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Google Chrome VS for XP

*** UPDATE ***

Beta 3 Published, download the new version!

Styler Toolbar added!

*** /UPDATE ***

As title says, this is (as far as I know) third Google Chrome-based visual style for Windows XP.

I based it on the first/second, by cgh30217 ([link]) and modified nearly everything. If you copy, distribute or modify this style, please link back to this.

Report bugs and suggestions, so it's developing can go further!

The pack contains:
- Theme files
- Cursors
- Fonts
- Iconized Taskbar Hack
- Vista Drive Icon
- RocketDock
- TransBar
- ÜberIcon
- VisualTooltip
- YzShadow
- UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6
- ReadMe.txt with instructions if you need some
..Size approximately 7MB.

Use [link] for Styler Toolbar to get real Chrome/Chromium look! Thanks Elektrified!
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Is there issues with downloading like viruses?
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Of course not :) It is checked with and it is completely clean. If you want, send it there again and reanalyze just to be sure - but I assure you there are no viruses or dangerous stuff in this package. The only real danger is messing with wrong system files and accidentally deleting them.

I hope you enjoy the theme! :)
Hey...don't know if you check this forum anymore...but I can't figure out how to install it. The instructions say to run the patcher (which I did) and the "apply theme". But I can't figure out how to apply it. None of the files show up when I go into properties and browse for themes.
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Hi :)

Sorry for not replying in a long time!

Make sure that the theme is in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder, and when you have pasted them there just double-click the theme file and it should be applied!

1. Open the archive
2. Inside it is a folder named "Theme". Open the folder.
3. There you will find two items, folder "Google" and file "Google.msstyles"
4. Copy and paste these to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
5. The result locations should be like these:
"Google" folder: C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Google
"Google.msstyles" file: C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Google.msstyles
6. Now that they are copied, double-click Google.msstyles to apply the theme! :)

To install cursors, open the cursor folder you want to install and right-click the .inf file, for example Aero\install.inf and then go to Control Panel cursor settings and choose the cursor theme from the drop-down menu where you change to Windows Large etc.

I hope this helps!
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Love it. Love it. LOVE IT!!!

Thank you for this amazing thing! :)
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Thanks! :)

I've had updates to it in mind for a long time but sadly I don't have time to concentrate on this, because I am having my final exams right now.. luckily they will end in a month and continue in the Spring. I hope that I can continue working on this theme then!
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lol I'm having my half-yearly exams! :)
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Please make a Google Chrome theme for Windows 7.
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With or without Aero? It would be complicating to get out a suitable aero theme, but it would be cooler, though.
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I wish the "Start" orb was bigger
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It wouldn't fit - only Vista & 7 have support for a start button that exceeds taskbar's limits :(

You can get it with WindowBlinds, I think..
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Seriously, Combined with Crhome LS [link] This is Win
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Yup, thanks for info!
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would you like to make an chrome visual theme for windows 7?
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Yeah, I deeply would if I only had enough money to buy WSB. I'm saving :)

If you could donate a few dollars, I'd be very grateful!
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Heh, no piracy ;)
I have a problem with the taskbar icon. It show only have of the start button. otherwise look okay. is there a way to make start menu have the same color as the taskbar and also can you one day make taskbar bigger?
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Welcome to dA!

Could you please post a screenshot of the problem?

1. Press Print Screen
2. Open Paint and press CTRL + V
3. Save the image as jpg
4. Upload to and post a link here :)


Start menu represents the look of Chromium for XP, so I don't think it'll change much unless Chromium changes. Yes, bigger taskbar and other improvements & fixes are on the way - though I'm in hurry in my job, so it'll take some time :/
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witch software do U use to do these themes?
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An innovative piece of software - TGTSoft's StyleBuilder. I don't know where you could get it - their site is offline :(
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Hi. I really love your google themes for xp. I am using them right now. But I was wondering if you could make one for Evernote. Like an Evernote theme for xp. I was thinking of like instead of the google chrome logo it could be the Evernote Elephant. I would make a theme but currently I am in the dark about making themes. (I don't know how and can't find any tutorials) Could you make one please. I was thinking maybe the color scheme of evernote too. I don't get on deviantart much anymore so if you reply could you please email me at
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