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Never sleep again! by CrixusNiko

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Newest Members

Welcome to the Rules and FAQ journal page.

Welcome the club! XD
Before you do anything, I recommend you click on "join" button in the front of the group's userpage that way you can have all the benefits of being a member.

Members can vote, enter contest, submit artwork, and help make the club better.
1. No rude behavior or harassement is allow.
If we caught anyone trolling, flaming, or harassing fellow members. (The includes arguing against the staff.)

Ban is in order from the club. Please keep things PG 13 and below.
Other words minimal swearing, artwork suitable for general audience and please keep your fetish out of the door. Thank you.

2. We ONLY accept original artwork.
We do not want artwork that is trace,alter or edit from the original image from the anime show, manga and video game. Even templates being recolor and submit as "one's own art".

Art thievery is a big NO-NO. Anyone caught stealing artwork from others is BAN from the club. We do not tolerate thieves.

3. Limit of 2 art submissions per week.
Due to users flooding the group inbox, art limitations is now in effect.

(Got an question? Feel free to comment or note us. ;D)

Is there is limit on art submissions?
1) There is no exact art limit on how many you can send in.^^
So keep on submiting. 8D

What kind of art media are allow?
Media we do accept for the art submission and contest entries:
1) Traditional art (color pencils,crayons,watercolors...etc.)
2) Digital art (MS Paint,Adobe Photoshop,Oekaki...etc.)
3) And yes....Writing.^^ Since not everyone can draw. So fanfics,poetry, and any literature on pokemon are allow.
4)  Artisan art (plushies, toys, clay models and etc.)

What types of artwork are allow?
1.No mature theme artwork! (That includes 'fetish' artwork!)
For there are those who are underage and pokemon being adore by a younger audience of fans, we want to make our club make the best positive influence to the community.

What we do allow are the following:
1.Minor blood or gore. But no hard core blood gorey scenes.
2.Censor swearing.
3.Mild violence.

1.Yiff, hentai, yuri, yaoi and any human and Pokemon in mature themed pictures in sexual manner. THAT INCLUDES NSFW ART.
2.No inflation and vore.
3.Edit images, copy, tracing and stealing other's artwork for your own.
:new: Any vector "art" that is BASED on official pokemon game art are NOT ALLOW.

In other words must be in good taste. If you can not show it to your mother then chances are we do not accept.

What kind of pokemon artwork?
Since everyone has their own taste in pokemon, we have decide to allow other pokemon artwork from other pokemon games.

However we REALLY like to showcase Kanto Pokemon related (151st pokemon, anime, Pokemon Adventures manga...)

What type of Pokemon Artwork
1.Pokemon- normal pokemon, fakemon pokemon, basically any type of pokemon.
2.Trainers- Yes they are allow how long it goes by the club's rules. Human, Team member, and etc.
3.Pokeshipping- Or pokemon couples are allow. But no older people (like adults) with younger people. Please be reasonable!

We try to hold contests regularly. Contest rules follow the same basic format for art submiting.
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Welcome! Our club is for the original 151st pokemon from the Pokemon Gameboy games. If you like old school pokemon then this is the club for you.
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Medusa-the-Eternal Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2019  Student Digital Artist
May I join? I'd like to submit my bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur! by Medusa-the-Eternal  
Gamekirby Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Can the founder created a Pokeyblade folder?  I created hundreds of kingdom hearts-like pokemon keyblades.
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Those can go into the "crossovers" folder. ^^
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Hi everyone its been along time when I was last here
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Sorry I have the same Problem like :iconsarahrichford:
I was only able to submit to featured.
Peetzaahhh2010 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Hobbyist
even as a contributor I can only submit to featured
shadowsirenmoon Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I believe everyone is having that problem. But no fear, the 'featured' is kinda like our inbox. We distribute the deviations in folders what we think fits.

But keep on submitting! :la:
AtelierArauner Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you *-* I grown up with the Kanto Pokémons, Kanto and Johto is the best :icontearyguyplz:
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I can only submit to featured for some reason, I cant remember if I've said it befoe ^^''
shadowsirenmoon Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
That is strange. I see what I can do.
If still does not work, feel free to submit to the "Featured Folder" and we move the artwork to the folder we think is appropriate. :nod:
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