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BiGG TiTT's on a Pole

By kaokatt

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The finished Coloured Commissioned Image for the very Well Known blogger Miss Busty Brenda:

I have posted a Stage by Stage of this image being created on my blog *HERE* . Which Also Shows the UNCENSORED FINISHED VERSION.

(*) - Medium: B Pencil, fineliners & Coloured in Photoshop CS2
(*) - Approximate Time: 10 Days

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© 2009 - 2021 kaokatt
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I don't know how I've never seen this before, but I'm glad I changed that. This looks great! Love the hair and.the heels are excellent.
ultimatede's avatar
kaokatt's avatar
Thank you Andrew. :)
HinaYui's avatar
While the whole picture is incredibly epic :) what I love most are those super awesome heels :D such an awesome design and they even lock into place :) :) :)
kaokatt's avatar
Thank you HinaYui, I have to admit, I like the direction that the High/ Platform Heels went in, maybe one day I will go back & refine the design a little bit :D:D:D:D

As for the Heels locking into place, I think when this worlds government finally decides to take a solid stance upon the need for sissies to have high heels that cannot be removed, then this world will have made massive strides in its high heel locking economy... erm... ok... I really have no idea where I was or where I intended to go with that... ^^;

But as ever Hina Yui, Thank you for the kind words. :hug:
KinkyRocket's avatar
This is outstanding - amazing job!!
kaokatt's avatar
Thank you for the kind words KinkyRocket, I'm glad you liked it. :D:D:D
naughtyboy81's avatar
Another incredible piece. I luv all the little details in ur work, the shackels from her ankels the her platfrom heels. The colur work is amazing! ps I miss the little spurt of jizz...but then don't we all lol
kaokatt's avatar
Thank You again for the kind words 'NB81', I have to admit that even I enjoy looking at the details on this piece.. :deviation: ^^;
p.s. you can find the spurt of ji** on the uncensored version ;D [link]
kaokatt's avatar
Thanks Splicer, I glad. :D:D:D
Splicerion's avatar
My pleasure, sir. :D
Argol's avatar
I love those shoes she is wearing. I wouldn't mind being locked into them.
kaokatt's avatar
After several hours on that pole you may begin to change your mind :giggle:
kd8lmno's avatar
Very gorgeous and sexy work! :drool: I love this piece a lot! Excellent work done. :D
kaokatt's avatar
Thanks for the comment Kd8lmno :) I'm glad you enjoyed this piece :D :D :D
whooow! nicly done.
Tallestgirl's avatar
I especially love the chained-on platform heels :XD:

Ni-ice painting skills.
kaokatt's avatar
I think the chained on heels could have been even more appealing if they had also been linked to the pole. ^^;
Brenda would never allowed to leave the pole dancing area, on display 24/7 even as Brenda sleeps ;) The only problem would be where Brenda Bigg Titts goes potty... :eager:
TerrylovesBoobs's avatar
Into a champagne glass? Mmmmm!
kaokatt's avatar
I see where your going with it. ^^;
TerrylovesBoobs's avatar
Are you planning to draw any more of her? I do so love bad girls!
kaokatt's avatar
Not at the present time, but if that changes I will no doubt blog about it. ^^:
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