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Big Bang Theory Ponies

By Kanthara
Don't blame me, blame ~Spotweld.


Ok, you can blame me too.

I'm itching to do fanart of stuff I wouldn't normally do fanart of, so I posted on twitter that I was looking for suggestions. I talked about Big Bang Theory, among other things. Spotweld mentioned My Little Pony. I said "They are so easy", so he replied, "Big Bang Theory MLP?"

It had to happen.

In order left to right: Amy Farrah-Fowler (who apparently can't be just Amy), Penny, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, Bernadette and Howard. Done in SAI.

EDIT: Because it constantly comes back as a question, here's my reply from lower down pasted back up here:
Amy has a brain because she's a neurobiologist;
Penny has a shoe because she loves shopping for shoes and buy them;
Leonard has the Green Lantern logo for general geekiness and having dressed as him one episode;
Sheldon has the molecule because of his specialisation and the episode with the ball pit;
Raj has a heart because all he wants is someone to love;
Bernadette has the biohazard symbol because of her specialisation;
Howard has a condom because, well, he's Howard.
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This is cute. Also I'd love for this to be real.

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They killed comedy, and reality is comedy, and thus they have ascended to become reality...

B a s i c a n
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Then what are you doing here, you pathetic pleb?

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Aaaw, Bernadette!
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This is so awesome
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thank you! you just ruined one of my most favorite showsBleach Emoticon Dhmis emote Triggered Tony 
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Thank you! You just ruined the most amazing devaition with you comment
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What is Howard's cutie mark suppose to be?
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I think the howard cutie mark is a jewish bell or a rocket because is a space pony
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How did you create MLP characters?
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Cool and this is my favorite show, sheldon is perfect for twilight TwiFace (Wrong neighbrhood) Plz and it's hillarous the condom cutie mark for howard
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dont mind bye2 hes a moron
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What's penny's mark
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I think it's a Paintbrush
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I love both these shows!
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Oh my, I love this. <3 Big Bang Theory/MLP: FiM crossover? All of my yes~!
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