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As some of you may know I was slated to be the guest artist at MTAC Omega.  I did the design for their mascot this year as you can see in my gallery.  I think it turned out well, T-shirt came out nice. The promotional set up was AMAZING! I had never thought that I would see my art that huge! Banner outside of Hotel Anyways for those of you that looked for me and couldn't find me, I wasn't there most of the convention. I got to the show on Saturday evening around 7pm due to a funeral I had to attend for my Grand Father.  Some of you may have found my table (where my girl was running things) and picked something up. Thank you for that even though I was not there. I know its always kinda iffy picking something up when the actual artist isn't there, but I think I had a good reason. Actually for anyone that stopped by to pick something up thank you very much. I had some special prints I made up for MTAC of the mascot, still have a few left.

It was good seeing everyone that I got to see this past MTAC and hopefully I can catch up with anyone that I didn't get to see soon!
KingBushido4212 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
MTAC was pretty cool and I'm glad that you were there.
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Submitted on
April 12, 2012