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OK I know it's like over a year since I posted the WIP of this.. but I finally finished this. Hope someone likes it.
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Damn Yad, sweet!
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The colors are really nice and vibrant. I particularly like the armored feather work.

...psst. On another note, there's a typo. It's "Valkyries." ;P
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Wow, you've certainly paid attention to the detail on this one, great work.
If I could make a suggestion though, you should never ever use black for shading, it just sucks the life right out of a drawing. Instead try using browns or reds or even purple.
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Thanks for the compliment.

On the black issue, I have been taught that before during my college career. However, I have found through experience that it depends on what you are working on, your style you are working with, and the effect you hope to achive. In fact almost any "rules" they teach you in about art are just suggestions. Personally, I prefer the usage of black. But at any rate as i stated above, it depends on your style and preferences. Thank you for the advice though.
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This is fantastic....
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Your welcome...
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Wow this is awesome :wow:
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I'm jealous of your ability to color O.O, wow.
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ahh.. coloring ability comes with time.. more important than coloring ability is the basics.. the basics makes your coloring look even better.
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right, of course :) practice makes perfect so i guess i'll have to work on that, seriously good picture though.
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Great work on the colors. ^^
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Not a problem.
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