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I've had the most awful time last couple of years... i wanted to try and get back on my feet, forget depression and ignore problems that can't be solved and focus on the ones that are actually in my control.

I don't know if i'll be welcome back to my friends on facebook or if i have to start over and meet more people... i actually didn't care about likes, i did care about some people. Though i don't think anybody here remembers me but o well.. i just wanted to write what i felt.

Also some .. things kept me away from my irl friends, who obviously don't care about me anymore so i wont even bother to try to talk to them.

Anyway, i'll be coming back to facebook pages soon, since one of the only two friends i got left is a genius in hacking n stuff, found the account of the guy who took down my Dark Runner page, aparently it wasn't deleted, only unpublished. I will be having it back :D

.. Also i have a new job and it's going pretty well, good enviroment and good coworkers. I am being positive now, i am alone but i wont be defeated, life threw me down, kick me in the floor, but now i am back on my feet. I will be working on my art and getting a tablet in about two weeks.
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