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Ok so Otakon is only a couple weeks away. Seems I'll be having a table there this year. not us how I'll do, but hey I'm gonna give it the old college try. I've not done a convention nearing this size in a very long time. Gonna be quite the under taking. But I will have good friends with me so there will be that. If anyone that still keeps tabs on me is going feel free to stop by, I'm gonna try to print up the free character I did for Fantasy Games Umlimited's Villians and Vigilanties and hand them out. That is if I have the time. It seems these days I have projects on my table that I work on but can't tell anyone till they are published hahaha! Then by that time I forget to post them cause they are no longer new.
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I go every year so I'll definitely be around :) Will make some time in my schedule :D