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Head/Bust-shot: $17 USD

Headshot sample by Kanzen-Akai-Doll  Vintage by Kanzen-Akai-Doll  Scales by Kanzen-Akai-Doll Moth by Kanzen-Akai-Doll

Halfbody: $32 USD

Jap Garden by Kanzen-Akai-Doll  Crimson Red Queen by Kanzen-Akai-Doll  Medea Aldour by Kanzen-Akai-Doll

Fullbody: $54 USD

Dark Wing Fullbody by Kanzen-Akai-Doll  Esther by Kanzen-Akai-Doll  Pumperilla by Kanzen-Akai-Doll To Protect by Kanzen-Akai-Doll

Chibi: $12 USD

ram-mari by Kanzen-Akai-Doll  Cheshire Cat by Kanzen-Akai-Doll  Mad Hatter by Kanzen-Akai-Doll Aglett Art 2 by Kanzen-Akai-Doll

=== EXTRAS ===

- Character: x 2
- Background: + $7 to $10

NOTE: Prices are subject to increase depending on character complexity (e.g. winged characters, armors, other intricate details, etc.)
View my [Gallery] to see more examples of my style. (ω)b

Sushi PROCESS Sushi

  1. Sending of invoice and first half of payment
  2. Sketch approval
  3. Showing of work-in-progress (WIP) images
  4. Watermarked final piece
  5. Last half of payment and final piece delivered

Sushi RULES Sushi

  • Pricing may increase depending on the character’s complexity. (e.g. wings, armors, other details)
  • At least down payments should be made before I start your art. (I will send you a PayPal invoice for your balance)
  • Commissions are all for personal use only. Do not reproduce or resell. Please credit me.
  • Duration of the final product may vary (at least a week to a few). Please be patient with me.

Sushi ORDER FORM Sushi

Please include the following when contacting me:

  1. Title of commission (optional)
  2. PayPal email
  3. Commission type: head-shot/half body/etc.
  4. Description & references: about your character, name/appearance/personality/backstory. Image references are a huge help and is encouraged. The more references you give, the closer I will be able to give you the request you desire :)
  5. Pose preference

=== Contact me via ===
Deviant Art: note
Gaia Online: Private message (@ Akai-Berii)

For any questions you may have, please feel free to ask :)

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