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Asura's Wrath

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Step by step of this piece : [link] and process :

Full version of my tribute to the next insane capcom's action game : Asura's Wrath.

Obviously Asura is a ©ed character of Capcom.

EDIT : watermarks and logo removed.
I'm very proud this piece was chosen to be included in the game to come. All my gratefulness to Capcom and CyberConnect 2 staff!
My compliment to the nine crazy artists who will be featured too!! All artworks can be seen here => [link]
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© 2011 - 2021 Kanthesis
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perfect facial expression
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Shine on, crazy epic robotman :,(
mrfluke1's avatar
Omg I used this as one of the bumpers in the game, perfectly captures asuras character
XeroTheDeathless's avatar
This is so amazing that I wanted to used this as my background on my computer
DarkLordSithis's avatar
Watching these fanarts while listening to the OSTs... really gets to me!
gustavodurao's avatar
Just because he is armless does not mean he is harmless
Fortranica's avatar
This is a superb masterpiece! I love Asura and thank you for drawing him. He's so badass and deadly, and he is! :heart:
gods-own's avatar
just breathtaking, if this was on the open market as a poster I would buy it in a heart beat.
Vampirbunny's avatar
This looks awesome! =3
Kanthesis's avatar
Thanks a lot !!
Warrior-Nitai1's avatar
He looks so angry.
Yeah, this is Asura, but the painting is amazing!
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Ithritable's avatar
Asura's literally the ultimate lifeform
Kanthesis's avatar
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Congrats on your art making it into the game. I only just got to play this masterpiece and it was incredible! Your piece was one of the few I chose to be a bumper. Thanks for helping make my experience a great one!
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Thank you very much for that !!
DieHardMusicMan9125's avatar
THIS IS SO DANG COOL!!!  going in faves!
RenneganRenagaid6's avatar
I wonder. If a vampire bite asura wood they get the blood of a demigod or oil and axle grease 
Ganryukou's avatar
Probably their face smashed in...
RenneganRenagaid6's avatar
not if asura was contentious. Augus was able to take of asura's pants off and throw him into his hot springs 
Ganryukou's avatar
Good point....

( B )

Eh, I tried.
RenneganRenagaid6's avatar
And it was hilarious. XD
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