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Quake 2 stroggs

Lots and lots of fun with killing those Stroggs :D
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I think you may have misinterpreted the Guards' helmets but overwise awesome work!
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Quake 2 and 4 were cool but I keep thinking how cool it could have been if the desisgns remained the same...
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I always wondered about the same thing.
Iron maiden, guards, tank, gunner, almost every strogg was a lot cooler in Q2 than in Q4 . They looked more  sophisticated and stuff but boring also.
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Damn... I guess that's how the Q2 would look today if it was remade. Too bad the developers would probably add stuff as almost all others to make this game for causal players.
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I'm so waiting for a remake for Q1 and a expansion for Q2, keeping the mood and spirit from the original games!
Maybe we should do it. haha
thx !
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This is awesome. Really true to the game.
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Thnx !! I just try..
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Machine-gun guard was my favourite of the Guards. :D
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I remember them! Using that other Shotgun, the more powerful one took them out in a shot. But I remember when I wanted to go through the game only with the blaster, I had to give 'em many hits.

Man, such a good game when I was younger...
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I really enjoyed piercing their butt with railgun only in hard mode.

RFKirby's avatar
Yeah, using the railgun was quite great, I loved the fact that it passed through them!

Man, remembering how good was quake 2, I still like the engine, but it's sad I'm having compatibility issues using it..
Kaoimhin7's avatar
The same with me dude :) :/
ProfessorLemur's avatar
Not anymore! You can buy the game and play it on Steam, they fixed all the compatibility issues.
BrawnX's avatar
Save for a lack of music.
ProfessorLemur's avatar
My friend, this is where YT comes in.
BrawnX's avatar
Well, I've tried to find the soundtrack with little result.  Found all of the original Doom's, though.
BuilderJim's avatar
I am AWESTRUCK. What a great work of Quake-like pure testosterone.
These guys were to coolest looking enemies in Quake 2. A game that in general did not have as many cool enemies as Quake.
LoftyBird's avatar
This is SO cool. It's exactly how I want to imagine those Strogg forces.
DementedWorld's avatar
Este dibujo está genial chico. Me ha traido buenos recuerdos!
Hautamieli's avatar
These guys sended me to death many times or took away unnecessary health and armor just because i underestimated them and didnt shoot them down fast enoughXD And yeah the enforcer SUCKS big time he sonly tough if you get stuck or companied with mass.
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