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United States
There's not much I can tell you about myself other than the basics.

My real name is "Carl", I'm male, and currently live in southern Indiana, U.S.A. People say I have a large heart, and I tend to agree with them. I hate real-life violence, and tend to be rather sensitive about things that are directed at me. I have a deep love of animals, having been raised around them since birth. I love to read, write, cook, and take part in cooperative writing projects/text-based rpgs. I enjoy playing video games - mainly World of Warcraft (my obsession), and the occasional Hearthstone match. I have a fondness for movies, documentary television shows, and animes, as well as jazz, christian, classical, and "oldies" Rock and Country music.

Anyways, about my gallery. I'm a Lego Maniac, but not really what you would call a "Master Builder." I use programs such as MLCAD to produce 3-D building block models. I also have been known to write short stories, and create in-depth characters, and build fantasy worlds, which I sometimes show off to the public. I welcome you to visit my Brickshelf pages to see my latest works - you never know what I'll be doing next.

Other Places I Host My Works-
-FurAffinity =… : This is my secondary gallery. Be warned: it is primarily geared towards the Furry Fandom. While the majority of the site is Not Safe For Work, "Adult" images are hidden from Guests.
-InkBunny = : I'm also on InkBunny. I don't update it as often as I do my FurAffinity account, but there may be some hidden treasures there that aren't here. Be warned: InkBunny is geared entirely to the Furry Fandom. While the majority of the site is Not Safe For Work, "Adult" images are hidden from Guests.
-Pixiv =… : I'm also on Pixiv. I don't use this gallery all that often, as it's difficult for me to understand Japanese. However, I do have a few files uploaded to my gallery there.
-Brickshelf =… : Brickshelf is a site dedicated entirely to Lego and other building blocks. Here you can view all my Lego creations, and even download the actual CAD files for your own use.

I am also manage, and part in a few RPG Forums-
-Chronicles of Ashara = : This is an sword & sorcery anthropomorphic "furry" high-fantasy, play-by-post rpg that I run. It's based on the personal high fantasy setting of a close friend of mine, with whom I'm helping to develop fully.

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