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Hatake Kakashi_Your Firefly

◉ Your Firefly
song to the picture Heart  :…;

My first portrait in realism style .

As I see Hatake Kakashi  (≧◡≦)
 へ へ

の の

Stage 2 ----> 
Arika Tayori by kanzzzaki
© Original character Hatake Kakashi by Masashi Kishimoto

© Original character Arika Tayori  by Nii Yugito
© Art by kanzzzaki 
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© 2015 - 2021 kanzzzaki
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again beautiful work:clap:

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So coooooooooooooooool :la:
Of all the crazy (and good) images of Kakashi Hatake, this is the best I have EVER seen.  I hate how everyone makes his hair look 3 feet tall.  You have made him look realistic and I am in love with this picture.  You have done the character justice.
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OH, thanks for your words ! I also don't like when Kakashi draw is too high hair , I love canonical image of Kakashi from the manga and try to draw exactly like that ! Thank you thank you and thank you again for what cheered me with your comment ! Hug 
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Respect, respect and respect !!! <3
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OMG. I feel like falling in love with him again.
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Again, you got MAAAAAD skills! 
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Woooww I absolutely love all your artworks !! the way you depict Kakashi is just awesome :3
and there's always loads of tiny details in your picture Wow!
(and also I was wondering about what you used to draw ? )
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Thank you for your words!
Always try to pass pictures in small plots at the expense of details , emotions and feelings character  . It's nice that you notice such details ~____~

What exactly are you interested in ? ^_^
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My favorite is the one on the battlefield where kakashi's drinking water and everybody just looks at him like 'wow he's so hot !'. There's SO much details in it. The first time I saw it wasn't on deviantart, somebody had (shame to them) crop it so you're name didn't appear on it, and I really thought it was from Kishimoto ! :O

Well I was really interested in knowing if you drew directly on your computer or if you drew first on paper and then scan it, and what material you used if it's the latter... ? ^^
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Ohhh this picture  ripped  into small pieces all over the Internet  ( Very disappointing when I see this attitude to creativity Т___т
This drawing was drawn completely in the computer , in photoshop , using two brushes : pencil ( line ) and a texture brush . 
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I still wonder why they do this kind of things on the net... :(

Woooooow. It really is awesome ! 
And thanks for the answers :)

I love your new drawing by the way, it's all christmassy (with the snow and all) !
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WWWuuuaaaaoooo amazeng! love all you work! Kakashi is my favorite character!
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This is just so beautiful and I love the subtle reflection in Kakashi's headband ;3
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Thank you very much  (≧ω≦)  
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Love it! Amazing work!
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Oh my!! He looks awesome!! :heart:
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This is damn cool!! :wow: I like to discover little details like the scars etc :love:
Stunning!!! :clap:
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Amazing semi-realism style!!
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