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Well I thought I should add a Dirty Version just simply because of all the guys that look at my work =p

Strange that on my blog page this is the second time I have posted the progression of a piece and there has not been one single comment :(:(:(

In this case she really is a 'She' atleast as far as I can tell, the truth is in the eye of the pervert. ;p
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