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Metro Style Conky



******************************************************* ** *
* There is a newer (slightly different) configuration for this conky in [link]
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* Description
********** ** *
This simple conky configuration shows the following nformation:
conky.conf.11 - Time and date information;
conky.conf.21 - Operative System and Battery information
conky.conf.12 - Processes information;
conky.conf.31 - Processor and RAM information;
conky.conf.32 - FileSystem information;
conky.conf.41 - Network information;
conky.conf.42 - GMAIL account information;

Apart from the requirement for the Ubuntu font, this configuration is really simple, using only a few conky objects and a script provided with the configuration file. The aforementioned script (see is used to get the number of unread mails from google via pipelining several comands and using CURL.

************************************ ** *
* Installation (see below for terminal installation)
************************************* ** *
To install and use, the following 5 main steps are required:
1. Install conky and the Ubuntu font (if using recent Ubuntu (based) distributions, this step is most certainly not necessary).
2. Create a directory named .conky in your home folder;
3. Download the .zip file and unzip the contents to the newly created folder;
4. Edit the file and place your gmail credentials (otherwise it will not fetch the number of mails in the gmail account).
5. Run (if it does not run, make sure it is executable, otherwise type chmod +x ~.conky/ in the terminal before running the script).
If you want conky to startup with gnome, copy the file named to ~.config/autostart/
f you do not want a given module to run (e.g. the GMAIL module), edit the file and comment or remove the line that loads the respective configuration file (in the case of GMAIL, that would be conky.conf.24 - line 2 - column 4).

To install using the terminal, follow the next steps
1. In Ubuntu (I have not tested the config in Ubuntu, only in Arch)
sudo apt-get install conky-all
In Arch Linux
sudo yaourt -S conky-lua ttf-ubuntu-font-family
2. mkdir ~/.conky && cd ~/.conky
3. wget
4. unzip
5. chmod +x
6. chmod +x
7. ./
8. (optional) run gnome-session-properties and add a new startup program pointing to to have the conky automatically comming up when you start the computer.

P.S.: I'm neither a fan of iOS (wallpaper) nor of Metro UI. I just thought of seeing how conky could look using a Metro similar style.

By the way, the wallpaper is from Legnis and may be found here: [link]
© 2011 - 2023 kant-o
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Solid work, just have to start network window manually after metro starts for the first time ( conky -c ~/.conky/conky.conf.14 -x 810 -y 280 -p 1 ) which you've provided. no glitching or frame issues just smooth..