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Alright so I have been away from here for a year.  Been a long strange year at that.  Last post was around Nekocon 2010, now Nekocon 2011 has just past.  I have met a lot of new people, some old friends have moved away, some new friends were born (literally!). I've not stopped drawing... it's just work has taken me away from anything I could post up here at the time.  And when I could I didn't have the time to. I hope you all understand that.

Recently I got a few freelance gigs with Fantasy Games Unlimited. They can be found here:  I had the privilege of working with my Old friend John Adams on "The Centerville Incident" and "The Power of One" adventures for them.  Two of the projects that while allowing me to do some cool stuff did not allow me to post any of it till after printing.

I'm getting back into it the swing of things though with a new line of badges for sale at conventions as well as some sweet new prints once I get the ideas out of my head and onto some digital paper.  Keep an eye out, I'll be loading a few things on here in the coming weeks as well as reloading my website which has been missing for about a year.

It's a whole new world on the horizon!

-Yad M. Mui

All works at my gallery and website © Yadartworks and Yad M. Mui
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Submitted on
November 8, 2011