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Pokemon Gijinka

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Rising Feelings Ch 01

Warning: The following work consists of the genre, shounen-ai, or boy's love. Please do not read if you may feel offended or disgusted with this genre. Chapter 01: Forceful Agreement “Ayumu, go out with me!” one of the school’s most popular student ‘commanded’ as he stood haughtily in front of me. At 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters) tall, with golden hair, amber eyes, and extremely attractive looks enough to be scouted by model agencies, he’s within the target zone of majority of the girls in the school. Natsuo Ishikawa probably ranks in the top three most handsome male along with Keita-senpai and Taisuke-

Rising Feelings

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Hopless Me, Insensible You Notes

Hopeless Me, Insensible You Warning and Disclaimer: The following work consists of the genre, shounen-ai (maybe yaoi – depends if I decide to add it in), or boy's love. Please do not read if you may feel offended or disgusted with this genre. Everything written here is completely fictional. If, by any chance, there is resemblance to people, events, or places in the real world, it is all purely coincidental. Characters: The name that appears first is the surname and the one that appears last is the given name (this is how it is arranged in Eastern Asia). Kaida Rui Ando Keita Takaki Ruka Ito Taisuke Maebara Sai Notes: I know that I adde

Hopeless Me, Insensible You Chapters

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Ultimate Battle - Chapter 02 J

The Ultimate Battle! Legendary Showdown! Chapter 2: Secrets of the Past! Characters: Satoshi (Ash), Kasumi (Misty), Kojiro (James), Musashi (Jessie), Takeshi (Brock), Haruka (May), Kenji (Tracey), Masato (Max), Hikari (Dawn), Dento (Cilan), Airisu (Iris), Professor Ookido (Professor Oak), Kengo (Kenny), Shuu (Drew), Azami (Lucy), Sakura (Daisy), Aya, Temari Pikachuu (Pikachu), Nyaasu (Meowth), Rabukasu (Lovedisc), Miniryuu (Dratini), Togepii (Togepi) Author: Hanyuu1983 / AnimeFreak8822 Disclaimer: For this chapter, I added the lyrics to the songs "Long Distance" and "My Love My Fate" sang by Janice Wei Lan. I do not own the songs or the

The Ultimate Battle Legendary Showdown

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Luminous Arc 3 - Yuu (Female)

Luminous Arc: To-Love-Ru Parody

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Hanyuu1983 - Chibi Only


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MS Paint - Animezation 25

MS Paint Animezation

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Lucia - Althea - Eruru Sketch


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Character Design


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Red Yellow A Day's Date Sketch


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Artwork from class

Art Class in High School

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HopelessMe,InsensibleYou Ch01D

Hopeless Me, Insensible You Covers

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Eruru - Linework

LA Sketch and Linework

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The Real Me


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