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I decided I like the 5"x7" format for commissions, plus it's a standard size that makes framing easy for the commissioner.

Here's the deal: I will draw characters in corsets, full colour marker or digital, for $50 on 5"X7" Bristol (for traditional) or printed on quality photo paper (for digital) instead of $75. Males in corsets, females in corsets, jokes about corsets, I will do it. Want two characters? Then it'll be $75 for the two characters on the same picture instead of $110. Keep in mind I go to "mature" rating, and do not cross into "adult"!

This sale will be valid until Sunday May 6th, 11:59PM Eastern. If I get your note by then, you can take advantage of this sale!
Karine's April Drawing Challenge: Draw something every day in the month of April.

Sounds tough! What do I have to do?
Draw. Something. Anything. Any topic. Any level of detail. Every day. For a month. And share it.

Sounds cool! How do I sign up?
You don't need a tumblr account, but it helps. You can follow this tumblr, tell your tumblr followers about it so a lot of people join in. You can send a request to be a posting member by noting me your email address, or you can just make a submission (which a moderator will need to approve).
Post either your art or a link to your art using either your access or the submission form every day in April, starting on April 1st.

Sounds simple! Are there any other rules?
Nope. Well, not really. It has to be creative drawing - from doodles and sketches to full fledged, detailed, CG graphics, on any subject. Stuff you would normally be drawing anyway counts (so, for those who do webcomics, that counts) but stuff you draw for your job doesn't. It can be anything. I will post a different drawing exercise every day during the month of April for anyone who would like to use it. You may also post every day a scan or screenshot of work in progress, so for example you can post a series of thumbnail sketches one day, your sketch the next, inks after that, colours… if that's how the work flows from you. You can post only doodles all month, observational drawings, something straight out of your fevered brain, inking exercises, anything at all, so long as it's a piece of art that you did that day. It would also be really cool if you could look at other people's art and comment on a couple of other posts every day. Disqus is enabled, and you're encouraged to use it.

ADDENDUM: Please label any art that reveals private parts of the anatomy as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and place them behind a thumbnail or a text link.

I look forward to seeing all the art that will be made this month!

Again the link to this:
I really should have included my price list here!

I am currently taking commissions as my day job. When I get an animation or comic contract, I will have to take a break from commissions for a while, depending on how time intensive the contract would be.

ACEO or Con Badge: $20 monochrome (grey tones usually), $35 marker colour
Quick Ink Sketch (ink and grey markers, 8,5" x 11" coverstock), one character, my choice of pose or framing: $25
Detailed Pencil Drawing on 9"x12" bristol board: $35 for first character, +$15 per additional character
Detailed Ink Drawing on 9"x12" bristol board: $50 for first character, +$25 per additional character
Full Colour Marker Drawing on 9"x12" bristol board: $75 for first character, +$40 per additional character

Complex backgrounds extra (includes also props like vehicles), price to be discussed with commissioner.

I can also do other formats, from 6" square to 14"x17" all in Bristol board; price varies according to estimated time spent.

I can also do digital commissions, but they do take me longer than traditional media, and thus will be more expensive.

The commissioner will get the original mailed to them by regular post free of charge as long as it is 9"x12" or smaller; larger formats and/or faster, certified or insured delivery are all possible, to the charge of the commissioner.

I am willing to draw pretty much anything except porn. I will draw art that would be rated "mature", but not "adult". If you're not sure, don't hesitate to ask. And if I'm not comfortable with your request, I reserve the right to discuss, negotiate, and ultimately refuse your commission. Thanks for understanding.

Please note that my rates will be going up in March. Thanks!
Now. Let's get back to commissions. You want one? I'll do one! I got the shipping deadlines from Canada Post so I know what my cutoff time is for Christmas delivery. If you don't care about Christmas delivery, I'm still going to ship by regular mail as I get them done :)

REGULAR SHIPPING: (fees included)
For Canada: December 19th in Montreal area, 16th in Quebec, 15th in other provinces
United States: December 13th
Other countries: Sorry, too late.

Canada: December 21st
United States: December 16th
Everywhere else: December 6th (which means I'd need to ship tomorrow?!)

PRIORITY WORLDWIDE: (bigger fees apply)
Canada: December 22nd
United States: December 20th
Everywhere else: December 15th

Now for a Holiday Special: If you get 2 commissions or more, I'll give you a 15% discount on the total of your order! YAY!

Please send requests over email, because I don't check here very often, at I accept Paypal!
Over at FurAffinity, I'm about to do the fourth installment of my Iron Artist challenge. 7 spots of the ten are already claimed, so I have 3 left.

On Friday the 1st of July, I will be drawing all day and videocasting the process on my Ustream. I'm opening up Iron Artist commissions, and there are 10 slots available for you to get some art done by me!

The commissions MUST BE traditional media, so pencil, ink, markers, just like at a con. Your choices include the following:

- ACEO (Art Card Edition or Original), 2.5" x 3.5", full colour
- con badge, 3"x4", full colour
- 1 character pencil sketch, 8.5"x11", minimal background

Each sold for $30, standard shipping included. I accept Paypal, and prefer Canadian currency at the moment as the USD is that much under the CAD. I will add you to the list when you ask, and confirm your spot when you've paid. If payment is not received by Wednesday June 29th, I'll remove you from the list and bump up the next person waiting.

My goal will be to do all 10 commissions in the course of the day. I may not succeed, but if I have any left, they will be done on Saturday, to be mailed out as soon as the postal strike/lockout is over here (hopefully it will be by the time I do the challenge).

Now opening slots 38-40 of 100, to be drawn on July 1st, 2011!


To reserve a slot, either reply here, or if you have a furaffinity account, go over to my journal post there to plant a flag in it and call it yours.…

By the way, the videos from the last Iron Artists are available on my ustream channel here, if you want to see what I do.…

I still have to shop for royalty-free music to place under my timelapse videos - I haven't taken the time to make more either, although I do have the material downloaded. Any music recommendations? I like movie-soundtrack-style stuff. The two existing Timelapse videos are on my YouTube channel.…

I'm going to be at the What The Fur? convention this weekend. It's a furry con, yes! I'll be drawing my arm off for whoever buys my art! I'll have prints for sale and stuff in the art show, and I'll be teaching a few art panels.

More info here:

And if you're a Gargoyles fan, I'll have some original Gargoyles #5 and Bad Guys #4 and #5 original pages up for sale in the art show, as well. (Those are the only not-entirely-digital issues I did).

Hope to see you there!
I've been busy, that's true. I've been working on storyboards and comics almost non-stop, and I've been drawing outside of work more recently, pretty much starting with my trip to Furnal Equinox back in March. I did the April Drawing thing. Then where's the art? Not much new is here, is it?

The simple answer is I've been spending a lot more time in FurAffinity than here. I should keep both sites up to date, but it's time consuming and it was just easier to update FurAffinity first... and only.

There's also some things I have trouble with here. I don't feel my art is as protected here as it once was. I'm a little sick of the ads, especially the noisy ones.  

Anyways. I will still post stuff here, but if you want to see what I'm up to and what I'm working on, I'll be posting more frequently over at…. You can bookmark that, and if you have an FA account, you can +watch me there.

Thanks for reading!
I hadn't noticed I got llamas before. I have no idea what they mean aside from having the caption "Llamas are awesome!". I guess that labels me as awesome by extension (or maybe just my art?)

Thanks for the llamas, guys!

Does anyone in the fandom have the Gargoyles colouring books anymore? My google-fu is weak (or perhaps no one's ever scanned the pages from the colouring books in the first place), and it turns out Granito's sold three Gargoyles canvasses to someone. I've already flagged one as a comic book illustration, now I need to find the snarling Demona and the Xanatos standing.

- Karine
Hello you lovely people,

Back in 2007, inspired by a writer friend's efforts to get other writers writing, I started the April Drawing Challenge. Basically, the challenge is to draw something, anything, every day of the month of April, and post it for others to see.  I created the community on LiveJournal, and have invited people to join in and participate.

Now, LJ is not the booming community it used to be, but the community still exists there and the challenge is set to start on Friday. I'm now extending the invitation to all of you, to dust off your LJ accounts or OpenIDs and join in the fun, the challenge of creating something every day.…

All the rules are in the info of the community, linked above. You can join in from that link. The more we are in there, the more fun the challenge is, and the more inspiring it can be for all participants! Come on in and join the fun!

One slot left! Also, GARGS MERCH!

Thu Nov 12, 2009, 7:46 AM
There's still one slot open for commission. Note me!

Next, the lovely :iconvkahri: VKahri, who donated her loads and loads of Gargoyles merchandise to the Gathering 2009, is auctioning off more Gargoyles merchandise! Go over to her gallery and browse away, and get this wonderful stuff off her hands!

And a final announcement: I gots me a SCRIPT! I'm a storyboard artist again! WOOO!

That's it for now :)

GAH! Okay, commissions...

Wed Nov 11, 2009, 5:13 AM

OMG the week I just had. Sorry this took so long to get set up, guys, I've been busier than expected due to my youngest, Sam, getting a week-long bout of TMI illness. However, I managed to potty train him, and so it's bye-bye diapers!

In any case, I'm opening up commissions. I'm going to be taking things slow, as I'm also getting part of a storyboard to do sometime this week (it could arrive any time this week now and will get priority as it's a test and can turn into a 3-6 month contract). I'm still working on three at the moment (they have loosish deadlines) and since Sam is back in daycare today, I can dive right into them as I wait for the script.


Opening 5 slots now. First 5 people to note me get the commissions.

ACEO, ink only: $15
ACEO, colour in marker: $20
Sketch, 8.5x11 bristol: $25 first character, + $10 per additional character
Ink, 8.5x11 bristol: $40 first character, + $15 per additional character
Marker colour, 8.5x11 bristol: $60 first character, + $20 per additional character
Photoshop/Open Canvas art (entirely digital): $70 first character, + $30 per additional character. You get the 300 DPI file for printing. If you do not own a printer, I can print on semi-gloss photo paper and send you the image in the mail. THIS is for personal use only! If you are commissioning me to use the art for commercial purposes, terms will need to be discussed.

So there! Thanks for waiting!

Things have been busy. So very busy. And then, suddenly, they're... not.

At least as far as job things go... I was laid off yesterday due to company restructuring. I'm not feeling overly bad about it. Sure, I'm disappointed, sad, but not down, because I know there's other jobs out there. In any case, I've got a lot of catching up to do here: tons of messages to read, art to look at, my own art to post, and I've got a couple of outstanding commissions I need to get done, on which I'll work this week.


While I'm looking for work, I might as well think about opening up commissions. I'm not opening them up just yet, but as soon as I've got the two finished, I'll do that. I'll make the announcement, probably early next week. If you're interested, keep your eyes open for that next post. Oh, and if you've got any leads on jobs, can you point me in that direction?

Thanks. :)

September's shaping up to be ARGH!!

Tue Sep 15, 2009, 6:46 PM
So. Yeah. Need to upload a lot of art. Did a chunk, need to do more.

Have to get house ready for family coming in from overseas. This includes finishing plaster and painting the new room we built and cleaning and all that.

Still working on a couple of commissions, and have a new one to get to eventually, wedding things to do for my sister-in-law, aaaaaaagh... I will get to stuff. Eventually. afgdkslfh

I should actually get my butt to bed. Tired, and sick, need to sleep the rest of this cold off.

If you're coming to the Gathering...

Fri Aug 14, 2009, 8:11 PM prepared to spend your money on the most awesome collection of Gargoyles merchandise and memorabilia EVER. A very generous fan who goes by the name of VKahri, aka Amber, has send us 6, count 'em, 6 boxes full of Garg stuff for our silent auction.

There's stuff in there I didn't even KNOW existed! I'm not kidding. The stash is impressive!

If you can't come, but you know anyone who can, you could always ask them to bid for you. Lunch boxes, Applause figures, Pog, Goliath piggy bank, danglers, Viewmaster reels, books, games, toys, backpacks, you name it.

I know I'M bidding on a few of these. Are you?

Looking for Julie Payette-Laroche!

Sat Aug 8, 2009, 9:03 PM
Je t'ai cherchée pendant la mascarade et je ne t'ai pas trouvée. Contacte-moi par courriel ou laisse-moi une note ici pour que je t'envoie ton dessin de Severus! Je le mettrai ici quand je l'aurai scanné et je vais continuer à te chercher sur internet...

Anyone here going?

August 6 to 10, Palais des congrès de Montréal. I will be there in the Dealers' Room, doing on-the-spot commissions, selling prints, making art. I'll be sharing the Two Wacky Pin Guys table (they've offered to share, and I'm happily taking them up on the offer) with Rob St.Martin, aka Talyesin, writer of Truthseekers and the Adventures of the Sensational Squirrelman, who will be promoting and selling his novels.  

Come see me if you're coming!

Last year, at SDCC 2008, I met Sarvesh, who had this idea of teaming up with a bunch of artists and creating a website where their art could be licensed and sold for printing on all manners of objects. I thought the idea was cool, so I joined in.

Voottoo is now in open Beta, and I've put some of my art in there, that which I am willing and allowed to license. You can go there, and purchase a license to download the art for personal use. (ALL COPYRIGHT STILL HOLDS!)

My Voottoo page:…

As of today, that's not the only thing you can get from me on that site, oh no. Now, you can get some of my art as skins for a huge variety of electronics! Cell phones, laptops, computer cases, PDAs, gaming systems, you name it. The partner company, Skinit, has retail pages all over the place: Dell, TMobile, Sprint, Best Buy, to name a few... and they make skins with my art on them for all of these.

My available skins:…
The Skinit Website's Voottoo page:

I am cooled out. More art will be added later (the same but with a gradient colour backdrop as in the gallery) but as it is, things are pretty damn awesome.

Now I just need to change my cell phone so I can get one of Spots on it. *squeeee*

cheeks-74 asked some questions in his journal, and I decided to repost my answers in my own journal, to remind me what it is I want out of this talent I have and have fostered all my life. Maybe the questions will inspire you too...

Question 1
What is it that you want to achieve in art?

Self-expression for one. My art is one way in which I put myself Out There. I want to reach out to people, tell them I exist, share something that comes from me, from who I am. Which, ultimately, turns into wanting to entertain people, make them feel things when they look at what I do. When I was a little girl, I would say, when asked what I wanted out of life: "I want to be known. If not me directly, I want what I do to be known." I get a huge kick out of people telling me they saw a show I worked on and they and their kid loved it.   

Question 2
Ultimately, where in your artistic journey do you want to be?

I want to get back to storytelling. I'm not much of a writer, but I am good at telling other people's stories, and I would LOVE to be able to work all the time in either comics or storyboarding (mostly storyboarding). I miss it terribly and I am really upset that the local animation industry sucks nowadays. So, I'm looking further out while I work as a Flash animator for online video games based on animated TV shows.

Question 3
How much more do you feel you need to learn and grow to achieve what it is you want in your artistic endeavors?

Oh god. I have a TON more left to learn. I'll never stop learning. I want to expand my experience, I want to learn more about comic book layout, I want to sit in a storyboarding class taught by someone who's got loads of experience I don't have, I want to get into a regular life-drawing class, I want to learn more about colour, I want to take classes in traditional media like oils and watercolour and airbrush, and I always want to have someone around who can tell me "Here's how you make this thing you've done that much better". I don't want to be the best, because if I'm the best, I won't have anyone to learn from anymore.
For the Gathering of the Gargoyles fundraising again!

An 8.5"x11" glossy print of my piece "blam.", featuring Hunter from the Bad Guys comic, is signed and ready to go to your house for the meager starting price of $5!…

The Demona with the sword, the unclaimed commission from last year's SDCC, is now up for auction for the mere starting price of $10. Guys, this is THE ORIGINAL! My inked art on 9"x12" bristol board, signed of course. Get it!!!

(if you don't know what I'm talking about, see it here:…)

There are also three more things up for grabs: a Gambit ATC by the talented CK Russel (who makes really cool X-Men cards), a print by Mary Caldera of an original character and one by Mike Rieger, also an original character.

Find all the auctions here:…

Thanks for looking and bidding!